2009 Skoda Superb gets total makeover

2009 Skoda Superb gets total makeover

Skoda is almost no presence in this region, but they still manage to sell more than a handful of cars in Europe. The Superb, which is based on a stretched version of the Volkswagen Passat platform, has been fully redesigned. So instead of looking like a cheap copy of the Passat, it now has a bit of brand identity, no matter how dull it may be.


The Superb has unique bodywork, and the long sedan-like profile hides a liftback design in the back, that offers luggage access in a similar style to a hatchback. There is a range of six engines — three gasoline and three diesels — topping out with a 260 hp 3.2-litre V6. A five-speed or six-speed manual will come standard depending on which engine is chosen, but it will also have an available DSG twin-clutch automanual transmission option.

The new Skoda Superb offers a number of technological systems, including adaptive “look-round-corner” headlamps, a new electronic air conditioning system, an automatic parking assistant system, and nine airbags.


  1. Really nice car.. Sure as hell better an more value for money than a friggin’ Camry 😈

  2. we don’t know the price yet 😉 but it does seem like an excellent car

  3. it looks like the passat cc

  4. looks very nice… rear lamps like in renault i think

  5. the price in uae is 93k and will be launched in march

  6. with a 260 hp 3.2-litre V6. A five-speed HOW MUCH IN AED, STATION wagon ON 4X4 ?

  7. Who is the dealer of Skoda in UAE and what is the contact number, i would like to buy this car

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