Cafu offers free petrol delivery in Dubai and Northern Emirates

Cafu offers free petrol delivery in Dubai and Northern Emirates

Dubai-based fuel-delivery start-up Cafu has removed its delivery charges and will now offer their services for free.

The start-up has been delivering fuel to (most) UAE residents since it opened its doors in 2018 as the first on-demand fuel delivery service in the MENA region.

Residents can now avail of contactless refuelling 24 hours a day at the same price as a petrol station, at no extra cost and without having to physically wait in line at one.

Cafu has also rebranded its fleet of trucks from Grey to Teal “as a symbol of positivity and hope.”

It is unclear how Cafu is managing to absorb the cost of offering free delivery of petrol (and diesel) at market rates, or whether the free service will continue beyond the pandemic, but we expect to see Cafu trucks criss-crossing the entire country now.

While we have never used the service, we are likely to give it a try now, especially since our cars are parked right under our place in plain sight. We hear it’s bit of an inconvenience when your car is in a gated underground parking lot, so make sure to plan ahead. It isn’t an instantaneous service either, and a booking generally has to be made in advance.

Someone was also suggesting calling them from Liwa to test the service, but Cafu’s website mentions it is only available in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.

Cafu’s service is offered via Apple iOS and Android apps.

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