2021 Mitsubishi Pajero marches towards end with Final Edition

2021 Mitsubishi Pajero marches towards end with Final Edition

Mitsubishi is finally rolling down the curtains on the fourth-generation Pajero after 15 years on sale with almost no changes. The Japanese brand launched a Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition in Australia, after they stopped selling the SUV in Japan back in 2019.

The Pajero, through its long life, has created a cult status for its own with its impressive off-road tractability. 15 years is a long time for a generation to exist, and the Pajero’s condition is even worse as most of the current model’s underpinnings date way back to 1999 when the third-gen was launched. So, despite its well-aged looks, off-road credentials and low prices, the current Pajero is going to be shown the door. With the phasing out of the Pajero, Montero Sport will be Mitsubishi’s flagship SUV, and it also helps in keeping the Pajero name alive in some markets, where it is sold as Pajero Sport.

To bid the legend adieu, the Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition gets a few exclusive features. A large 88-litre fuel tank is standard. There are additional accessories, including a hood protector, floor carpet mats, cargo lip cover and some minor updates. Considering the heritage of the brand, Mitsubishi could have done a little bit more than slapping on a bunch of dealer-fitted accessories. In the land down under, the Pajero Final Edition is exclusively powered by a 3.2-litre turbo-diesel engine, which may not be the case in the GCC, if the Final Edition ever makes it here.

It is unclear as of now if Mitsubishi is launching the Final Edition here to mark the end of Pajero’s run in the Middle East. Through the past few years, the lowered prices have helped the SUV hold its ground amid all the modern crossovers. Mitsubishi may eyeball this success and choose to keep it for a while longer or it may shut it down entirely.

With Mitsubishi banking heavily on its SUV lineup, it is highly unlikely that the Pajero brand will just vanish into thin air. Though we have no news yet, but it looking likely that the next Pajero will share a platform with sister brand Nissan’s Pathfinder.

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