Introducing our very own ad campaigns

Introducing our very own ad campaigns


In our last few attempts to get advertising for this website, it was subtly hinted by some marketing reps that we are not very advertiser-friendly. This website certainly sucks more than Wheels when it comes to advertising priorities. Our site looks so bare without ads that I’ve decided to create my own ads, promoting various cars, all for free.

My first creations can be seen here and here. Let it be known that we are publicising the two cars for free. Already on rotation, my “ads” are getting more clicks than our actual Honda Accord campaign last month (and for which we are grateful to Honda).

Sadly, my ads simply link to this story when clicked. More cool ads on the way in the coming months. Just keep an eye out for them. Give me your ideas too.

What do you think?



  1. loooooooooooool
    really cool, espically the hummer ad, thanks god you did not write nissan’instead of honda’ :mrgreen:

  2. Mash

    you do have some creativity with tat… LOL. :mrgreen: . Actually.. better tan what most agency ppl pen out… you could also do some brochure designing…
    write stuff like “wheels on all 4 corners for excellent stability…”, or “accelerator pedal on the extreme right for proper speed control” and stuff like tat….

    Roshan Gomez

  3. mash, could you tell me what is faster, Mitsubishi Galant 3.8 or magna? because we got magna before and it was pretty fast.

  4. and watch this to see how slow 2008 LC V8 is.
    i shoul never play with any honda VITEC car.

    Thatsit(Mohammed), are you sure that the altima 2.5 is faster than accord 2.4 at high speed ( over 100kph)?

  5. why you are asking this question??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
    you want to know if you can beat the altima…am i right 😉
    since you did the race with the accord…try to do it with the altima and tell us about the results….in general….am not going to say which one is faster till i see a perfect race between them…but the advantage that the altma has is (the CVT)..this helps it too much….

  6. the problem i got was with the tiptronic, i forgot to the 3rd gear (you can hear the limit-sound of the engine). but also, accord has high-end power, on the othe hand LC has low-end power ( these two cars got same acc, so, high-end power will beat at high speed.

    thatsit, can you get altima for a little while, i’d like to race with you :mrgreen:

  7. once i finish the 10000 KM i will ask you but i will let mash drive my car…since he has more experience :mrgreen:

  8. u’ll make mash drive? 😆 then assassin will win even if she pushes the car to the finishing line 😆

  9. Hahaha cb you are damn funny!!

    Anyway Mash, how about this,”If you want your friends to turn into gays, Buy the new VW Golf!!(voted number 1 gay car by”.

  10. looooooooool, this is a nice idea 😆

  11. hey buddy ure cool …..ure the best …rest of them suck…u rule!!!!

  12. great!

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