Mercedes-Benz accused of dodging emissions regulations in Germany

Mercedes-Benz accused of dodging emissions regulations in Germany

With the “Dieselgate” scandal dropping VW’s rep a peg or two just a few years ago, another German manufacturer is now under the spotlight for another emissions scandal. Mercedes-Benz is undergoing an investigation to see if the manufacturer has bypassed emissions regulations in any way.

Germany’s motor vehicle authority KBA is probing the matter that involves Mercedes Benz GLK 220 CDI SUVs built between 2012 and 2015. Tests have shown that these vehicles meet the strict emission norms only when a certain function is activated.

Mercedes Benz had recently recalled 3 million vehicles during which this certain function was removed with an update to the software. This, as per a spokesperson from Daimler, was done to comply with a process agreed upon with the KBA and German Transport Ministry.

This recall was done after Volkswagen was tangled in the Dieselgate mess in 2015. “The allegation that we wanted to hide something with the voluntary service measure is incorrect,” the Daimler Spokesperson claims.

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