Saudi Arabia to set maximum limit on car ownership

Saudi Arabia to set maximum limit on car ownership

Saudi Arabia’s Public Transport Authority has received instructions from “higher authorities” earlier this year to set a maximum limit on the ownership of private vehicles, according to Al Watan newspaper.

Currently there is no limit on the number of cars that someone can own in the Kingdom, but the new rule proposes to put a limit of two per resident.

A 2019 survey carried out by the General Authority for Statistics showed that the average number of cars owned by families across the Kingdom is about 1.38 car per household.

The latest official statistics estimate that the number of vehicles in Saudi Arabia is more than 12 million, and that the growth rate is nearly 5 percent annually. Light vehicles such as cars account for about 80 percent of the total number of vehicles, which is expected to reach 25 million vehicles by 2030.

Similar rules are already in place in UAE cities such as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, but not in Dubai.

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  1. Govt should allow more hybrid and electric vehicles. As they are pollution free and protects national resources.

    • These vehicles are also polluting (and maybe more), but the pollution is not in the exhaust pot of the car. For me, the real challenge is all those Diesel engines that are allowed to roll while smoking like a charcoal chimney.

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