Abu Dhabi unveils Ferrari park and store

Abu Dhabi unveils Ferrari park and store


We were invited to the “Foundation Stone Ceremony” in Abu Dhabi to officially signify the start of construction of the highly-anticipated Ferrari Theme Park.

Officials and special guests in attendance for today’s event included Ferrari’s President Luca di Montezemolo and Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh, Chairman, ALDAR Properties PJSC, as well as invited guests representing media, government and business organizations from around the world.

Also inaugurated later that day was the Ferrari Store at the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, with what looked like an actual older F1 car on display. Crowds gathered to buy stuff at the store, although we couldn’t buy the model cars we wanted because the staff didn’t have a price list for many of the items. The situation was alleviated somewhat for us press folks when Ferrari PR peeps handed us expensive Ferrari merchandise such as caps, mugs, flags and even perfume for free to keep us happy. Still wanted the model cars though.


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  1. Forza Scuderia !!! Ferrari All the way !! I Hope every Mclaren fan watched the last race and experienced as much heart break as I did JOY !!

  2. going to bankrupt the treasury with non essential projects;BRAVO.try to help africa from disease and starvation !

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