Zyrus Engineering's Lamborghini LP 1200 Strada is a mad twin-turbo Huracan

Zyrus Engineering’s Lamborghini LP 1200 Strada is a mad twin-turbo Huracan

If your thirst for mad Lamborghinis is not quenched by their regular lineup and crazy special editions, Zyrus Engineering from Norway may be able to fix one for you. Zyrus Engineering LP1200 Strada is a twin-turbo Huracan road-going race car that has the madness dialed up to eleven.

The crazy LP1200 Strada uses the same 5.2-litre V10 engine from the Huracan with two turbos strapped on it. This combination churns out a colossal 1,200 hp in its “Track” mode. If the 1,200 hp is too much for the road, you can switch off the track mode and make do with “just” 900 hp. The weight is also down by 126 kg compared to the Huracan Performante it is based on. The body uses carbon fibre extensively to achieve this weight saving.

The race car-like body of the LP1200 Strada is not just for show. The aerodynamics help the car produce 2,010 kg of downforce at 200 kph. Zyrus changed almost 600 parts of the Huracan to create the LP1200 Strada.

Zyrus Engineering will only make 12 of these LP1200 Strada supercars and each of them will cost €595,000 (Dhs 2,656,294) apiece. That is quite a steep price to pay for some exclusivity. If it helps, Zyrus also includes a track day for the owners to come to grips with their 1,200 hp machine. They will be guided by the actual engineers who built their car.

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