Yellow Hat displays F1 car in store

Yellow Hat displays F1 car in store

The controversial Toro Rosso STR2 was brought to the UAE and was briefly displayed in front of the Yellow Hat auto accessories superstore at Times Square Mall in Dubai. The STR2, brought in to showcase Advanti Racing wheels, was only shown over the weekend of June 5 to 8.

The STR2 was unveiled in February last year and is a variant of the Red Bull RB3 chassis, but powered by a Ferrari engine instead of a Renault. It competed in the 2007 F1 season and a modified version has been on the grid for the first grand prix events of 2008, driven by Sébastien Bourdais, Champ Car winner four consecutive times, and Sebastian Vettel.

The controversy arose when the Spyker and Williams teams repeatedly stated their belief that the STR2 was identical to the Red Bull RB3 and in breach of the F1 Concorde Agreement that requires all teams to construct their own individual chassis. Both teams threatened legal action over the possible breach of regulations.

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  1. hey mash i still have a doubt….is it legal to use a cold air intake…i drive a 2006 Mazda 6 2.0ltr and i recently found a K&N kit for my car….but i am confused if it is legal to use…

  2. Author

    It is legal, as no one in recent history has had a car fail due to an intake. However, don’t be surprised if they fail your car just because they happen to be in a bad mood during just that hour. Try passing again elsewhere.

  3. lol ok thanks Mash…hey 1 more thing…how much power increase can i expect by installin a cold air intake…most experts say not more than 5 – 8 hp in a normal 4 cyl car….if u know mroe about it pls explain…

  4. i think its even less by 3 HP
    the range is betwn 2-5 HP max for 4 cylinder
    even the 5 sometimes the 6 cylinder can’t reach it,unless for example it has two air filters
    lets see what is mash is gona say 😉

  5. Author

    Yes, 2 to 5 hp is realistic, and that too only at higher speeds when the air is being rammed into the intake. This is of course assuming that your car doesn’t have a cold air intake already. My 1990 Merc and my 2000 BMW both have standard cold air intakes, but people change them with a K&N cone filter anyway for “the look.” That said, the biggest gains are usually in turbo cars. I suggest more research to see what dyno-measured results owners are getting.

  6. hey guys…thanks a lot for the tips…

  7. were your location

  8. The STR2 looks incredible, great article.

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