Abu Dhabi police gets Nissan Xterra

Abu Dhabi police gets Nissan Xterra


Abu Dhabi Police has obtained a marked-and-outfitted Nissan Xterra for use as a police patrol vehicle. No word on how many will be joining the police fleet, although the current Pathfinder has already been on duty in AD for a while now, alongside other less-reliable brethen such as the Dodge Charger, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the VW GTI.

Nissan held a handover ceremony and everything, with Nissan bosses and AD police chiefs in attendance. Maybe free food too.

What do you think?



  1. yeah yest i noticed this 1st i thought its pathfinder with a black bumper lol…then it turned out to be xterra

  2. x-terra is the ugliest suv ever i’ve seen

  3. 😆 😆 😆 😆

  4. it seems you are burning in your cloths
    because they didnt choose toyota 😈 😈

  5. mash..what is the time required for the X5 2001 4.4 L model to acc. from 0-100?????
    what i found was 7.5 secs…is this true 😕

  6. Author

    Officially, the 4.4 does about 7.0 seconds. Could be slower in real life. I only got 7.8 with the new V8 one.

  7. thanks man 🙂

  8. around 7.5..pretty good, definitely faster than the Pathfinders

  9. mash, there is something wrong with my LC, when i push the brake to stop the car (after stoping 100%) it makes strange sound from the gearbox, i think this happen when the gearbox turns to 1ts gear.
    is that normal, did you noticed than in your test LC 😐

  10. Author

    I don’t remember since it was long ago. If the noise is not loud, then don’t worry about it, but mention it at the next service, if you feel it is not right.

  11. the sound is not loud, and i think any dealer workshops here know how to fix correctly and i know that they will not understand me,

    man, before 1000 km service, the car was quiet at 100km/h, but (now) after the service, the tires meke very bad noise at 100km/h.

  12. 😈 yah that is tro as will the dubai

    i have one it is so nice and fast

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