Lexus RZ450e EV shows off its design

Lexus RZ450e EV shows off its design

If you had your eyes full of the new Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra EVs, here is the posh alternative. Lexus has the new EV and came up with the RZ450e, adding their own spin of the formula.

The RZ450e was a part of a grand unveil by Toyota and Lexus that saw the covers flying off 15 new electric models, all set for the future.

The Lexus RZ450e takes the bZ4X design closer to the Lexus family with an iteration of the brand’s spindle grill. The grill does not have a massive mesh though. Instead, it is closed off at the front, leaving air inlets open only on the sides as well as the bottom. The heavy creases on the fenders and hood as well as the arched roof add more purpose to the stance of the RZ450e.

At the rear, full-width taillights take centre stage. There are small spoilers on either side of the roof, just above the heavily raked rear glass.

As it stands, we have a thorough glance at the design of the new Lexus RZ450e but nothing more. What sits under its skin, or how its interior looks are all mysteries.

The Toyota bZ4X and the Subaru Solterra get a 215 hp powertrain that consists of two motors, one at each axle. The Subaru Solterra promises an estimated range of 354 kms. The Lexus RZ450e should have specs that match the same.

Going by the Lexus standards, the RZ450e should have a nicer interior than the Subaru and Toyota equivalents. Sadly, our eyes are still covered when it comes to the interior. More details regarding this Lexus EV should surface closer to its complete debut in 2022.

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  1. This design is sensational but I’m not so sure it would be their final version of the new EV for Lexus. I’m an addicted Lexus enthusiast. I love their approach to the EV technology. They didn’t want to make any mistake like GM made that was their main reluctance to the swift adoption of EV. Now they’ve got what they’re looking for – a truly unique and enduring battery (Solid State Battery). It’s in every possible way more superior to Tesla battery technology. That’s why they’re going fully now into electric powered automobiles.

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