2008-2009 Toyota Corolla preview

2008-2009 Toyota Corolla preview

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan

What we have here is our research into the next-generation Toyota Corolla. The current version has been chugging along for six years now, when the standard shelf-life for each Corolla version is usually four years. The current version is seriously outdated, but other markets already have new versions. In fact, Japan and Europe got two different versions.

The Europeans already got the best versions for the 2007 model year. They get a sedan called, what else, the Corolla, as well as a sporting hatchback called the Auris, and a wagon called the Corolla Verso.

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan
2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan
2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan

The Toyota Auris drops the Corolla name and has sportier suspension tuning.

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan auris

The Toyota Corolla Verso has a taller roof and is sort of a micro minivan rather than a wagon.

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan

The Japanese get their own version of the Corolla. It has more sedate styling, but packs much more features, such as a rear-view camera, a self-parking system, radar cruise control and a pre-safe computer system, all lifted from the Lexus LS460. The sedan is called the Corolla Axio.

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan axio

The Japanese also get a standard wagon version instead of a van, calling it the Corolla Fielder.

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan fielder wagon

The Japanese also get the Auris hatchback as well as a Blade variant with a bigger engine, but the Chinese get the European Corolla version. All sedan versions share the same interior. The Americans will get yet another version of the sedan, and possibly the Toyota Blade, to be sold as the Matrix.

2008 2009 Toyota Corolla sedan blade matrix

Coming down to engine choices, the European versions get some diesel four-cylinders with manual, while the Japanese versions get a 110 hp 1.5-litre and a 136 hp 1.8-litre, both four-cylinder and both with CVT automatics. The Chinese get a six-speed manual. The Japanese Blade actually has the 160 hp 2.4-litre four from the Camry, so it is by far the best version.

The sedan interior is conservative but stylish, with optional fake aluminium or fake wood trim.

2008 2009 toyota corolla sedan interior
2008 2009 toyota corolla sedan interior

So what will the Middle East get? We believe the European styling might make actually it here, but with the Japanese 1.5-litre and 1.8-litre engine choices, with a five-speed or six-speed manual, and an automatic with hopefully at least five-speeds, if not the CVT automatics. The gadgets in the Japanese models will definitely not make it here, and neither will the hatchback and wagon versions. But then they might be built in Thailand. There is a possibility though that the Japanese styling might come here, in which case we will get sedan and wagon variants, but we will also get true Japanese-built Corollas again.

For the latest local prices and specs, visit the Toyota Corolla buyer guide.

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  1. 😆 this is my car my dream car i like it like the way i like the all new 2008 land cruesir

  2. After Long time shap of corolla has been changed…Thanks to Toyota for this change… well i m planning to buy a new car… well it depends on arrial and real attractive shape of corolla but i am waiting for new lancer as well it is quite competitive with shape and specifications aswell and offcource price is very important. So best of luck toyota for your new corolla.

  3. a good alternative to the new civic, and this got a ‘proper’ speedometer, yay

  4. The new Civic is best, Corolla can never takes its position.

  5. 😛 when is new corolla officially being launched in Dubai.Cos im going to buy veery soon if the new model is coming ill wait.

  6. The new Corolla’s are cool and as u know the best sedan,family car in the world_ 👿


  8. All Corolla lovers sucks. 😆

  9. When is the official launch date in the middle east?

  10. I just spilled my cheeto’s and the dog is chowing down.. #@$^%$%^^&&

  11. meeeh, it’s just a corolla 😕

  12. 😛 😐 😎 😆 😡 hi

  13. I love the Corolla!!

  14. COROLLA RULES.PERIODDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. When new corolla is launching in Pakistan

  16. bring a supercharged corolla to the us! aka corolla compressor. i love my 2006 le! its my third my frist was a 1990, then i had a 2001. how many cars do you know of that you can put in reverse when going forward at 50mph and not kill the car. plus it had over 200k on it! yo cool boy: corollas sell much better than civics even after the civic was redone. reason: civics are viewed as chic cars. go to a honda page.

  17. Well its looking nice. Lets see wether this model can make impact or not. It resembles to Camery a bit

  18. Get back on your camel, Habib.

  19. this is just a car .(corrolla).. civic is the best of all .
    Remember guys the scenes from fast and furious.
    u know y it wasnt selected in the movie coz its a gurls car>ha ha ha ha
    civicz are hell ov a beasts gud luck new shape
    but dont cum near civiv coz u cant >>>>

  20. This Corolla is definately the best yet. Finally a better interior then all of the other cars in it’s class. Seems as if I’ll be trading in my 2007 Civic Si for this beauty when it hits the showrooms. I’ll be first in line for sure.

  21. 😀 Loving my 2006 used honda civic EX 4 door. Only wished that I could have had a chance to test drive them side by side. My purchase may have been different. Both are very good cars – even the outdated version of the corolla feels comfortable – just like your favorite pair of jeans.

    Used 06 honda replaced wrecked new o6 civic that some idiot – driving too fast gave honda the chance to show me all about the side curtin, side airbag, and the front airbag.

  22. Corrolla says “I’m always a leaders for all economic level of people , Enjoy me !!!

  23. of course civic is great car but comparing to price and new shape corolla win

  24. The new corolla is the best one car of the world, I’ve naver seen brfore.
    It’s so comfortable and cooool car for family. 🙄

  25. man this is the reason im getting this car it looks so kick ass, but the only bad thing is I have to wait so long for it to come out in the American market

  26. The Corolla is the Best Selling Car in the World…The Civic is the Best at Nothing…

  27. man this ones in for civic 😀 though civic has a kooler speed o meter but corolla always dumps it in marketing…… this ones the best in shape and spcifications … i love it… MORE THAN CIVIC … ALWAYS

  28. agreed with DJ

  29. to all of toyota suckers this car sux
    it is good from out side but sux from inside (those cars are good because of the brand other wise no one is gone buy one)
    and the one who said its for a family. i want to ask him how many persons 7 or 8 prsons
    even they didnt upgrade the engine. pothetic toyota suckers :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  30. toyota sux 😈
    nissan rules :mrgreen:
    hond nothing 😉

    1) nissan 2) honda 3) the worst car ever made 200000000000) toyota
    hahahahahaha 😎

  31. 🙁 i m still waiting 4 new corolla 2008 nobody knows when it’ll launch. corrolla is like currency whenever u want u can convert into money

  32. 🙁 corrola2008 when it’ll launch. corrolla is like currency whenever u want u can convert into money

  33. Looks like a nice design. any idea when it will lunch in dubai?

  34. same piece of shit again

  35. Those dissing the Corolla, you should go buy a Civic and it’ll drain your money with the expensive repairs and so so reliability. A 20,000 dollars Civic DX? Very expensive and a Corolla is 16,000 dollars and a better car.

  36. actually i have it on reliable sources that the corolla will be getting the Camry 2.2L 4cyl engine 😉

  37. when is corolla going to launch its new shape in pakistan?

  38. Well, Corolla is one of the best mid size car in the whole world. It is durable, good resale value, less maintanance and 2008 model looks cute. I am eagerly waiting to buy. Its worth it……………

  39. toyota will out last any other makes or models. i’ve own toyota’s for many years now and so does my dad. i love the new corolla look…hope to own one sometime.

  40. 😆 my 1998 corolla has 280,000 miles and i’m ready to get a new one. this new corolla is just perfect me.

  41. da corolla is da best car ever trust me it is VALUE 4 ur money 😎

  42. Corolla are the best cars those of you don’t like corolla that is your problems. They are easy to handle and very sleek and doen’t cost a fortune corolla rules

  43. Toyota, why can’t we American’s get a clean burning diesel? Please send us one in the near future.

  44. Toyota Cars were my favourite cars till their 2003 models. I wonder what has happened to there Shapes after 2003 models. The 2008-2009 Model Of Toyota in Foriegn Countries, specially India is the Best of all …………… I request you all to send the same model to other places also! We are ready to buy a new car. Now it depends upon Toyota that it wants us to buy it or not ?????????

  45. modify corola in a more impressive and dashing look .
    price should not be increased as already so high in pakistan.
    people are sick of old model/shape.
    please launch new shape w more space n comfort soon in pakistan.

  46. What are you guys looking for? I am looking for a car that is most reliable and dependable, and i believe that toyota offers it beyond competition. who cares about a flashy car with a big horsepower you can’t trust. By the way, check the statistics of car sales and you would realise, toyota, especially the corolla is outselling its competitors with huge marginal differences. Why? because toyota is made for those who believe in total quality and not flashy designs or big horsepower, otherwise go get a BMW. Toyota has proved to have a more superior R&D than its competitors, because it knows exactly what the majority is looking for. I drive a 2004 toyota corolla and the performance is great. I can’t imagine driving any other car, except a mercesdes. Bravo Toyota!

  47. When new corolla wil be launced in pakistan.

  48. walla onai eendee sayora corola 2006 walla wajeed halwa bas moshkila wahda camr daamat sayorty wanai sayarty wajid takhafasat hasafa alaiha wala I MISS MY CAR!! 😥

  49. 🙄 i love toyota all models and iam waiting for new model of prado well may i know that when its launch in dubai realy i chang the car and buy the new model becoz any kind of toyota model is grate and less in money please send me e mail for new model of parado

  50. when new corolla will be launched in saudi arabia and how much it will be, cause i m planning to buy 2008 corolla I LOVE COROLLA

    • You can’t go wrong with a Honda. The Civic will generally be less exnpseive, while the Accord will have more leg room. Its hard to beat the reliablity, though.

  51. This Car iz awsome n i want 2 book it right now or i ll be the first 1 to buy this car


  53. it’s look like Mix of Camry 2007 & Camry 2004 :mrgreen:
    in the front it’s look camry 2007 😉
    & the behind & the Length seem like Camry 2004 😎

  54. when the corolla 2008 will launch in dubai 😎
    iam waiting 😆

  55. This model SUCKS!!!!! what the hell where they thinking when they desighned this car….they totally ruined the corolla….i hate it…it sucks guyz!!



  58. when its gona launch in UAE. 🙄

  59. 😯 what a exterior and interior i”m sure that evry body will like the corolla sedan. 😆

  60. i like my new toyaota altis 2007


    Any Disagreement?
    Let me know

  62. H o n d a

    H————Horrible looking
    O————Old technology
    N————Not cheap on gas
    D————Drives like a truck
    A————Accept defeat

  63. 🙂 nothing will be same like corolla. 🙄 wish i could have it 🙂

  64. I think corolla will going to raise the competition with the other cars such as lancer, elentra and civic.

  65. wow man she is a beauty,thankgod i hope we pakis will also get a taste of it, the guys at pak toyota could do a bit more of quality control here cause i drive a new toyota and trust me they miss a lot of small details


  67. 😯 both civic and corolla rocks but trully corolla has no match it is unmatchable and fabulous 😉 😆 :mrgreen:

  68. 🙄 The new Corolla’s are coooooooooooooooooooooooo 😆 😆 l

  69. There are not much picturers on the web for this new 2008 model of corolla there should be much pictures and of interior too

  70. i love toyota very much all models best in the world and prado is prado what a toyota

  71. yar im badly waiting 4 new model of corolla

  72. All New Toyota Corolla is quite good in looking. interior and exterior all is good. but i wonder whether in Pakistan interior lighting would be in all digital display( white bright lighting) or in the same as showed in the vary web site.
    well let it comes. then every body will decide. honda is absolutely better than that. but it collapsed due to high price. i hope it won’t be for toyota. lets hope for the best

  73. If you buy the 2009 ( new model Corolla ) at the end of 5 years you have a car that has depreciated only 4 years. That has to be a plus.

  74. corolla made very stupid model in 2008 I not like this.Civic is much better to toyota.

  75. the corolla is designed and built for the poor persons who wait to buy it as a second hand with a depreciation.
    non of you knows what is a car is
    you forgot the cadillac and lexus ,these you can call them cars
    toyota is like a skateboard,no safety ,no luxury ,it is like you are siiting in arabic toilet,he he he heeeeeeeeee

  76. toyota has designed the corolla bec ause of the exess of the recycled metal in their junk yard.

    corolla = kaka

  77. 😆 I like too toyota corolla 2008 very nice

  78. i dont like this model of 2008 caz of the back light and front is copy of new acoord, there is no fucking grip in at the tyers,,,,,, old model is much better then this model

  79. Thanks to Toyota and i am still not sure that in 2008 we can see this model.

  80. 🙂 its Cool i like Toyota i alredy have but i wana buy this one INSHALLAH i will

  81. 😳 i tested the new corolla but i changed my mind i preffer the civic 2008 good power engine beside the good looking 😉

  82. i like corolla and enjoy to drive from the last 10 years. presently i have 2005 corolla G, when i saw Corolla Axio lexul, that will really hit the market. One question is arising in my mind that why Japan create a difference in domestic model and exported model

  83. este auto es lo mejor y quisiera que me mande uno pa bolivia y lusir por todo pando y santacruz jejjejejje

  84. when it going to be launched in pakistan.?it will hit only if it comes soon and in reasonable price.

  85. I’m just about to finalize (on Jan 05, 2008) my latest purchase of our 4th Corolla and decided to drop by to check the styling of the next generation. I’m glad I did because I think I prefer the current version (I’m in Canada and the next version debuts for the 2009 model year).

    While it’s true the Corolla may not have forward-looking exterior nor interior styling as the Civic does, it’s worth noting that each time I compare these two cars side by side, I have chosen the Corolla (our first was a 1986 – it’s still running strong and never had any problems aside from regular wear and tear). Two big reasons are the Civic’s seating position (too low and hard to see ahead even though I’m 5’9″) and the seat’s excessive protruding lumbar support, which forces my back to arch forward too much when my butt is pushed back against the seat. You would have to slouch just a bit in order not to be pressed forward by the lumbar.

    Further, the current generation of the Civic uses a digital speedometer. During hard acceleration, the digits change so fast that they begin to run together, so that all you see is 88 km/hr until you begin to settle onto a steady speed. Auto journalists have long ago decided for this and other reasons that digital speedometers do not work, but Honda engineers decided to employ them anyway. In an analog unit, you may not be able to read your speed exactly during hard acceleration, but at least you can get a very good idea of your speed simply by judging how fast your nedle is rotating on the speed dial.

    If the seating and the speedometer do not bother you, and logevity is not a huge concern, I would choose the Civic for its engine responsiveness. Some of the other contributors above are right in saying this car is suited more to someone who is watching their dollars. I don’t have a lot of money but our Corollas have never costed us more than $100 per year (on average) to keep in excellent running shape. We use the cars daily. Two oil changes and two tune-ups a year is all it needs. To me, that’s what Toyota reliability is all about. 😎

  86. 😎 very nice care

  87. New corolla is best than new civic 🙂

  88. i own the 2009 it is by far the best well worth it i have the LE and i cant wait for the Sport and XRS mdels to be released 🙂 🙂 😆

  89. anybody tell me when new toyota is going to launch in pakistan

  90. please also tell me the difference between present and new corrola

  91. plz any bdy tell me abt lanch of toyota in pakistan r give me web adress wer i can see pic,d plz

  92. 🙂 This corolla has been launched already in the Philippines this March, in replacement of corolla altis 2002-2007

  93. i have started to hate corolla because all malloos buy this car..THIS IS THE ONLY REASON..The rest, its ok

  94. 🙂 There are still rumours about launching of new model, no sound information. Indus Motor should feel little bit responsible and give at least tentaive dates of launching new model. Secondly Indus Motor shall also try to improve the standards, it is really funny to hear XLI and GLI, with mini differneces. Standard car shall be power pack and shall not be made of third class material. It shall have company fitted CNG . If someone is to be blamed bcoz of bad qaulity of car, it is corrupt people of Indus Motors, no one else. They once take so much money for car, shall give some material as well. The only thing they should keep in mind is that they also are answerable to God, or Indus Motor Company has some special previliges there

  95. Just want to add
    Friends if anyone has some solid information bout launching of new model can communicate withme on [email protected] .
    I will encourage that

  96. When will it be launched in India

  97. This car really suck!!! is alike the current model….

    I prefe a million times the sentra or the mazda 3, toyota are just for people who dont think outside the box!! There are so many brands in the market who are so much better than a poor corolla with nothin extraordinary…

  98. Considering Civic or tiida New corolla’s interior looks cheap and also its become quite expensive for 1.8 version costs 63k for power features and 70 K with real spoiler & alloy wheels

  99. new corrola can only hit in pakistan if it comes soon and in reasonable price, otherwise honda city will be favourite.
    anybody tell me the difference between new and present corrola.


  101. well i m waiting for corolla 2009 its fantastic

  102. Dear Toyota,
    If your new corolla is not coming with a drastic change from outside from the earlier shape then it should be with a very change and new interior.

    Corolla have beaten Civic in fuel efficiency but the dirve is still not the equal but lower grade, please improve.

  103. All mallus buy corolla because they always know how to make the best decisions. Why do u think you see mallus as head of most of the coproprate companies .. haha 😆

  104. 🙄 Poeple love Corrola in AFGHANISTAN.

  105. when new toyota corolla lunch?what`s prices/

  106. I am planning to buy a car. But I was wondering which one to buy? HONDA exi? or Toyota corolla (new model for 2008 or 2009) . Anyone please advise.. Im totally confused. I dont know anything about cars.

  107. Author

    Reviews of the Civic and Corolla are on this page:


  108. I heard complaints from the people like new Model Corolla and Camry both have engine problem and people are behind the old models to buy them second hand. 🙁

  109. 🙄 very uncomfortable on rough roads & fuel efficiency 15kml on clear roads comes down to 4kml in heavy traffic in srilanka

  110. i just want to say k
    also waiting of new model of toyota in pakistan..

  111. 😉 corolla is the best…. me waitin for it n INSHALLA i’ll buy it for sure civic, lancer n all other cars are lame infront of corolla!!!!!!


  113. Author
  114. when new corola is going to be launched in pakistan?

  115. toyota dealers have suspended/stoped new booking of corola. i dont know why?
    is it because of new launch or only price change?

  116. For years now i’ve driven Honda cars and the feeling’s great. But i’ll like to buy the new corolla (2009 model) for a change. Hope it matches the seamless satsfaction that comes with a Honda.

  117. hi, emeka osamor where u from.?asl plz?

  118. new crolla is best 😆

  119. I want to buy a corolla 2009, But I am in doubt Mazda 3 or Corolla? whats your opinions? please advise me soon.

  120. New Mazda 3 is coming and looks great! Plus handles better..maybe you should wait for that to come out..

  121. 😎 alway toyota corala is my dream toyota is toyota

  122. how about learning to spell corolla first?

  123. wow realy i love this new model of toyota corolla its realy deserv for a cool drive , when you drive then realy you make sure you drive some altimatly driving mashine

  124. 😛 😆 😀 😮 🙂 😉 😥 😛 real mei boht fit model hai toyota 2008 . lov u

  125. corolla car is loking very sexy 😆 😆 😆 😆

  126. but
    there is no comparision of civic with toyota
    civic is awsum
    much much much much better luk
    space is utilized very significalty

    toyota suckzzzzzzzz

  127. I like the Corolla, Civic and Sentra because they drive good and offer comparable features but if you evaluate them based on initial cost, depreciation over time, reliability, maintenance and operational cost as well as ease of resale – Corolla comes out on top.

  128. nice yaar bhot lusha pusha hai yaar really so cool yar

  129. 😛 😛 Hello Guys! the 2008 catogery of Toyata Cars is The BEst.
    But what what about 2008 Honda Cars 😈

  130. Indeed in Pakistan,most of the people like Corrola to purchase the main reson is that its recell value is very good . The brake problum of corlla of privious is not good hopefully the new corolla will be better that prvious one.
    What is the price of standred car menas XLI? and what is its HP is1500 CC?or …

  131. ?????!!! 😯

  132. 😯 there is nothing new in corolla 2009. 😡


  134. corolla sux like all toyotas!

  135. you are rocking car and your interior is fabulas 🙂 😛

  136. first what i noticed when i was riding my new2009 corolla is its comfortable steering easy to handle so amazing my engine is 1.8 xli believe it or not its a chix magnet hahahahha

  137. toyota price is so high in pakistan that we are thinking to buy honda city.toyota increased price 70000 within 2 weeks of launch.its horrible

  138. toyota nonsense administration looting pakistan,s innocent people

  139. 142 comments! DON’T buy toyota unless you want to prove you’re blind!

  140. see the difference
    1.3 honda city 09 colours
    price pkr 985000
    1.3 toyota gli 06 colours
    price pkr 1389000
    huge difference of 04 lacks
    now surely toyota will fail in pakistan if it does not reduce its price.

  141. toyota,s profit droped down badly.
    word analysts proposed toyota company to cut its prices with incentives to attract buyers.
    so toyota should reduce its price to capture market especially in developing country like pakistan.

  142. How much prices of Corrolla New models of all ???????????


  144. send one corolla car for me 😳
    my E-mail:[email protected]
    I am muslim(sonni)
    my number: +98 917 9646383

  145. this car is very nice car WELL DONE TOYOTA COROLLA… COROLLA is the king in PAKISTAN 😆

    my number is

  146. can you mail me detail rates of Toyota corolla rates ASAP Coralla 1.8

  147. HI Dude It Suckzzz
    and if u want to see a car then c City 2009 as well as honda 2008 that what i think kool car and Abt this Shit (Corolla) BoYz It Suckzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  148. I wanted to buy Corolla from Dubai, and give money to my Uncle, but he run away and I can’t even get my money back from him.
    I’m now without money and without Corolla.

  149. good corolla is the best. i like corolla in dubai

  150. 😆 I drive many cars but i feel CROLLA 2009 is my dream Quean.

  151. 😉 New toyota ALTIS in pakistan is good small medium size sedan. With comfortable and smooth drive. Brakes are good this time with additional ABS added in GLI 1300 cc versions also. Interior is not well designed very simple !! steering was much better shaped and look in last model 2002-2007 with hand sewn leather on it. Please change this switching system for air conditioner and add touch /button system for on off of fan etc it looks very old now.

    Very light weight car ! Please put atleast two airbags!!!!!! there is only one in Corolla ALTIS !

  152. 🙄
    The new corolla is wonderful and I think its drive must be fine and comfortable


  154. 😳 dear i like corrola but reduce it price in pak

  155. It is amazing.I am shocked seeing that 2009 model toyota crolla is arrived in our area.Because i am livin very remote area of pakistan. because there is no such new models in the bazaar expect toyota coroll. it is nice.

    What is the price of Toyota crolla 2009 in pakistan.

  156. very beautiful cars made corolla
    i realy like it but am not a rich person i cant buy this luxury cars
    mazher raza

  157. 😐 ilike toyotacorolla ihave 5car corolla toyota is always best ihave not too much world for toyota

  158. 😯 hiiiiiiiiii dudes….wel guys i hve been to toyota showrooms quite few times.wot i find in gli 2009 the interior is nt so persuiting…overl looks are alrite….but guys v are nt payin for only exterior………mind it …even tho these ppl are chraging too much money……thnx cheers

  159. hello dear sir,
    I’m shayanpour from iran.
    i want buying 1 toyota corola GLI(2008 or 2009)
    please help me .
    please send the price of this car and what i can this car?

    sincerely yours

  160. i want to know that the toyota corolla shown in first few pictures is in siver colour ar in medium silver colour.bcz im buying one and confused in these to colours.

  161. go for silver! or maybe a different car? 😉

  162. yar im waiting for my questions answer

  163. It is a medium low silver color with a hint of low grey and medium high metallic coating…Hope it answers your question. Else you can check out the toyota website to see all the colors.

  164. I love the Corolla Fielder!!! Standard SW. I’m a Toyota customer and I’m due for a new car (11 years). I have been waiting for the Fielder to arrive in Canada. It is a good size, economical, practical and with the Toyota Reliability. I have written to Japan and Toyota Can., but they brought the Venza instead. What’s wrong with Toyota? This SW would sell very well in Canada for sure. I need this kind of vehicle to take my kids and my dogs. If they don’t bring it soon I will go with the Grand C-MAX from Ford that is due in North America in 2011, similar to the Fielder but with 7 passengers and sliding doors. I’ll have no choice but to switch to Ford. Mini vans are too big and Matrix (hatchback) too small.

    Sorry loyalties can go only so far.

  165. I love toyota corolla cars because of its minimal fuel consumption, and it has more comfort when driving. This is my dream car, I really love it

  166. hi wassup guys i got corolla altis here in pakistan n modified it wid trd n its hitting 240km/hr now where as previously i coul only go till 180! engine sound is good n optitromn meter is hot n looks r awsome. 10th gerneration realy did it dis time. but im gona impor aurion now soon Inshallah for my self lol.

  167. Toyota Corolla is one of my favorite cars. it is simply reliable and last for a very long time.

  168. toyota corolla is My favorite car, I am using only brande corolla from 1980 (29 years)1998 I cahange to corolla Diesel now I am having Toyota corolla CE110
    my dream is go for latest corolla Diesel car
    its a oneof the best car for hard use

  169. why dont we get the exciting models that other markets have?

  170. good drive best shep and power cars very lovly looking

  171. Hi friends,
    I want to buy corolla 2008, but I’m confusing about engine sizes(1.8 or 1.6) and someone says 1.6 is not good. so what do you suggest for me?

  172. hai…….
    i would like to buy a new corolla gli model ,
    i know but the price of gli model in uae ,

  173. i got altis 1.8 in pakistan its m/t n i luvv it it has got very guud feul average n da looks r da sexiest it comes wid side skirtls n i aded spoiler xtended font n rear bumpers n put on 17inch alloy rims n also installed hid oh yea n wid its flexen mica color n it looking sexier than ever

  174. we are looking Toyota Corolla 1.8 / 1.6 2009/2010 with better price

  175. Looking for Toyotoa Corolla
    2010/2009 model for purchase

  176. Funny i’ve to come back to this. Guys i didn’t buy a Corolla but i instead bought a Camry. And guess what? It’s the best car i’ve ever driven. Just hope the Corolla has the same feel.

  177. well i bought the corolla 2006 lately surely i wished i had it before it’s reliable doesn’t consume fuel nice looking, but the engine is noisy compared to other cars, but happy, can someone tell me why it is rough on road while driving thanks

  178. i need a professional advice, i need to alter the outside temperature displayed on panel of my 2006 toyota corolla from fahrenheit to celsius, can it be done?

  179. a good alternative to the new car i like

  180. very nice car all like this car inshalla crolla and city this two models are top of the world and high cc 1800 and city also16cc

  181. Hello sir!
    I am seriously looking for toyota corolla 1.8 model 2007 to 2009 model Manual transmission. if you have kindly send me an email or leave me message through whatsapps on noted number ?0508026275

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