Mercedes-Maybach S580e

Mercedes-Maybach S580e is the first plug-in-hybrid Maybach

Though the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is available as a plug-in hybrid in several markets, there has never been a Maybach version—until now. For those who yearn for a bit more leather and wood, the Mercedes-Maybach S580e reveals a first chance to own a plug-in hybrid Maybach.

There are not many visual bits unique to the Mercedes-Maybach S580e. The new S-Class is quite new and does not need an update, but that does not mean it is identical to the other Maybach S-Classes. The headlights feature blue accents to show off its electrified identity. The charging port is discreetly positioned on the left side of the door. The interior gains a battery charging state indicator.

The main business bits under the hood, though, are quite different. The powertrain revolves around Mercedes-Benz’s 3.0-litre inline-six engine, which can churn out 367 hp on its own. It is also blessed with 500 Nm of torque without the help of the electric motor. The motor, however, adds 150 hp and 440 Nm on its own.

Mercedes-Maybach S580e

This increases the effective total output to 510 hp and 750 Nm. Though it may not matter to the Maybach’s back seat occupants, the 0-100 kph sprint of a regular S 580e takes only 5.1 seconds. The Maybach should also perform in the same way.

The charger that is offered as standard with the Mercedes-Maybach S580e has a capacity of 11 kW. To facilitate faster charging speeds, a 60-kW charger can be thrown in as an option. The battery size is still a secret but if we read from the spec sheet of the Mercedes-Bens S580e, we can see that it is 28 kWh. The Maybach should not be far off, if not identical. The Maybach S580e has an official ELTP electric-only range of 100 km, the same as the non-Maybach version.

All other details of the Mercedes-Maybach S580e are still under wraps. But in classic Maybach fashion, it will be filled to the brim with opulence. The Mercedes-Maybach S580e will go on sale first in China, Thailand, and Europe, then in other countries.

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