Yellow Hat gives away free event tickets

Yellow Hat gives away free event tickets


Auto accessories superstore Yellow Hat is giving away tickets to the finale of the five-round Grand Racing season, which is taking place on April 11 and 12 this month at the Dubai Autodrome. All customers who buy Dhs 100 worth of products from their Times Square Mall store will receive an invite to the Grand Dubai Racing Event.

Yellow Hat is also fielding a sponsored Honda S2000, driven by American Sam Zian, in one of the support races for the multiple-category racing event.

You’ll be hearing from from Yellow Hat in the near future, provided the deal we are working on goes through.

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  1. hey mash i have a question…which is the best full synthetic engine oil available in the market? i have tried total quartz and mobil 1….i found mobil 1 better….how about castrol?

  2. Author

    I just go to Emarat petrol station and use their brand, hehe. How did you figure out which one is better without lab testing?

    I have to start looking for high-quality oil later when it is time for an oil change for my exotic MPower engine.

  3. 1 more thing Mash,i’m looking for a used 4 doors V8 car that for the price of 30-40 gran & the year model is at least 2000, & the only car i could find is Chevrolet Lumina ss.
    do u have any other car than this 1 ?

  4. mash u can feel the difference while driving itself….while using mobil 1, it felt much smoother than other oils….lol surely i am not an expert but surely it does make a lots of difference n u feel it in drive….

  5. Author

    Zao, I can’t really say about differences in oil. Sometimes, it is just psychological. I mean your previous oil had broken down slowly over time, and after you changed the oil you will feel it smoother anyway.

  6. The Zian Racing / Yellow Hat S2000 uses all Liqimoly lubricants for the Motor Oil, Gearbox, and differential. Very smooth gear changes and solid feel when revving at 9000 RPM.

  7. Author

    Interesting hearing from you, Sam. I am assuming your S2000 is a stock model with a factory hardtop.

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