Sony Vision-S 02 SUV confirms Sony's EV intentions

Sony Vision-S 02 SUV confirms Sony’s EV intentions

Modern cars are becoming more than just a transportation device, especially with technology allowing more integration of features just like installing apps on a smartphone. So it is obvious that tech companies have set their eyes on the car industry. One of the first movers to this segment is Sony with their Vision-S 01 sedan. Now they dip their feet into the most lucrative body style with the Vision-S 02 SUV concept.  

The design of the Vision-S 02 is a lifted version of what you get with the sedan. The crossover is substantially sized measuring 4.9 metres long and riding on 20-inch wheels.

Powering the SUV concept are two electric motors. They are mounted on either axle, making it an all-wheel drive. Their individual output is 268 hp, each. Though the acceleration figures are not revealed, it may be slightly higher than the sedan’s 0 to 100 sprint time of 4.8 seconds due to the additional bulk.

The Vision-S 02 SUV shares the air suspension of the sedan albeit with tweaks to accommodate the added heft. The tech inside the 02 SUV is not confirmed yet, but this being a Sony, expect it to be filled to the brim. To have an idea of what you can expect, the Vision-S 01 sedan is a good reference.

Sony has been denying rumours regarding their EV market entry ever since the 01 was revealed. But now, they have flipped the card, intending to build a new company. This year, they plan to set up Sony Mobility to play their game in the hotly contested EV market.

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  1. It is looking fantastic and promising future

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