Nissan GT-R and Maxima hanging in Dubai

Nissan GT-R and Maxima hanging in Dubai

One of our readers, Mohamad, pointed us to a thread at, showcasing photos of a consignment of seven American-spec 2008 Nissan GT-R models which have made their way to Abu Dhabi for local customers who can’t wait till next year’s release of a GCC-spec version. The same reader also spotted a GT-R at a Nissan workshop in Dubai, probably used for technician training. Yet another reader, Don, spotted the all-new 2009 Nissan Maxima trundling around at a freezone in Dubai, which is the first real confirmation that the new Maxima is indeed coming to the GCC.

When I recently picked up the Infiniti EX35 tester, I was chatting with a manager at the Nissan dealership, and he spoke about how they had almost caught up with Toyota in terms of regional sales, selling 1 Nissan for every 1.2 Toyotas. I guess the company finally has a good enough standing here to experiment with an expanded model range to cater to sporting niche areas here.

What do you think?



  1. Carlos ghoson is doing his job in a good way…i hope for him the best…am waiting for the new patrol 😉

  2. I’ve seen a maxima here in qatar about a week ago. Doesn’t look as good as the pictures 😛 But I have yet to see the GT-R

  3. being a lebanese, i am proud of carlos ghosn.keep it up,master.whenever the GT-R comes out,i will testdrive it and tell u my opinion.

  4. good job man

    such a hot car GT-R

  5. well good job by nissan ……

  6. GTR is almost a super car with 1/4 the price tag of european competitors…

  7. this gt-r is 4wd. Does it have abiliti to go offroading as good as Mitsubishi Evolution?

  8. why would you want to go offroading in a gtr or even the evolution? they are awd not 4wd. use your LC to go offroad 😆

  9. i meant to drive too fast on solid sandy roads (ralley), and Evo’s handling is great on this roads.

  10. if you bought the evolution would you go drive it fast on these rally roads? have you noticed the car at the end of a WRC race? 😆 you’ll have to pay people to buy your car after that.
    the awd in gtr is meant to be used on the road. ofcourse being an awd it can ‘go’ offroad too but just does not make sense to do so just like in an evolution.

  11. evolution got Active centre Differential switch with manual choosing of driving conditions.
    1- street.
    2- Snow or mud.
    3- Gravel or sand.
    so. Evolution is a (factory rally-tuned car), it designed to be used on harder driving situations, imagine, the long period of time that Evolution will stay good if you just drive on paved street.

  12. Not again with the differentials !!!

  13. no person who cares about his car would drive his car like a rally driver through courses which might include sand, mud etc for fun. the car undergoes a lot more stress than normal sand duning. moreover the chances of parts coming off your car is close to 100% while rallying, especially in the jumps 😉

  14. CB…leave assassin by his own, please..he is trying to find any thing against the car…wait for the reply assassin.

  15. I think one of my job’s duties now that I work as an assassin is to smoke Carlos Ghonson’s head, before finishing the new Patrol. :mrgreen:

  16. ^^^
    dont worry. some people are scared because it may have the bad look of armada and pathfinder(i think its gona follow what happens to LC). it will be more as a family car than an off-road car. they are saying that because it will be made (as they think 😕 ) in USA..and they are saying the last models from patrol were not send to USA..thats why they think the new model will look like a fat AS* so that it will be produced for USA as the Armada and pathfinder.

  17. assasin nissan make gtr awd bcoz of car gtr has pushing foward pick wch gives gtr a faster pick up
    n while evoz r best in rally business bcoz thy r build for tht purpose also but nissan co. didnt make gtr for rally thy built car for specially true racers who love racing n stle.. 🙂

  18. wow….mmaxima’s comin…..i am soo exicted to have one here…..back in the US i owned a 2003 maxima……its a pure fun car to have…!! lookin forward to it.:) 😀

  19. hi guys,
    i brought for you some new ‘official’ pics for the new Xterra and the picup frontier, the nice thing is that they did good changes to the interior of both vehicles.
    i’ll leave you with the links:
    the Xterra
    the frontier

    and mashallah the same guy who brought the information about the GTR and the maxima, also brought some information about the patrol.
    as the guy said “it will come with a 7 speed shifter, it will have a 5.6 liters engine which is not the one on the ARMADA and it will give around 400 HP(less or more), it will be launched at the end of next year as a 2010 whole new model, the tail lights will be ‘LED’, and it will be more spacious than this model, the 3 door model will stay the same(the look) but ‘they are not sure if they are gona fix the 4800 cc engine on it’, its size will be between the size of the armada and this patrol(2008), the good thing is that it doesnt have the boxy shape that we can see in the armada and the pathfinder, it will have its own look and shape”
    lets hope we will see it in the roads soon.

  20. Hey people, good to be back. Exams so I kind of had to take a break.Any ways, Mash this new interface is absolutely gorgeous!! Easy to use and clean.
    And speaking of the GT-R,the engineers actually ask owners to take these beauties on slippery surfaces(like ice or snow covered)to see the intelligent AWD go to work.

    Again, good to be back. 🙂

  21. Author

    The new interface is a mess really 😆 . I wouldn’t have changed if the previous one wasn’t hacked. Either way, some intentional homepage changes are coming soon.

  22. thatsit(mohamad). Thanks for the new patrol information. I hope that it will have tough looks like the current model does. But i dont care of SUVs any more. My next car will be used evo that costs aed 40k-50k. Expensive cars make me feel sick. I’ve seen enough nightmares since i bought LC.

  23. I am a full time computer geek(in games I guess)
    but how does a website page interface get hacked??
    Seeing the tech in the GT-R, I guess this is the right place to post this type of a comment 😉

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