So we got a Nissan Altima V6

So we got a Nissan Altima V6


I’ve hardly driven our Nissan Altima 3.5 SE tester at this point, but right now it isn’t what I’d call “class-leading,” considering how noisy the tractor-like V6 engine sounds. Combine that with a CVT tranny, and the whole setup just feels a bit “off” in a car with sporting pretensions.

However, I’ve always had a soft spot for this new model. It is easily the best in terms of looks, although many conservative buyers in this segment might feel it looks too “racy” for them. The interior is satisfyingly well-equipped, and the stereo is awesome.

While it doesn’t feel fast in casual driving, the acceleration test I plan to do today should provide some good numbers. Nissans have a habit of surprising me with their performance.

What do you think?



  1. not a bad car.looks like a uncle has the same car, and the performance is good, but i think the ride is a bit rough.

  2. Altima V6 is the best car in the V6 class, it can easily beat lumina V6,CAPRICE V8 , honda accord V6 and ofcource our fav. camry

  3. shd…i have no doubt that the accord v6 and caprice v8 will put the altima v6 to shame…

    I’ve been inside the v6 altima, and i wasn’t too impressed with the interior quality, even though it is well-equipped

  4. well compared to the previous model, nissan has atleast improved the interiors a lot, and the engine from the previous model is definitely the best in the class…the V6 3.5 is definitely more powerful than the V6 accord and the ugly Toyota Aurion V6…toyota would have done a much better job if they had continued the Camry Grande V6 rather than go for a new model…im sure the Grande would have easily made itself a best seller in the V6 line up of cars…but they had the stupidity to make the Camry SE which doesnt have any increase in power from the regular GL and GLX models which is quite a shame for the money people end up paying for it…

  5. heheheeeeey am waiting for the review :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. tell us what about the Bass thing in the sound system its really nice with 9 speakers

  7. bashar… what do you mean by quality thing, at least they didnt copy there interior designs from the mercedes or the germans like the honda accord, and there are alot of changes in quality in positive way of course, or you are saying that because people used to say that about there old cars???? really strange πŸ˜•

  8. hey shd, are you sure that altime is faster than V8 caprice πŸ˜† πŸ˜† . you should think again.

    Mash, well everybody knows that nissan speed gauge is’nt correct. it always give speed more than the real speed.

  9. hmmmmmmmm 350z type of styling i hav seen many of thes on streets in Riyadh the rear lights aint gud at all front is likee a 350z enlargedd:P
    do the reviw quick!!!!!!!!!:d

  10. wat do u mean the accord coped the merscades it didnt it copyed the bmw interior slightly oy and btw the accord in my point of view is faster than the altima but we will c wen the review omes up and the caprice v8 will obviously put the altima 2 shame 360 hp is more thasn enought to beat 270 hps and on the subject of quality nissan has always had cheap feel interior bits and tht is evident from the price u pay….here in qatar the 3.5 altima is 99000QR whilst the accord ex is 109000 after discount

  11. thatsit, well I know what you mean, at least the quality has improved. But if i remember correctly there were still areas of hard plastic. I’m not sure, i’ll check again…this was when it first came out.

  12. i will not respond to any comment till mash post the review my friends lotfi and bashar

  13. hehe yeah, let’s see what Mash thinks :mrgreen:

  14. to compare it to a honda accord is laugable.. one hit against altima and that car is a write off….lol

    altima is for people who couldnt afford a honda accord.,…

  15. i swear to god, when someone is talking in this way, he makes me laugh, not because he offended the car. that actually proved that there are alot of stupid people in this world. i want assassin to remind you people with the video of the offical commerial of the car you people. am not going to say its faster than the caprice SS, because i didnt see that in my own eyes. but those honda boys who are saying their opinions even without having a ride in that car. just please give me a prove that its a very bad car. everyone is saying it has cheap plastic, others its very cheap, and other people are saying its gauge its not acurate, whats wrong with you people. really i got sick from responding to your childlesh opinions. i wish if there is anyone who can say somthing related to knowledge about cars.
    to answer you bashar and the new genious in our website pradotlc(or maybe just he changed his username), just watch this commecial . its not done by me or mash(its done by nissan themselves).
    just pause at the 7 seconds and read the bottom subtitle.
    and for the full commercial
    and this is a gift for those who hate the altima πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    for your info guys(he is talking about accura, not the accord, do you know what that means). really you are funny kids.
    “altima is for people who couldnt afford a honda accord.,Ò€¦”, i dont know maybe you came to the wrong forum(its not for bentlys and lambos) man, its a honda accord, and the difference between them is just about 4K Dhs, really that makes me laugh hehehe, and to answer you silly comment, what is the difference in the price between the 911 turbo 997 and the nissan GTR???? which one is stronger???? which one puts the other car in shame??? please, next time try to review what you are going to write before you submit your comment. and for your info, the options that is available in the altima is more than the accord, although the price of it is lower than the accord.
    you know”i went with my cousin to buy a car, and we went to honda and toyota and nissan, the thing that made my cousin laugh is that when we ask them for promptions, the bitch there replyed in a silly voice…sir, we dont do any promotions because our cars is not like nissan cars” why its not like nissan car???? OMG, may be she thought that its a porsche company. man, if you are ging to talk about nissan negatively, its OK, there are many people who believe in the new nissan cars, and the awards prove that thing, its just your opinion people. just they wrote in one of the newspapers that the sales for this car increased by 55% than the old model….i hope that pradotlc will afford to buy the G37 because its price is now the same as a porsche car. and wait for the FX…assassin, i heared it will come with 7 speeds transmission and a V8 with 400 HP is coming in the future to this region. hope you will enjoy with your cars a littile bit till you see what i meant above
    catch you later…..this is a review before mash finish his review :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  16. wellll…Altima is not a bad car!..i’ve driven the 2.5, and itz really good!..the cabin feel is sorta inferior to tat of the Accord tho..but then u get a full option Altima 2.5, for a cheaper price than the base Accord 2.4!!..

    and talking about the “one hit and car is written off” arguments; I’ve notin to say..i remm. seeing an accident involving an altima and a corolla where both the cars ended up gettin written off..sayin tat, my frnd rammed into a Mazda 323 wid his Accord 2006 ‘n’ managed to get it written off! No car is safe frm being a wreck, if both itz fate and driver are unsafe!!..

  17. what i’m trying to say thatsit(mohamad), nissan altima 3.5 is cheeper than infiniti G35 by just AED 25k, with much differences, the engine (stronger by 36 hp), the rwd is much better than fwd, ( starting from gitting better stability, ending with less problem that you will have it with the front axcel). and much more in the options such as monitor and may be as i think the quality of the leather in g35 is much better. and the best different between them is the tyre size, which is very important to me.

    My point of view is it’s ok to have the standard four sylinder altima, it has many facilities that make it better than another brand, but buying that 3.5 full-options is not very decent choice, PAY MORE 25000 DHS AND GO WITH G35.

    and this gift from me

  18. @thatsit(mohamad) says

    what are you Nissan Sales management???

    the only decent car in nissan line worth buying is the Infinity G35. M45 are great also but for 200k i look elsewere.

  19. i went with my cousin to buy a car, and we went to honda and toyota and nissan, the thing that made my cousin laugh is that when we ask them for promptions*****

    RE: FYI : promotions are usually reserved for products with low turnover . 😯

    the bitch there replyed in a silly voiceÒ€¦sir, we dont do any promotions because our cars is not like nissan carsÒ€ ****

    RE: is there a doubt?… honda accord is car of choice when chosing between camry and altima. also 4k difference??? really??? where did u get those figures from??

    honda accord base price AED 76k
    Altima base price AED 69k

    I’ve notin to say..i remm. seeing an accident involving an altima and a corolla where both the cars ended up gettin written off..****

    RE: i have seen countless altima becoming unstable at high speeds and getting wasted…. the car is light and fast but trades off in body strenght, handling and stability and very mediocre brakes…

    having said that i would rate it an altima over a camry. that car way over hyped in this market. altima is definately a better buy over a camry but not an accord.

    i hope that pradotlc will afford to buy the G37 because its price is now the same as a porsche car.****

    RE: and why would i do that? i have got better things to do with my money.. πŸ™„

  20. I agree with you totally assassin, and that is the purpose for the infiniti cars, its like toyota and luxes. there are many stuff that you can see it in luxes cars but not seen in toyota cars. but that will change in the future as you can see with the new models,
    G37 is about 177000 Dhs
    G35 is the only cheap car in infiniti cars around 140000
    M45 is 180000-200000
    EX35 is around 165000
    M35 around 170000
    and the coming Fx will not be seen in the streets like this one, they are saying its going to be more than 200000 Dhs.
    thats the purpose for having a luxury brand for nissan cars
    if they are going to add on the altima what is loaded in the infinti, no one will buy any infiniti car πŸ˜‰

  21. oh by the way, who is that girl :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  22. All manufacturers praise their cars in commercials , hell , sometimes u might find kia or ssangyong comparing themselves to better marques.
    So this review at might be a bit more indepth and i think the journalists are a bit more accomplished and knowledgeable then some pretentious ones . ahem , anyway , both are are similar , very similar actually , it just comes down to which company you like better . (btw , the accord has a better 1/4 mile) . Coupes they might be but im sure the 4 door versions are similar.

    I personally think the maxima is heaps better than the altima . Its abit more upscale although not as sporty . but obviously , the maxima is middle east is over 10 years old , the new one is this but this is still around 5 years old so i wonder why M.E dosent get the new one.

    Editor: The written review accompanying the video states that their Altima tester was probably worn out and not working perfectly.

  23. she is my girl friend in her acadamy award (oscar). :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    about my land cruiser, it goes to 100kph in 8.5 s, i recorded it in this link

    i pushed the speed padel after 1 sec in this vidio

  24. Yes iam definetly right because i have seen some videos that
    altima V6(2005-06) can beat caprice V8 easliy (2006).but iam also sure about the new one bec caprice is too much heavy than previous one.

  25. “what are you Nissan Sales management???”
    you dont know maybe am one of them. really this is strange 😯 , when their cars was cheap, you people use dto say that they have cheap plastics, now when their prices are high, you said you will look else where πŸ˜€ .
    “promotions are usually reserved for products with low turnover .”
    if that is true, then toyota, mercedes and porsche are products with low turnover 😈 .

    “honda accord is car of choice when chosing between camry and altima. also 4k difference??? really??? where did u get those figures from??
    honda accord base price AED 76k
    Altima base price AED 69k”
    yes its a car of choice, but not because its honda, because its from the same class as camry and altima. and about the prices, i didnt mean the base trim only, look at the other trims, and where is the most important word that i said above((ABOUT)), really this word makes alot of differences in the meanings πŸ˜† 😈 .
    you are right its light and fast because its a sports car more than a lux car, and you can go the rate the the altima got in crash tests πŸ˜‰ , and the car handels better than the accord because you said its lighter, and its more stable because its lower than the accord from the ground. and the below average brake thingy, just go and check the review for the (old) one not even the new one.
    you are right the altima is better than the camry, but you cant say that the accord is better than the altima. i hope you will be able to spend your money in a good thing. but not in a nissan car.

  26. Editor: The written review accompanying the video states that their Altima tester was probably worn out and not working perfectly.

    Tamzed, did you write this sentence πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

  27. Author

    I am the editor. Therefore I wrote it. πŸ˜‰

  28. hey mash, what happened with the review πŸ™‚

  29. Mash if you still have the altima
    Can you check if this test works on it. πŸ˜‰

  30. (0-160)This is gift for all of you (especially for those who belive 2008 ALTIMA V6 is crap.) 0-100 in just 5.5—5.7 sec. hell it is more fast then any V8 Caprice.

  31. what the hell, you are trying to say this altima is faster than infiniti g35 which everybody knows that it takes 6 to 6.2s
    man, where is your mind?

  32. in the video the altima took 6.5 seconds to reach 100 kmph

  33. hey mash. the dealer sells the full-options (leather seats , moon roof , rock ford audio system ) 2008 mitsubishi galant 3.8 by 73000 dhs with excelent offers, free insurance,free tasjeel, free rust proofing and 50000km / 2 years contact servise. my brother is willing to buy it, but i found from your buyer guide that it is too slow for a big engine like 3.8, 8.2 to reach 100 kph.

    to sum up, do you think that it’s a nice car? because i told him it better than the standard of any altima, camry and accord.
    waitting for your reply,.,.,,..,.

  34. Author

    The Galant is a nice car, but not as good as the others. If you read my review for the 2.4, you’ll see what all are missing. But it is good value for money.

  35. hey guys .. nice work on the site .. hey mash .. would like to know your comments about the CVT transmission in the altima V6.. theres no oomph while shifting gears right? so .. would like to know what you have to say.. tc..

  36. hey mash… i just went to nissan showroom in deira and i was shocked …they are showing the coupe for sale… from inside its the same as the sedan..but outside…hehe..its so sexy :mrgreen:

  37. Author

    Yep, the Altima coupe went on sale in the middle of February.

  38. mash, did you check if the test above is working???????????
    am scared to do it on our car πŸ˜‰

  39. Author

    I didn’t have the car any more by then, dude. It’s probably just a diagnostic mode or something, as the car checks for errors by itself. Many cars have weird secret ways of going into that mode, although dealers just plug something in instead of pressing random button combinations.

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