Manufacturer Recalls for July 2022

Manufacturer Recalls for July 2022

Compared to the last few months, July 2022 saw comparatively peaceful scenes in the recall arena. But that does not mean that there were not any. Here is a list of all recalls that happened in the past month.

Ford finally announces the fix for an issue that triggered a recall back in May. Around 39,000 Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs from 2021 were recalled to fix a fire risk. The owners were asked not to park their vehicles inside and close to structures. Now the issue has been tracked to a faulty chip that comes from a supplier. This is susceptible to a short circuit. The recalled vehicles are divided into two depending on their cooling fan systems. Some of these vehicles get an 800-watt cooling fan system while the rest gets a 700-watt system. The former group can get their vehicles fixed at the dealer now but the remaining bunch will have to wait till September. Till then, it is safer to follow the parking guidelines issued by Ford.

Yet another fire risk in the Ford family affects more than 100,000 vehicles. The models include the Ford Escape, Maverick, and the Lincoln Corsair. According to Consumer Reports, the fire risk comes from a defect that allows fuel to leak if the oil pan or engine block fails. Owners of these vehicles will receive notifications in the coming months.

Two other American companies on the recall bandwagon are Chrysler and Dodge. They recall 2022 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, and Charger vehicles, 52,340 of them, to fix an issue connected to premature battery wear. This can wrongly trigger the TPMS light even when there is no issue whatsoever. Owners should receive notifications starting from early September. Till then, it would be safer to verify the tire pressures manually before you set off.

What is a recall story in 2022 without an EV in it? BMW’s entrants into the hot EV segment, BMW i4 and iX are in the limelight now. Specifically, the BMW i4 eDrive40, i4 M50, iX xDrive50, and iX M60 vehicles are affected. The number stands at a tiny 83 as of now. But NHTSA and BMW advise these owners not to drive or charge their cars at this moment. They are also asked not to park them inside or near other vehicles or structures. By now, you must have guessed what went wrong. Yep, EV battery fires it is. These vehicles’ batteries may have a manufacturing glitch that damaged the cathode plate. The debris from the broken plate can trigger a fire.  The owners will receive a new battery.

That is all from a short recall month of July 2022. Stick around while we come up with the latest of all recall news in the coming months.

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