Unveiled: Tata Nano cheapest ever new car

Unveiled: Tata Nano cheapest ever new car


Ratan Tata, boss of Indian conglomerate Tata, had vowed some time ago to release a “1-lakh” car, essentially a car that costs 100,000 Indian rupees, or US$2,500. That translates to Dhs 9,350 for a new car, and it has just been launched in India as I speak, as the Tata Nano.


The rear-wheel-drive Tata Nano has a 2-cylinder 624-cc petrol engine with 33 hp, offering 4.17 litres per 100 km of fuel consumption. It will also have a 30-litre fuel tank and four-speed manual gearbox.
The car will have front disc and rear drum brakes. We understand that air-conditioning and power steering will cost extra. Maybe even side-mirrors.


The “1-lakh” is also announced as the dealer price, so the actual price on the road is speculated to be around 117,000 rupees or US$3000, before options are added. It is being touted as a “people’s car,” reminding us of the early days of VW Beetle and Ford Model T.


The Nano also supposedly meets European safety and emissions regulations, although I see no space in it to add airbags. We imagine 33 hp isn’t the safest option on a highway either.

Lawsuits from Apple (iPod Nano anyone?) notwithstanding, this mass-production car is an interesting engineering feat at the opposite end of the scale of such pointless nonsense as the Bugatti Veyron. Although whether it is more appealing than a nice used car remains to be seen.

What do you think?



  1. one of the ways to bring the population of india down

  2. and this cheap shit is a more interesting engineering feat than a bugatti veyron? 🙄

  3. imagine with the price of the bugatti 😕 how many cars you can buy from this model????? 😆

  4. Author

    What’s with you, cb? Your country built the damn thing. Your kids will be driving this once you get deported.

  5. loooooool 😆 😆 😆

  6. will this outrun a maruti 800?
    more traffic on the streets as the folks who could only afford a 2 wheeler might be able to buy this 4 wheeler 🙁

  7. well atleast we have cars and not donkeys and buffalos moving us around 😉

  8. TATA nano cheapest car on earth think now if you have enough money to buy a koieinsegg CCXR GT you can buy 10000’s Of TATA nano and thousands of daewoo matiz and chevrolet spark

  9. What is instalment of price Tata Nano per month, i we book when it is avaiable?

  10. for how many years 5 or 4 or maybe 6 years??????????
    not more than 200 per month 😉

  11. well..are the Tata’s aiming for the Bajaj Re rickshaw market???
    nywayz…good work TATA!

  12. It’s nice for a student like me to have one of this things ! Better than the bus! 😆 kako i da e top e kolata!

  13. seriously the inside looks very cheap like a car from the 40’s and might break after a month!

  14. imagine wt’ll happen if it hits a truck… 👿

  15. How wonderful life is, now TATA NANO in the world!!!!!!!

  16. 😆 i need to know when it will be launched

  17. In UAE? well Mr Tata said Nano will hit international markets 3 years after its launched in India… Not a long wait is it? maybe he should have said after 10-30 years. 🙄

  18. Mash, your article mentions a 4 speed manual but I heard its got a CVT.

  19. I have always preferred purchasing a new car rather than a more luxurious used one, but this thing is an exception. 😉

  20. Author

    Boris, that is what the dimwits at Gulfnews/Wheels published wrongly. I remember it.

  21. if can possible instalment per Month of price Tata Nano, i we book when it is avaiable?
    Thanks 🙂

  22. i love it must have one 😎

  23. Very happy to see a company come out with a car, that is cheap enough for anyone to be able to buy one. Wish we could have done this in the USA for everyone. The idea is gr8. Time will tell us more about the car. We as Anericans apreciate any country that thinks of the poor. More power to you Tata family.Good luck.

  24. Indian new car what price? (Sri Lanken Rs. )

  25. hi
    what Avilabale in Duabi tata nao and pakistan whats showroom name and address please send /
    best regards

  26. 🙂 I would have planned for this if i would have had a kid of 3-4 years old.

    Bajaj Re rickshaw 😆

  27. di indonesia udah ada belum…??

  28. people in foreign countries prefer foreign high standard and luxurious cars but tata invention is not bad

  29. ah, i have a bmw 540I, V8 and i wanna sell it for a car with V12 loool this is only 2 cylinder :S
    but …cute 🙂

  30. when it will be launched in dubia???

  31. चूतिय भारत की चूतिया कार

  32. Govind’s comment speaks volume of his knowledge, IQ and maturity. You can dislike the car without using this kind of language.

    As for the car, it is not liked since it is not ready for the better infrastructure roads as well as environments where more safety features are needed relative to other automobiles.

  33. This is a remarkable achievement. Its not meant for the people like most of us, who have a lot of cash, but for families and parents with responsibilities who have to account for each buck. Nobody’s asking you idiots to buy it, but learn to appreciate the man’s vision and effort.Its meant to fulfill NEED not WANT. Remember no matter what you drive or where you live, someone much richer can always call it crappy piece of shit…that’s if he is as mature as these losers.

  34. Adi thanks for the perspective.

  35. the concept ‘peoples car’ is nice…but when takin fuel economy into account it just gives u a mere 13-15km/ltr…suzuki alto vich is 70000rs more would give u more space,comfort,build quality,power + arnd 20km/ltr is a much better opt…

    Pls let me know how can i Buy this car from UAE.?

    Dr.Aqeel ALAIN

  37. Proud to be an Indian

  38. Nano is dream car for all indians middle class

  39. Salam to all
    Kia yeh car main kisi tarha saudia arab ya pir pakistan may la ya le sakta hon ?

  40. hi salam to all can i by tata nano in saudia arabia ? where plz tell me my cell # 00966531689426 do u have information plz contact me i m still waiting

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