TURBO national custom car show in Abu Dhabi

TURBO national custom car show in Abu Dhabi


Organisers CMPi have revealed what is set to be the region’s premier tuning and custom car and bike show, TURBO: For A Custom Nation. Debuting at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 10th and 12th of October (update: postponed to November 13-15) the show will be apparently be packed with stunning vehicles from the world’s most famous and fastest tuners and feature some of the best customised cars exclusively brought in for TURBO.

Visitors can also survey the latest styling, performance products, incredible audio/visual displays, live drifting demonstrations, screaming engines and smoking tyres! From modified American muscle cars and luxury restyled European supercars to the fastest cars in the Far East, visitors will be able to take inspiration from the best and latest in custom car and motorbike trends from around the world.

Heading over to the UAE to spearhead the launch of TURBO is Dan Anslow, a former editor of tuning and performance magazine, MAX Power, having previously organised the MAX Power Live events in the UK.

Anslow then went on to explain how the name for the show was decided; “Following discussions with key industry figures here in the region, it became clear that there are a few words everybody uses when considering their custom requirements. Turbo emerged the most common request when people enter the stores of car and bike tuning and modification specialists.”

Here’s my advice though: Around here, do not go to some random self-proclaimed performance garage and say “turbo.” Otherwise you’ll be in for a long journey to destruction, with an empty wallet and no transportation.

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  1. wow thats a great news….i am more excited becuz its happenin in auh….lol i really liked what u said in last paragraph…..its really true in a place like uae…..

  2. i agree with you totally 🙂

  3. and people who have V engines are so sad, they have to pay twice than I engines. V engines need twin turbo, W engines need 4 turbo.

  4. Author

    assassin is really asking for some kind of award for her expertise.

  5. :mrgreen: loooooooooooooooooool :mrgreen:

  6. assassin please forward ur CV to mash 😆

  7. mash! i really wanna see a test drive report of mazda MX-5 frm u….hope u can make it in near future….

  8. mash, just give me you Z3, you are too old to drive it. :mrgreen:

  9. Author

    It is not a Z3! And I am not too old! 😐

  10. Author

    Yes. I was going to give it to you if you didn’t call it a Z3. It’s an M Roadsterrrrr.

  11. Mash has announced that he is giving his M Roadster away to the first person who guesses how old he is. Car will be delivered to the winner’s address.
    Condtions apply*

    * Winner will have to drive Mash back home.

  12. No cb, *Winner will have to buy Mash a Tata Nano(his favourite car) then drive him home.

  13. 😆 😆 😆 😆
    OMG :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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