BMW GINA concept plays with textiles

BMW GINA concept plays with textiles

BMW let loose their designers to create the weirdest possible concept car, and they came up with the GINA Light Visionary Model. GINA stands for “Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations” and the car’s single most interesting feature is its outer skin, which is made entirely out of textile fabric, pulled tightly around a frame of metal parts and carbon-fibre wires. The best part of this BMW Z4 lookalike is that it can change shape.

The skeleton of the car is controlled by electro-hydraulic devices, which move and change the shape of the car beneath the fabric skin. The headlights can be hidden or hidden by the car’s skin, and the front hood splits opens at the centre to show off the engine. The interior also follows this theme, where the circular centrally-mounted instruments only show up when required, while they are hidden the rest of the time.

The scissor-doors lift up with no exposed hinges, as the fabric wrinkles up as the doors swing open. Also, the exterior can change shape to grow a ducktail rear spoiler on demand, or expose tail-lights as much as needed. The time is near when bodykits will become obsolete.

What do you think?



  1. Sex on wheels…i liked the idea of hiding the headlights under the skin of the car…as if the car is sleeping by closing its eyes.

  2. bm done good job like it

  3. what is the problem with BMW i cant understand….far from imagination

  4. hope the engine is nt made of textile

  5. sexy and hot looking car…

  6. well don bhai i m sure ths bm dont hav textile engine u can see on 5th line pic

  7. the morons who love leaving scratches on cars will have a field day cutting fabric if such a car is released. hope the fabric doesn’t catch fire easily.

  8. hey guys try shifting to reverse gear while moving forward at a high speed…..and see what happens……its fantastic..

  9. Man, the interior is so so so… I dunno. what do I say? This car is beautiful

    Now, How do you wash a car made of textiles? remove the skin and put it in a washing machine? I hope no one is saying “yes”. whoever says that this can be done, I’d like him to tell me how are we supposed to put it back on as tightly as it is shown here? come to think of removing the skin, how will that look.
    This car is just facinating… as a CONCEPT!!!

  10. 😯 waw very very good it’s magic

  11. “hey guys try shifting to reverse gear while moving forward at a high speed…..and see what happens……its fantastic..”

    hahahahahaha…. you are right

  12. what happens when it rains?

  13. u wait for the rain to stop n hang car out to dry.

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