UAE car-services app MySyara will now supply car parts to garages

UAE car-services app MySyara will now supply car parts to garages

MySyara, a UAE based automotive start-up, has acquired a major auto parts distributor in the UAE for US$ 2.6 million. With the integration of supply chain within its business operations, the start-up has launched ‘MySyara Supply’ which aims to deliver a seamless way to supply parts to garages, thereby cutting down the waiting times for garage customers. 

MySyara also secured an additional US$ 400,000 from its existing investor pool to further develop its service offerings as it continues expanding its operations in the region and internationally.

Launched in 2019, the start-up offers the region’s first car maintenance app, providing a one-stop-shop for complete car care solutions. MySyara has received US$ 1.1 million in funding to date and has recorded 600 per cent year-on-year revenue growth.

Chirenj Chandran, Chief Executive Officer, MySyara, said: “The auto care industry is deeply fragmented. A garage, on average, deals with 20-26 suppliers to source automotive parts. This traditional supply chain process can increase turnaround time for garages which results in delayed deliveries to customers. Through MySyara Supply, we have access to a wide range of auto parts sourced from local and international manufacturers. Therefore, we can identify and receive auto parts much faster, which enables our vendors to provide a more seamless experience to our end user.”

Currently, MySyara is present in the UAE and India. As the start-up eyes expansion, customers in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Dubai can avail services including doorstep steam wash, full car service and car repair through the MySyara mobile application. It competes with somewhat similar start-ups such as ServiceMyCar and Odiggo, although MySyara aims to offer a wider range of services over time.

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