Prototype GT-R Spec-V beats Carrera GT

Prototype GT-R Spec-V beats Carrera GT


Nissan has been testing a quicker prototype version of their new GT-R sports car at the German Nurburgring racetrack. The standard GT-R is already faster than the Porsche 911 Turbo, at 7:38 minutes for one lap, and Nissan had promised to beat the exotic Carrera GT in the future. It appears Nissan has done the unthinkable. The quicker new version, called the GT-R V-Spec, has been casually timed at 7:25 minutes.

In comparison, the Porsche Carrera GT did a lap of the ‘Ring in 7:28 minutes. A Pagani Zonda F Clubsport did it in a little above 7:27 in semi-wet conditions. There is no other production street-car quicker around the track than the GT-R V-Spec, except for heavily modified one-off tuner cars such as a race-ready BMW M3 CSL tuner or specialty buggies such as the Donkervoort DS R8.

Visually, the GT-R V-Spec has a front lower splitter, new lighter wheels, different rear spoiler and lots of carbon-fibre panels. It is expected to be lighter by 150 kg and have 70 more horses. The car should hit showrooms by early next year.


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  1. hehehehe….
    this is the final and the most powerful BOMB from nissan to porsche 🙁 🙁 😥 😥
    this thing proves that nissan started to change alot and they are thinking even beyond reaching the level of toyota…. 😉
    the japanies manu. woke up at the end….but really am too sad for porsche….but that is a good thing actually….because it will let porsche to reconsider doing ever thing…this is NISSAN….GOOD LUCK TO CARLOS GOSON AND KEEP MOVING SO THAT THIS BRAND WILL BE LIKE A STAR IN THE SKY…. :mrgreen: WAITING FOR THE NEW NISSAN PATROL…AND AM SURE HE WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT US…

  2. btw, why was the site down yesterday?

  3. yeah nissan started to grow after they sold 51% shareholders to the RENAULT Corporation. you know, more money means more car’s toys searching :mrgreen: .

    thatsit(mohamad), for your information, 15-25 years ago, Fujairah Taxi was using Skyline taxi-cars

  4. And notice how on the new BYD F3:
    Audi A4


  5. 2009 will be the year of the rat (GT-R) to mess over till 2 cats show themselves in 2010 (Toyota Supra and Lexus LF) 😆 😆

  6. Acura/Honda NSX will be joinin them soon….most probably with a V10….

  7. Author

    Bashar, site was down since host moved us to a “faster” server. And good catch on the BYD. As for the GT-R, I get the feeling even a trained monkey can drive it and look like a pro.

  8. assassin…the smell of the burning flesh is reashing my uni…looool
    and i want to tell you also that 15-20 years ago my father had one of those skylines…and what you said is not a bad thing actually…that proves that nissan cars was shitting on toyota cars before 15 years…and thats going to happen in two years…and till 2010, just keep dreaming of the supra and the lexus…now…its the time of GTR and no one can ignore this fact…and from now am telling you..when toyota or lexus do what nissan did just come and shut my mouth….its gona have 10 cyl. and 5L engine…they might use the LC V8 engine and add to it two cyl. and they are gona say…this is engineering 😆 😆 even honda…..and they will cost much higher than the price of the GTR…this is what nissan is doing…BTW: Supra is not gona compite the GTR….i heard its gona compite with the Z 😆 😆 ….. so dont keeep talking about supra… 😉
    its enough for lexus when my brother went to see the LX570 he said just one word infront of the sales man (FASHAL) and the sales man was shocked 😈 😈
    mash….what did you mean by this….(trained monkey can drive it and look like a pro)…if you watched top gear episode that was talking about the SLR….why not the GTR cant be like it 😕 ,or because its a nissan car 😡 …..actually if am going to drive it in front of assassin and am gona look like a pro and let assassin burn in his or her own cloths….WHY NOT???? 😆 😆 😆

  9. assassin look at this link and have fun 😆 😆

    and if we have to wait toyota for 2 years to launch their cars…no one is gona buy them, just take a look 😆 😆

    OMG….a 2 seater car that have 10 cyl. engine and 5L…cant go with the big GTR that has 3.8L engine and 6 cyl. ‘i know it has twin turbo…SO WHAT 😯 ‘
    i wonder…what will happen whn tuning companies put their hands on that car….just imagine 😉

  10. nice piece of engineering …….SHIFT_Engineering…

  11. drool all you want people but when the v10 550hp + shawd NSX comes along then all will be left for dead , the same happened in the early 90’s with the original and will happen again in 2 years time . And im sure it will look classy too unlike gtr of old and new

  12. mash..i have a question: which maxima you think we are gona get here for GCC….the japanese version(teyana) or the american version???…
    and i heared they are gona launch in the future a luxury version of the GTR but its infinti…is that true???

  13. Author

    If the Maxima comes here, it will probably be the American one, on the same boat that brings in the Altima, Pathfinder and Armada.

  14. infiniti G35 is Nissan Skyline 4-Doors, So, Infiniti G37s is having the same of Skyline GTR Shape.

    and i dont know why you r saying putting a turbo is engineering, first of all, im 100% sure the Turbo in GTR is not made by NISSAN, secondly, you can buy turbo kit here from a vegetables grocery and give it to a butcher to fix it in your car, just like people here, they buy very cheap turbo for their sh***y engines 208hp of the old LC and make it faster than a corvette even Z06. just look at youtube if you dont believe me.

    by the way, GTR still a car that i love to buy, could you tell more about it?
    1/ How is the gear working
    2/ what is the exact power that we will get from the dealer
    3/ how much it will cost?

    waitting for your reply thatsit

  15. Speaking about LX57, when you cant afford buying something very expensive, dont go and say something not good about it, because you are putting your self in ironic situation 😆 .

    actually if you going to drive GTR in front of me and you gona look like a pro and i will burn one of my sixth friends toward you, believe me they are faster than GTR :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: .
    hope you get what i mean :mrgreen: 😉

  16. no, what am talking about is an supersport infiniti car with the GTR engine…they are saying it will compite with the M5 and E63….the same as lexus F brand. they are gona launch GS-F for example that will have the 5L V10 engine.
    this is your problem 🙁 ….you keep underestimating the job of engineeers in building a car engine….you think that adding a turbo to a car that will live as a natural aspired engine is an easy job…just please…go and ask anyone, to add a turbo to a car what do you need to do..then come and add this comment…did you watch topgear episode that talks about the Bugatti veyron….why do you think people love this car?? 😕 😕 . when you design a car that has 1001HP that can work and live as a normal car you will know what i mean….those who add turbos in sena3eyyah without any knowledge they are more stupid than my ass…just give them a littile time and you will see their cars in al aweer junk yard…this is the engineering in nissan. about who build those turbos for the GTR??? give me a prove they are not made by nissan??? and it doesnot matter with me….some companies they are using bombo brakes and nissan is one of them…SO WHAT :mrgreen: .
    You want to know info about the GTR…then go to any website or you can ask mash to tell you. the price will be between 265K-295K”thats what i know”.
    about the lexus thing…am not gona say my brother is rich…and he is working in a very big company…but to tell you….he is able to buy the porsche cayenne Turbo (371K) not the LUXES even….but he changed his mind because we are a big family and the cayenne is not practical for a family of 8 persons….the porsche is a future plan.
    “actually if you going to drive GTR in front of me and you gona look like a pro and i will burn one of my sixth friends toward you, believe me they are faster than GTR.
    hope you get what i mean”

  17. i will burn one of my sixth friends means i will shut you from my gun………man

  18. Nissan known from old days of building great engines and tranny. I meant they are known of their sporty style toward other Japanese brand.
    GTR is a great car and it is a magnificent piece of mixed engineering and style. You guys talking about adding just turbo and here we go we got a super car?!! Doses not work like this MR?
    It is as thatsit(mohamad) says is how to build a car or an engine with this much of power from a V6 3.8 L for a daily use and for your info. Considering the weight of the GTR compared with another 6 cylinder from Porsche? The GTR is much heavier and beefy than the 997 one.
    Good gob Nissan. Can’t wait to get one..

  19. and tell your brother to buy the 7 seater Q7 if he wants a sport Suv, it just like a porsche,

  20. OK :mrgreen: :mrgreen: now i got it…hehehehe
    i’ll tell him about your advice…wala tez3al :mrgreen:

  21. Mohamed Al Romaithi, well done. i havent seen any local person can write somthing without any sprlling or grammer mistakes, and i was studying in HCT and always i got the highiest grade in English in my class, but also, i couldnt even write something near to that.

    about GT-R. it is toooooooooooo expensive to be bought, even with this power, because it is simply (Nissan) and i think you know how vetec (patrol) loose its power after using 3-4 years.

  22. al last,,,,,,you got it thatsit 😮

    next time i will draw images for you by using coloured pens to get what i mean, you know blue means water, red: fire ,,,,,,,,,,,, etc

  23. no you are totally wrong…WATER HAS NO COLOR….. 😈

  24. Dear assassin this is a good habit what you and your friend thatsit(mohamed) is doing. Just keep writing and communicating because this is what we are missing in our region.
    Considering loosing power out of the (Vetec) Patrol after 4 years of working. It is not that much sir, every engine will loose little bit of its piston pressure and this is normal thing and it varies from one vehicle to another. But the main thing that I wanted to point out is neither me nor another one can judge or underestimates a great Manufacturer that has been building cars for the whole world.

  25. Mash can you have a look at this article and comment on it, its in arabic, but those are the translations, JUST SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE ENGLISH VERSION, HAVE A NICE DAY…..
    and i hope assassin is gona read this ‘the english part in the middle of the page’ :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  26. Hi Mashfique!
    Are you ever going to respect your readers!!!!!!!
    Can you ever give a correct info about a super car!!!?? Apparantly, none of the respected car brands would even talk to you; I quote you on your website: “Italians are too cheap” to allow you test drive a Ferrari, and BMW “Lock their cars in their showrooms” and Porsche do not give you a car for a three days test drive….did it occur to you that no serious car brand is taking you seriously!!!????
    Still, this should not mean that you can provide wrong or incomplete info to people…THERE IS NO Porsche Carrera GT, like you mentioned in your article above; there is a GT2 & GT3, and as readers (not you) know there is a big difference between GT2 & GT3. Anyway, I do not blame you, after all Porsche -like you said- would not allow you near any of their cars, and I think they are very right to do so.

  27. Hi Hussam,
    You must have been living under a rock to have not heard about the Porsche Carrera GT. Please go back under your rock and do some research or think before you come and pour crap here. Thank you.

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