Ushering in the SUV era with Kia Mohave

Ushering in the SUV era with Kia Mohave

The Kia Mohave is apparently for sale in the GCC already. We only find out about local Kia news through third-party sources, since the Kia’s regional reps generally suck at communication. I found out through a billboard on the street. We also believe the truck-based offroadable Mohave is only available in “280 hp” 3.8-litre V6 form. We already reported on the Mohave before. Anyway, I am using this opportunity to announce that from now on, I’ll start replacing the term “4WD” with the term “SUV” in reference to such vehicles.

The term “4WD” or “four-wheel-drive vehicle” is the common term in the GCC for everything from Hyundai Tucsons to GMC Yukons. The term “SUV” or “sport-utility vehicle” was coined in America back in the early 90s to define such vehicles. It’s because over there, everything from the RAV-4 to the Suburban comes in two-wheel-drive as well as four-wheel-drive form.

For years, manufacturers rightly refused to dilute the term “4WD” in this region, and brought in only 4WD versions of their SUVs. But now, two-wheel-drive versions of vehicles such as the Ford Edge, the Kia Sportage, the Nissan Qashqai and even the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid taxis are slowly trickling into this region, and it would be stupid to keep referring to them as 4WDs or 4x4s. So now all these types of 2WD and 4WD vehicles will be referred to as an “SUV” or a “sport-utility vehicle,” as much as it pains me to use such meaningless American terms. However, I will still try to limit the use of the word “crossover.” I hate that word.

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  1. good information 🙂

  2. I suggest using the term ‘4WD’ for vehicles that have a transfer case (low range gearing for off-roading) because that would split the generic SUV market into two segments- those who can and those who can’t.

    Even though Mitsu calls my Pajero an SUV, I would never place it in the same league with the Tucson or Edge – it’s a 4WD all the way.

  3. ^^ adding to his comments, you can have three segments. 2WD for 4x2s, 4WD for 4x4s with low range gearing and AWD for cars without low range gearing. only vehicle, that i know of, advertised as AWD and has low range gearing is the forester.

  4. Author

    If manufacturers start bringing in all their 2WD crap, I cannot make that many categories. For example, the Ford Explorer comes in 2WD, AWD and 4WD form in America. If they bring all the versions here later on, I cannot make 3 separate entries for the same damn car, so I will have to stick to “SUV,” and hope people here figure out what it means.

  5. earlier in 90’s most of the SUV’s came with 4wd’s and they had a transfer case and differential lock… but later the AWD started becomin common and crossover’s entered the market…the better word for them became SUV’s…so now the word 4wd is not so significant… lol still in many parts of the world these vehicles are called Jeeps…

  6. by the way Mohave looks to be a solid competition for Prado, Pathfinder and Pajero….its powerful..its spacious…and some earlier reviews shows that is a solid SUV…..hope the price too is competitive..

  7. Hi there. Back after a long time. There’s been so much going on at Kia that I didnt get a chance to leave .
    Mohave will be called Borrego overseas. It will have a 3.8L V6 and and hopefully a 4.6 V8 which get an almost class leading MPG. You can get lots more info about Kia and whats coming up in Kia on
    If you visit the Kia-World forums and look for a topic called “I’ll see Borrego on Monday” you can find pics of the actual top of range Borrego.

  8. Just got some wierd info.
    the Tahoe’s 5.3 V8 produces 320 hp and has cylinder deactivation and gets 14 mpg city and 20 highway
    Borrego’s 4.6 V8 taps out 337 hp and gets 15 mpg city and 21 hw and it doesnt even have cylinder deactivation. :mrgreen:

  9. Borrego will be called Mohave in UAE and and it will start selling in UAE next month [july]. Initially, We’ll get the V6 first and 6 months later, the V8.
    It will be priced very competetively at Dh92,000-138,000 and in the same competetive manner the’ll offer a 5 year FACTORY warranty but Kia’s luxury car comes with 7-yr factory warranty and this being a luxury SUV, it won’t surprise me if it too gets a 7 year warranty.

  10. Author

    Interesting. Now if only you can point me to the full specs for the V6 engine. I have been trying to find it on the net and couldn’t.

  11. I’m not sure if this works but just try this link

  12. Mohave has been test driven in UAE by

  13. Looks ok,wonder how it will go against the Pajero which is quite a best seller out here,and does it have the requisite low range gearing to really go offroad? 🙂

  14. Kia has constructed MOhave on a BOF platform. [truck based] this means its built for off-road. it even has udjustable suspension.
    The ONLY thing that will affect its sales is Kia’s resale value. I’m sure if it werent for that it would sell well with low prices and 7 year FACTORY warranty to back it.

  15. inshallah buying my mohave bukrah,,, cant drive it though i am in saudi, will have to wait for a bahrain trip, 😈

  16. what the heck is the price in Kuwait Dinars please! I must know we plan to take one to Iraq to my bro Mustafa

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