2020 Kia Telluride revealed in New York

2020 Kia Telluride revealed in New York

The awkward-looking 2020 Kia Telluride full-size SUV made its public debut, surprisingly, at the New York Fashion Week. Looking somewhat close to the Telluride concept Kia brought out two years ago, the model is a bespoke example, fitted with off-road amenities.

Replacing the ancient Mohave, the exterior of the production-ready Kia Telluride has changed a little bit from the concept and the design has grown more butch and imposing as it tries to take on the stalwarts of the segment with no heritage to back it up. The vertically-stacked headlights and the square-ish version of Kia’s Tigernose grille gives character to the front fascia while at the back, the inverted “L” shaped tail lamps and the long badging does the same job. As the one that was showcased was a bespoke version, it featured custom bumpers and skid plates, a hidden winch, a roof rack, a snorkel, and 265/50R-20 off-road tires along with a spare tire mounted to the back.

Inside the Telluride, the dashboard, door panels, and grab handles are all covered in double-stitched leather. Even the rear-view mirrors and door handles are covered in this leather detail.

The production of the 2020 Kia Telluride will kick off in 2019. The engine specs are not out yet but it almost confirmed that the big SUV will have a V6 under its bonnet. Expect it to reach UAE, KSA and other GCC shores by the end of summer next year.

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  1. ERRATUM: The headlights are not horizontally stacked.

    The color of the car makes me drool!!

  2. They had V8 option in the “ancient” Mohave. They really should have it (an improved one, though) with this as well.
    I had the old 2009 V6 Mohave and it was quite fun to drive with good off-road capabilities. Hopefully they will continue that with this new model. And really, low-ranged gear equipped off-roader are becoming more and more rarer nowadays.

  3. Should be nice to see these against a sea of prados, pajeros, explorers and even cayennes..

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