Saudi sponsors for Meritus GP2 team

Saudi sponsors for Meritus GP2 team


The Grand Racing weekend makes its international debut at the Dubai Autodrome on the 24th, 25th and 26th January 2008. The Autodrome will be hosting the Speedcar Series, the GP2 Asia series, the Gulf Radical Cup championship and the Lumina CSV championship during those dates. Last night at the Dubai Press Club, the Qi-Meritus.Mahara team unveiled their new drivers and their latest car for the GP2 Asia races. Their main talking point was that they are a fully Asian team, with ownership split between a Malaysian and a Saudi camp.

The team has a European manager, with an Italian and a Japanese driver, so the Middle Eastern emphasis, with a camel at the press conference no less, was a bit of a stretch. Anyway, if you want to root for a team, this one would be a start.

We kind of didn’t sign up early enough for media accredition to the Grand Racing event, so we can’t media passes to the pits. But we will be watching an hour or two of the show from the grandstands among the general public tomorrow, if there are any free tickets available from the Autodrome.

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