Spotted in Dubai: Nissan GT-R wagon?

Spotted in Dubai: Nissan GT-R wagon?


So there I was, people-watching from my apartment window as usual, seeing taxis speeding by tired brown people, spotting RTA guys hand out tickets, and counting the number of passing Land Cruisers (202.4 per hour at last calculation). And then I spotted this unique-looking five-door wagon. It had a sharp profile, with cool details such as lights on the hood and big red rear lights. The overall shape reminded me of a Nissan GT-R. And then it hit me — is this an early prototype of a secret GT-R sportwagon hot-weather-testing in Dubai?


On second thought, I don’t know what the hell this is. I remember seeing images of this car once on the internet. It was either Russian or Chinese. I took a photo, Salik tag and all, of the car. If anyone knows who sells this thing here, let me know.

Update: Turns out the car is a Chinese-built Hafei Lobo, designed by Pininfarina, the design company responsible for Ferrari.

What do you think?



  1. how can u compare this with a nissan GT-R ……..i have seen this car once or twice on dubai roads…….its rare chinese car i guess!!!!

  2. look at the tires covers 😆 😆 😆

  3. Hehehehehe! I like your sense of humour Mash! 😆

  4. That is the naza sutera a chinese car.

    why isn’t my earlier comment shown?

  5. mash for sure deleted it… :mrgreen:

  6. Author

    cb, you are a link-spammer, so you get blocked once in a while automatically. But you did name the car. Do you have one?

    Update: I just researched and found out the actual Naza Sutera (which looks slightly different) is a Malaysian car that is based on the Chinese Hafei Lobo. This is the Hafei Lobo, designed by Pininfarina (design company for Ferrari).

  7. no mash i decided not to buy one after i found out that you got the ultra powerful tata nano. 😆

  8. Tata Nano Twin Turbo ?? 😕

  9. and supercharged at the same time…. 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 ……no chance for the GTR

  10. haha, twin turbo AND supercharger? where? installed on the passenger seat?

  11. mash its correct its hafi lobo”suhannjiang” from china i know some friend of a family who ownes this mini chinese car he was using it for almost 5 years according to him very fuel economic according to him only once the car electric board failed so far he hasn’t incountered any problem. by the way the guy bought new “zotye” a car with the old model treios(Dhihatsu) shape but with misubishi engine……chinese entusiastic.

  12. I guess your friend sure takes pretty good care of his cars since he made it last almost 5 years..I heard reliability on these things are terrible!

  13. chinese cars and reliability??..their cars are known to break down while in the showroom itself 😆

  14. Mash,

    Whatever you’re smoking, i’d like some of that. If you think that, that chinese peice of shit resembles anything remotely similar to the Nissan GTR, then either you’ve got no idea how to sell the sarcasm, or you must’ve slept your way to whatever overpaid job that you are totally underqualified for.

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