2021 Kia Mohave Gravity launches as the brand's flagship SUV

2021 Kia Mohave Gravity launches as the brand’s flagship SUV

The Mohave had been Kia’s flagship SUV until recently when the new Kia Telluride came around. The large monocoque Telluride replaced the ladder-frame Mohave in most markets around the world, except its home market, South Korea, and the Middle East, where both are sold. And Kia is not done yet with the oldie as they gave it a thorough facelift last year. And now, there is a new version called the 2020 Kia Mohave Gravity.

The changes in the Mohave Gravity are not ground-breaking yet quite distinct. The front grill has been revised, with no trace of the chrome fangs that the regular model has. With this update, the fascia of the Mohave fits well into the Kia family but without losing any of its rugged appeal. The 20-inch wheels are blacked out for the Gravity.

Major changes are inside. The modern dashboard layout is lifted off the 2020 model but the Gravity has a bit more embellishments. Alcantara linings are added to the steering wheel, door panels and centre box compartment. Ambient lights on the doors and dashboard elevate the luxury appeal inside the Mohave Gravity. It also gets a bigger 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

In its home market, the Kia Mohave Gravity will be offered with 5,6 or 7-seater configurations with the top-spec 6-seater costing 56,520,000 won (approx. Dhs 170,000). But our market still soldiers on with the old pre-facelift Mohave. It remains to be seen what the fate of the Mohave is in the UAE and GCC markets.

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  1. Looks good will it be joining the Telluride here in Canada??

  2. Perfect timing! Utah! Get me ✌?

  3. It’s a wonderful SUV I wish I have it

  4. This Kia SUV is the best SUV so far

  5. Why is this not available in the UK??

  6. Could this rival the range rover sport??

  7. This type of article is improving the internet. Four paragraphs? You’re a great writer and this site is awesome.

  8. Nice n elegant. Looks like land cruiser new version.

  9. New version 4×4.

  10. I would like to have this

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