Abarth 500e

2023 Abarth 500e heats up the electric 500

The Fiat 500 is a smash hit for the Italian brand. This little hatch revived a legendary marque from the past and garnered fame and success for Fiat, especially in its electric guise. Now the crazy boffins at Abarth have had their go at the electric 500, and guess what they brought out of the room? A faster, 155 hp electric hot hatch, the new 2023 Abarth 500e.

Abarth 500e performance

The regular electric Fiat 500 churns out 117 hp and 220 Nm. While these numbers may not look much on paper, the instant torque delivery of an electric motor makes it a hoot to drive in the city. The Abarth 500e ups the ante even further. It produces 155 hp and 235 Nm of torque. The hot hatch can now do 0 to 100 kph runs in just 7 seconds, a good fat 2 seconds quicker than the regular 500 electric.

Abarth 500e

The electric Fiat 500 is not the only benchmark that was put to the test against the Abarth 500e. The Abarth 695 hot hatch with its 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine was also pitted against it. The electric Abarth 500e shaves off a second from the 20 to 40 kph time of the 695. It was also a second quicker than the 695 around the Misto Alfa Romeo circuit.

Abarth 500e battery

The Abarth 500e gets a large battery as well. It gets a 42 kWh battery pack that can be charged up to 85 kW. This can charge the battery to 80% in just 35 minutes.

Abarth 500e


As expected from a hot hatch, the front seats are body-hugging units that keep you in place while cornering. These are wrapped in Alcantara and sport double stitching. Abarth logos can be found o different surfaces, finished in acid Green. There is a 10.25-inch screen that comes with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. Another 7-inch display sits right behind the steering wheel.

Abarth 500e

Auto headlamps and wipers, wireless charging, a 360-degree camera, a potent JBL sound system, and many other features are available in the Abarth 500e. While the debate on the Dodge Daytona rages on, the Abarth 500e also sports a system that can mimic the noise of a petrol engine.

A launch edition called Scorpionissima will offer an Acid Green paint or Poison blue body shade, unique 18-inch wheels, and a few other bespoke touches.

And before we forget, the Abarth 500e will also be offered in a convertible flavour if you need a bit of that wind-in-the-hair experience.

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