2008 Infiniti EX35 and M35 in Dubai

2008 Infiniti EX35 and M35 in Dubai


Although said to be already in showrooms, as seen by some of our readers, the 2008 Infiniti EX35 and the facelifted M35 were officially launched in Dubai yesterday.


The EX35 comes with a 297 hp 3.5-litre V6, with all the features we reported earlier, including an around-view camera system for those who suck at parking. It is priced between Dhs 157,000 and Dhs 167,000, with two trim levels.


The 275 hp 3.5-litre V6-powered M35, as well as the existing V8-powered M45, have received an ever-so-minor facelift, and completes the range for 2008. The M35 is priced between Dhs 184,000 and Dhs 200,000.

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  1. really good news…..what about the increase of the japanese car prices that they said…in nissan-arabia website…they said the price of the M35 become around 220K 😯 and the M45 is around 245000 😯
    is that true 😕 😕

  2. Author

    Maybe it can go higher. The dealership CEO said 200k top for M35, but he could be wrong also.

  3. dont u ppl think that EX 35 looks more like a hatch back car….it doesnt look like a crossover suv…

  4. Coming back to my earlier rant (please dont mind mashy)
    why do we get a raw deal..US gets 4 trims..we get only 2. The highest priced EX AWD in the US is $36250 which would equate to AED 130,500..

    Im not seeing the reason why EX has to be priced so close to the FX.
    Both cars are AWDs.
    The EX produces 297 hp V6 3.5 litre and the FX 289 hp V6 3.5 litre.
    The EX 167,000 and the FX 185,000.
    The Ex has the whole around view camera thing happening however it is smaller than the FX.

    If a person decides to finance an EX at 4.5 % interest annualy without downpayment, he pays Aed 3409 EMI. And the FX would cost AED 3777 EMI.

    A difference of only 348 dirhams !!

    Why would they price the cars so close to eachother..unless they wanted to kill one brand. Or pretend to offer more options to the customer.

    Next thing we hear will be G15 to compete with the BMW 1 series. And FX50 Pick Up to compete with the BT-50 Mazda pick up..”Although it’s a pickup, it has the same spirit as a sports car.” – http://www.mazdauae.com

  5. New facelifted FX would be commin to the market within few months….surely it would be priced much higher than the current FX…so that could be the reason they have priced the EX this way….

  6. yeah u might see a G15 soon…becuz nowdays every luxury marque is competing with each other in every possible segment they can…when X3 came to market there was hardly any competition for X3….but now we can see Infiniti EX35, Volvo XC60 and audi n lexus is already plannin new models in that segment….so surely there would be competition for 1 series in cpl yrs….

  7. But whats the point in makin the smaller EX powerful than the FX ?

  8. thanks zao for making the point clear…ACE…now the only infiniti car that is still the same without any changes is the FX…and the dealer here wants to sell all the stock before he launches the new model…the new fx is going to cost at least around 200Kwhich is much higher than the price of the EX…i heared they will launch it here maybe in october…and if you compare the EX with the old FX ‘in my opinion it deserves even a higher price than the fx…it has all the latest technology that infiniti is offering that wasnot offered in the old FX…maybe just the size made that difference’ :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  9. Agree with Zao..Ofcourse the new FX will be more than 200k..that makes sense in pricing the EX like this. but its still $36250 in the US…

    Does anyone know where the EX is manufactured/assembled ?

  10. I still don’t underdstand it! why do we pay so much more for cars in the uae, in the USA the ex35 with all options costs around USD 43K = Dhs.160K, while in here the price starts at 160K AED.
    assembled in Tochigi, Japan

  11. with eye glasses, i think you forgot that $ 43k is without taxes which are about 10% of car value,

  12. hey mash howz it going i need to ask u a question my mates hav been sending these 0-100 clips on youtube lately and i saw this video where and avolon does 0-100 in 5.5 is tht rely tht fast if u hav any idea plz tell me cuz my dad is thinking of getting an avalon accord v6 or aurion tell me which is the best

  13. almost all the nissan n infiniti cars are now manufactured in US…so i dont think there is an import duty on them other than the local taxes….so obviously those cars would be cheaper in US than those imported to US from japan…..same time we are gettin it after export taxes plus the uae import tax plus the frieght charges….so surely they gonna add up all those things when it reaches the UAE market….

  14. thatsit(mohamad), could you tell me which car you will buy after selling sunny? i dont think that you will buy from nissan brand, because you already got one, am i right?? 😉

  15. actually we have three nissan cars, and those cars never gave us as whole family a bad or negative idea about this brand….
    inshallah if every thing was fine in the future…we are planning to change all our cars, buttttttttttt we will stick with nissan and infiniti…
    we will sell the sunny and buy the QX56…we will sell the the 2005 altima(actually my sis) and she will buy the new FX 35 as they launch it here…my brother will sell the Altima 2008 and will replace it with the new Maxima….and my elder sister is planning to buy the G35 sedan…..OF course this wont happen in 1 day… but inshallah all of those will happen within the next year 😉

  16. Author

    Lotfi, those youtube speedometer videos are hard to follow anyway, since the actual movement of the car cannot be seen. The Avalon has never been recorded doing anything close to those numbers.

    thatsit, maybe you can form a Nissan/Infiniti club with cb. You can have matching t-shirts and everything.

  17. Hey Mash! 1 suggestion….why dont u get us a comparison test report of the new Camry, Accord, Altima & Mazda 6….

  18. Author

    Well, ignoring the fact that Mazda does not give out cars, I don’t have enough drivers, and I’ll become poor putting parking tickets every hour.

  19. why not…..!!!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  20. I’ll be more than willing give my precious hours to volunteer for testing cars…And I have free parking in my building.

  21. heyy mashh..hw u doin? i’ve a small query..in comparison, which would be a better 4wd when it comes to off-road performance?? The Xterra or FJ Cruiser?? One of my friend is confused between the two vehicles, one of which he is planning to buy..he wants a good off-roader and fairly comfortable highway cruiser!

  22. I was drooling over the EX since the first spy shots came out early last year…and now its 167,000 !!!
    Having trouble gettin over it…

  23. hey mash …out of curiosity…which entry/news/blog of your’s got the highest ever comments ?

  24. The Corolla preview, I guess. People still post comments on that.

  25. Author

    Ace, there’s more to the testing thing than meets the eye, especially if you are not completely free in the morning. You’d also have to write 1000 words without peeking into any press materials, in 2 or 3 days tops. Others have come and gone, and they were my actual partners in this venture, but even they tired of it, with no money coming in. Although when I do look for people in the far future, it’ll be posted on this website. 🙂

    Vivek, The FJ is better offroad, but the Xterra is better overall value. To find out why that is, I’ll make your old-fashioned buddy read my reviews on this website.

    Saad, I think you are right. Or possibly one of the pre-release Land Cruiser posts. The first Lumina SS post did well, but it got deleted a year ago due to a server outage.

  26. Why do people hate reading reviews?? 😕

  27. Author

    Hehe, most of the car-company PR people don’t read either. A few that did stopped giving us cars.

  28. were they soo impressed?? 😆

  29. Or maybe they didnt pay money or “entertain” mash to give them “good” reviews. Mash, you should’ve been a sellout for the first few reviews get the money and the sponsors..thn do the whole “honest” thing.

    Give me your Superchargedjetenginetwincombovariablevalvetimedturboexhaustedcamed Bmbablu roadstgrrr for a review. Im sure I’ll find more than a 100 words.

  30. Author

    Actually, we were so “small” back then that few were giving us cars or ads anyway. We had to ride on 7DAYS’s reputation, because our reviews were published in it back in 2005, until we became more known. Some still don’t give us cars, and no one gives us ads since we are not a “news” website. There’s no point being a sellout at any point. Otherwise this site wouldn’t grow at its current pace.

  31. You could add a link to make this a middle-east auto news website…as it is there is no auto news website in the middle-east..I googled a combination of words the closest i got was “car news dubai” and drivearabia featured as the 4th link.
    Your closest competition is a confused looking automiddleeast.com. And they’ve got Peugeot on the title bar.
    Which other sites dyu have to contend with ?
    or am I missing the whole plot ?
    Was just lookin at the bottom of this page and your copyright’s run out.

  32. Author

    Our competitor is admirable for the constant string of ads they get. They’ve been around longer too. A few ads we got were said to be “underperforming.” Also, we lose out because we don’t have a database of our users’ email addresses, since I don’t want to spam you guys.

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