2021 Toyota Yaris Cross adds "SUV" model to entry-level line-up

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross adds “SUV” model to entry-level line-up

The Toyota Yaris has grown into quite a popular name over the past two decades. The plucky little sub-compact family consisted of only the sedan and the hatchback. But now, Toyota has added a new member for 2021 to cater to the ever-growing SUV craze, called the Toyota Yaris Cross.

Internationally, the Yaris has many different variations beyond the Thai-built models on sale in the GCC, such as the Mazda 2-derived Yaris in the United States, and the completely new Yaris built on the GA-B platform for Europe and Japan. The new Yaris Cross is derived from the European Yaris and slots below the C-HR in the brand’s SUV lineup. The Yaris Cross comes with the same wheelbase as the new Yaris, but it is longer, wider and taller than the hatchback.

In the design department, Toyota has played it safe, giving the Yaris Cross a conventional design instead of the C-HR’s funky styling which is not to everyone’s taste. Though inspired by the supermini, the Yaris Cross shows off a design that gives it a distinct identity. With squared wheel arches, plastic cladding, and a taller bonnet line, the Yaris Cross shows off some SUV cues despite being a puny little hatchback on stilts. The Cross will get an exclusive body colour of Brass Gold and wheels as large as 18 inches.

The Toyota Yaris Cross aims to improve the practicality of the hatchback by providing some features like an electric tailgate, 40:20:40 split-folding seats, adjustable boot floor, split boot and a belt system to secure your cargo in place.

Powering the little Toyota Yaris Cross is a three-cylinder 1.5-litre petrol engine coupled to a hybrid powertrain. It produces a combined output of 116 hp. The Yaris Cross is also offered with optional all-wheel-drive.

The 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross is by no means interesting as it is just going to join the never-ending list of small crossovers. The Yaris Cross will go on sale first in Japan and then in Europe. Its arrival in the UAE and GCC has yet to be confirmed. The all-new hatchback isn’t offered in the Middle East either.

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  1. It can be interesting, at the right price point.

  2. i think they wont bring it to UAE as it will cost more than a camary; similar to the C-HR; it will sit.

  3. rugged design good for small family outing and adventure, nice job toyota

  4. How I wish will be available also here in OMAN.

  5. I need tish car

  6. Toyota manufacturer fabulous vehicles!
    Toyota then choose not to market certain models across the planet, and limit the reliable power plants on offer.
    How many times have we seen this odd Toyota trait over the past 20 years?

    Toyota could finish the competition, but choose not too.
    I just do not understand Toyota and Lexus Aichi leadership direction and logic. Bizarre!

    Oh, and i do own both a Lexus and also a Toyota vehicles.

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