Jaguar vows to go electric by 2025, XJ to be killed

Jaguar vows to go electric by 2025, XJ to be killed

The entire motoring world is now in the process of making the tedious switch to alternative fuels. So is the United Kingdom, with their plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030. Jaguar Land Rover likes to prepare in advance thus they have now promised to make the Jaguar lineup completely electric by 2025, adding the current I-Pace EV’s success (at least in Europe, not in the Middle East).

Dropping the petrol and diesel engines is a massive step. Doing that in just five years of time is going to be even more daunting given the fact that Jaguar has quite a bunch of impressive combustion-powered vehicles in their lineup. All these vehicles will soon be replaced by purpose-built EV versions, except one. Jaguar may axe their flagship XJ sedan even if they have been testing an electric XJ prototype already. JLR CEO Thierry Bollore confirmed to Forbes that XJ “will not form part of the lineup” when the EV portfolio for 2025 is put together. This makes sense as the large sedan has been ailing from poor sales, faced by stiff competition from the Mercedes Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series.

The new EVs require the development of completely new architectures instead of converting the existing platforms built primarily for combustion engines. Jaguar has earmarked £2.5 billion (Dhs 12.8 billion) for the development of EVs and connected services.

Land Rover is also on the path to complete electrification, though not as quickly as the Jaguar brand. The Land Rovers will see electric models of their entire lineup joining them by 2030. JLR is working on Hydrogen-fuel cell-powered prototypes as well.

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