Toyota C+Pod is a quirky little EV for the city

Toyota C+Pod is a quirky little EV for the city

EVs are now offered in almost all shapes and sizes. But still limited by their range and the underdeveloped charging network in most countries, EVs still make more sense for intra-city driving than cross-country highway trips. Toyota’s response to this preference is a miniscule EV for the city commuter. Dubbed the Toyota C+Pod, this Japan-only tiny EV hatch gets just 12.3 hp, two seats and a plastic body.

The Toyota C+Pod is not a new arrival. Toyota showcased the concept form of the C+Pod, dubbed the “Ultra-Compact BEV,” at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. With its minuscule size, the C+ Pod makes perfect sense as a little city run-about. It is just 2490 mm long, 1290 mm wide, and 1550 mm tall, making it even smaller than the Smart Fortwo EQ. It does not weigh much too, thanks to the plastic panels. The Toyota C+Pod tips the scale at just 690 kg.

The feather-weight C+Pod can definitely thank the plastic panels as the powerplant has very less to lug around. It is powered by a tiny 12.3 hp motor, connected to a Li-ion battery that helps the little tub run for 150 km in a single charge. The Pod should also be quick on its little feet, with 56 Nm of torque. The top-speed is 60 kph. Not much, but good enough for your shopping run within town.

The Toyota C+Pod does not make much sense as a daily driver, nor does it set your pulses racing. But at getting you and your groceries through narrow city lanes, the petite hatch should do a good job. Toyota is offering it only in Japan for now.

With Toyota’s boss openly dissing Tesla-style EVs in the media, it is clear the legacy carmaker is desperately angry at themselves for missing the boat on EVs, even while announcing their potentially ground-breaking solid-state battery technology. But the creator of the Prius hybrid still seems to be a year or two away from creating a desirable fully-electric product.

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