Zenvo TSR-GT

Zenvo TSR-GT adds more comfort to the track-focused TSR-S

The Danish supercar maker, Zenvo is not a big name in the industry. After starting off in 2009 with a limited run of 15 ST1 supercars, Zenvo never left the scene and kept on churning out its derivatives. After the TSR-S from 2018, here is the Zenvo TSR-GT, a low-drag variant aimed to hit a higher top speed.

When the Zenvo TSR-S came out in 2018, it caught the attention of many people for its aggressively active rear wing. Though it is highly advantageous around a twisty track, it does have its effect on the top speed. The Zenvo TSR-GT gets a fixed wing in its place and, along with a few other changes, can go way faster in a straight line.

The engine on the Zenvo TSR-GT is massaged to squeeze out an extra 183 hp from the twin-supercharged 5.8-litre V8 engine. The total output is a massive 1360 hp.

To utilize this power better, the Zenvo TSR-GT grows more slippery. The aero enhancements include the aforementioned fixed, longer rear wing and an aero wheel disc cover. This can push the Zenvo TSR-GT to a maximum top speed of 424 kph. The TSR-S maxed out at just 325 kph.

The creature comforts inside the TSR-GT are more luxurious compared to the bare carbon fibre interior of the track-focused TSR-S. Zenvo uses leather and velour to soften up the surfaces in the TSR-GT to make it worthy of the Grand Tourer bit in its name.

Only three Zenvo TSR-GTs have been made to date, and three of them are already sold, obviously for some big checks.

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