List of confirmed cars at Dubai Motorshow

List of confirmed cars at Dubai Motorshow


I can say with a fair amount of certainty that these new/facelifted cars will make their public debut at the Dubai Motor Show this year:

BMW 6-Series
Chevrolet CSV CR8
Chevrolet Corvette LS3
Chevrolet Avalanche Z71
Chevrolet Aveo 5
Cadillac CTS
Cadillac SLS
Toyota Corolla (press launch November 5)
Toyota Land Cruiser
Hummer H3 V8
Honda Accord (press launch November 4)
Infiniti G37 Coupe (press launch November 12)
Infiniti EX35 (press launch November 12)
Jeep Cherokee
Saab 9-3
Mazda MX-5 (press launch October)
Ford Mondeo (press launch November 11)
Ford Five Hundred (press launch November 11)
Lincoln MKZ (press launch November 11)
Mercury Montego (press launch November 11)
Maybach 62 Landaulet

More cars are surely on the list too, including a few concepts.

The Chevy Camaro concept will be shown, while the production Nissan Skyline GT-R will also be displayed, but probably not be on sale in this region yet.

What do you think?



  1. and what about Mustang GT500

  2. Any chances of the Lambo Reventon making an appearance?

  3. shows the 3.5 is 271 hp (gross)

    what about net power??????

  4. is the new audi a8 on display
    any idea if the new V6 2.8 will be on sale in ME

  5. hey i am sure u can find the new Mazda CX9 suv at the motor show..i have seen couple of them standin at the dubai galadari yard….then i approached shj galadari n they said the official launch is on 12th….but they had 1 piece in there garage for the launch and after we insisted a lot they allowed us to see it….its really awesome and surely value for money…..

  6. Author

    Thanks for the news, Zao. Don’t know about the other cars though.

  7. what about the ford explorer…

  8. ^ FMA will release it later this month on ford explorer facebook blog… not sure about the dubai show, its sucks anyway…

  9. ^ they are saying the new Explorer will be very nice… im looking for it my self… 🙂

  10. ^ like wise…

    @ siddiqi, finaly you are here, told you ages ago that you gonna like this site.

  11. Author

    ^Thanks for spreading the word. By the way, this post is very old.

  12. Dear Mash…..
    really??? thanks for the info…


  13. the new explorer will be unibody crossover, unlike the ongoing model whch is a body-on-frame thing with proper off-roading capabilities!

  14. ^ thanks for the reply, so its going to be closer to say the acadia from GMC or the traverse… in fact i dont see a problem with that, since only few of 4×4 drivers taks thier suv’s off-road…

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