iPhone maker Foxconn enters car making

iPhone maker Foxconn enters car making

As cars get more and more tech crammed into them, it is only logical that tech companies take a shot at making cars. Sony and Huawei are already on this bandwagon but there is a new entrant. Foxconn Technology Group, the company that manufactures iPhones has revealed a range of new vehicles that they hope to start selling by 2023.
To dish out their new motoring creations, Foxconn partners with Taiwanese automaker Yulon motor Co Ltd. With this expertise sharing, the company has developed three new models. Model C, Model E, and Model T are the latest additions to the tech-filled EVs of the world.
Model C is expected to be the volume seller for the brand. This is offered as a crossover, the hot cake of the current auto market. Though most tech specs are still hidden, Foxconn shares that the Model C can rush from 0 to 100 kph in 3.8 seconds. The projected range of the crossover is around 700 kilometres.

The next offering in the line-up is the Model E which wears the shape of a sedan. This propels from 0 to 100 kph in just 2.8 seconds with an output of 750 hp.

The final product, the Model T is a bus. Details of this big machine are not public yet.
To assemble these vehicles, Foxconn has acquired a factory formerly owned by Lordstown Motors in the United States. These models will go on sale by 2023, at least in Taiwan. In the United States, they may have to rework the names to avoid conflicts with Ford.
As the world waits for an Apple car, the Model C, Model E, and Model T are the closest we have ever been to it. But given the budding stage of the EV market in the Middle East, these vehicles making their way here is not an event for the near future.

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