Aston Martin DBX707 jumps in as the fastest SUV in the world

Aston Martin DBX707 jumps in as the fastest SUV in the world

As all manufacturers are following the SUV trend, Aston Martin joined in with the DBX back in 2021. Now they have added more spice to the mix with the Aston Martin DBX 707, the fastest SUV in the world.

The modern SUV speed race was kicked up a notch by the launch of the Bentayga, only to be pipped by the Lamborghini Urus later on. With the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, Bentley Bentayga Speed, and Tesla Model X Plaid in the mix, things are already heated up quite well. The Aston Martin DBX707 is taking the throne for now, with its explosive power.

As its name suggests, the DBX707 brings in 707 PS or 697 hp. This pairs with a massive torque figure of 900 Nm. All this comes from the familiar 4.0-litre V8 engine. To make this happen, Aston employs a pair of ball-bearing turbochargers as well as additional engine updates. The DBX707 gets a performance quad-pipe active exhaust system, ensuring that this high-riding colossus goes and sounds as a proper Aston should.

Handling all this power is a 9-speed wet-clutch gearbox that enables faster shifts. A shorter final drive is employed along with an updated e-diff at the rear. The all-wheel-drive system is updated as well, sending power to the front or rear as needed.

The Aston Martin DBX707 gets an air suspension with revised dampers and springs. To counter the body roll added in by basic physics, an Electronic Active Roll Control (eARC) system is also a part of the package. The brakes and electronic steering are updated to respond well to this newfound speed.

With “Race Start” mode, the DBX707 can start at 4000 rpm, and reach from 0 to 100 kph in just over 3.3 seconds. The top speed is 310 kph.

The performance upgrade does not kill off the luxury quotient of the DBX. Though sports seats come as standard, buyers can opt for comfort seats as an option. The centre console’s lower part looks different as well from the standard DBX. To elevate the luxury bit, the DBX707 adds soft-close doors. The exterior gets more spice in the form of a larger grill, larger air intakes, a more pronounced front splitter, quad exhausts at the rear, and a larger diffuser. There is a larger spoiler at the top as well.

With all this tech and power under its skin, it is definitely not going to be cheap. The prices for the regular DBX starting from mid-eight hundred-thousand dirhams on our shores, expect the DBX707 to cost an awful lot more when it finally comes here.

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