Honda Ridgeline pickup gets 2009 update

Honda Ridgeline pickup gets 2009 update

The Ridgeline was Honda’s first attempt at cracking the pickup truck market in America when it was released a few years back. Unremarkable at everything it does, the Ridgeline is a class leader in a pointless category, being that it drives like a truck, but does not have as much cargo space as a truck, and it sucks at off-roading too. Thank goodness it is not offered in the GCC, since it would’ve become a hit here. But the one sold in America got a refresh for 2009.

Along with a new front bumper, headlights and tail-lights, the interior gets major upgrades such as a new steering wheel, gauges, and HVAC controls, as well as Bluetooth, satellite navigation, a 115-volt power outlet and jacks for the iPod and other MP3 players. Honda has mildly updated the Ridgeline’s 3.5-litre VTEC V6, with a new camshaft profile and better breathing offering only a 3 hp increase to 250 hp, and a torque increase to 335 Nm, all mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission and either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.


Incidentally, if you really want something similar, the replacement for the Honda MR-V SUV will be launched in the GCC on August 21. However, the new MR-V will now take on its American name, and will now be called the Honda Pilot, if our launch-invitation letter is to be trusted.

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  1. Though i’m a big fan of Honda cars and owning a Honda accord , i feel honda needs to do lot of homework in the truck/SUV category.Ridgline aint that stylish for a truck and MRV / Pilot looks boxy without much changes considering thd old MRV. Buy it only if you are a Honda fan..!

  2. the front grill is hideous! 😛

  3. tell me the price of this car in AED

  4. always on top…………….HONDA………….

  5. Hi Mash,

    This is a different type of rating, i have seen recently…i was about the comment on it but kept quiet..because these ratings are based on last 3 years data, JD Power, Forbes and Consumer Guide…some of the UAE models are Patrol and Prado (doesn’t matter, seems we will have new models soon..both toyota and nissan remain tight lipped about it).

    Mash can we have top 10 SUV and Car Ratings page on your website. ..this should be based on all factors..on road.. .offroad.. .space…money.. .etc.. we cannot go by US Ratings as most of them have different engines and gadgets…

    Also instead of fake poll ..we can have true poll in which users will vote for cars and 4x4s they like again based on different factors like speed, power, comfort etc…. this will unable as to rate the vehicle on two parameters…one is Editor thats you and your team… second is us because we drive these cars daily … and then we can have combined rating…

  6. Author

    Something like that would take a bit of work to design. The problem is guaranteeing that respondents to the poll actually own a car. There are enough fanboys out there who will rate high their favourites and rate other cars low.

  7. Hmm…fanboys…but again UAE there is no choice, because of climate rarely people buy bikes…majority of people have some or other car..people speak and fight about Landcrusiers, Pajero’s and Pathfinders but if you stand for few minutes in Danata or Bur Dubai see a Tucson or Sportage every 20 sec’s..i live in Jumeira area and there’s a Ford Explorer in almost every nook and corner…though i failed to find even a single blog where people have ever suggested explorer to someone…i work for an mnc and all the guys except me own European or American 4wds.. and our company fleet only comprises of mazda3’s…as mentioned earlier the link i forwarded you yesterday is based on 3yrs data from JD Power, Forbes and Consumer Guide…and i got a shock of life when i saw Nissan Xterra on 2nd followed by Rovers and Pathfinder at 4th place…I don’t know why FJ Crusier was down the lane..Jeep i know is full of mechanical problems…so that’s why i suggested we have a UAE Poll. Who knows it will start like this Civic, Corolla, Tidda and Fortuner, Tucson, Sportage…ha ha…before that we will remove Landcrusiers from list…as this is what guys buy when they are able to pay monthly installments as soon as they get hike in salary….

  8. Author

    J.D.Power and Consumer Guide are good sources. Forbes is a known joke in the American automotive media when it comes to cars, which may have ruined the results.

    By the way, I’ve recommended the Explorer. :mrgreen: Considering the wrong kind of people keep buying 4WDs, the Explorer does well for off-roading people as well as people who want to use a 4WD as a family car. The safety features are the best in the GCC, and the crappy engine forces those family people to drive slowly.

  9. Hey mash, i personally like the pathfinder and have already bought it mainly for its power, off road capabilities,space and all the new toys the 2008 model comes with, was actually waiting for a reply from you but i think you mite have been busy or didnt receive it. Just wanted to get your opinion on the pathfidner in terms of reliability. I know its a nissan and from what i have researched on online there doesnt seem to be any problem as such specially after the face lift and update for 2008, because the J.D power survey said other wise. But then again this survey im assuming was conducted after renault took over nissan and they finally launched their new line up. The reason im saying this is because for the 2008 model years the whole range seems to have been given make overs improving on their initially models.

  10. Author

    I cannot find any reported problems with the last few years of the Pathfinder. To see why Nissan scored badly in surveys, check out my reliability research on the early Altima and Armada models in the buyer guide.

  11. That was my initial conslusion as well, their early models suffered some quality issues but i can bet that if the same survey is carried out for post 2008 models in the years to come they’ll be up there with the toyotas and hondas..

  12. I checked out the link as well, the reason why xterras are up there is basically cos its a good off road suv. Over here it doesnt receive the accodales that it deserves cos people keep buying over priced toyotas not knowing how capable the xterra or other vehicles in the same class really are, im sure mash can support me on this cos hes tested it and knowns what im talkin about..
    My own experience buying a new vehicles is testament to this, i was researching on vehicles within the same category and mainly concentrated on the pathfidner, prado and pajero also considered the explorer but was later taken out of the picture due to the lack in power, and im sorry may be im biased but i still dont trust americans..
    Cutting things short i ended buying the pathfinder. I liked its rugged looks, awesome VQ40DE engine and had admirable off road ability. In addition to this it had the bells and whistles like navigation, bluetooth, dvd entertainment, 10 Bose speakers, rearview camera..i could go on but the bottom line is toyotas are over hyped which i dont like..!!

  13. i think rear space and handling is average in the pathfinder.

  14. I think its better than the rear axled prado and the top heavy pajero..Yeh and like you said its about average within the class so which means the other two have also about the same amount of the point being???

  15. Ok next time we will make 5 seater Pathfinder with same dimensions, their will be huge front, rear seat and luggage space, we will lower the vehicle height and also tune the suspension for silky smooth ride…Hey why not buy a Murano then?

    Guys don’t argue… In the end you need to be a good driver…Be it a Landcrusier, Patrol, Pathfinder, Pajero, Vitara, Sorento…all you need is 4×4 transmissions…any extra gadgetry is welcome…if you don’t know offroading can get even the best of 4×4’s stuck in sand….

    Join Emirates Driving Institute 4×4 Driving Techniques Course…It’s just for one day…Those who are able to learn properly can even take there KIA Sportage or Al Wheel Drive Cars to top of the tallest Dunes… 😀

  16. Hehe 😀 i like that comment..

  17. do you mean that? I have seen sportages on big dunes many times but obviously, you cant take the 2.0L variant.

  18. I have clearly mentioned 4×4 or All Wheel Drives transmission is a must…last year one of the student managed to take 1.5 ltr Suzuki Jimny on a tall dune where even bigger 4×4’s struggled…Experienced persons who know well about the dunes, their formation pattern due to desert winds can even make-do with very good 2 wheel drive…

    Driving doesn’t mean getting license and trying to move the vehicle in various directions… its an art… after 3-6 months of need to understand your able to estimate it size & weight…by looking at a parking space you should know whether you will be able to park without scratching or denting others or your vehicle…while driving in desert you should have an average idea…of how deep the wheels must have gone into mud…understood that it takes time and experience to get connected with vehicle…but sooner or later you should be able to do it… half of the people buy vehicle which others suggest not what suits them…another half take their vehicle for service only when their vehicle stalls in traffic and police gives a 200 dhs ticket…at the end it boils down to an individuals skills…upto you…its your vehicle.

  19. Toyota can make Prado, Fortuner upscale, Nissan can make XTerra, Pathfinder more upsacale, Honda can make MRV more upscale…but please note that to increase rear space, over all vehicle length has to be increased. To take extra burden, they need to add more powerful engine. To redesign suspension system and put high quality gadgetry and original leather another 30-40,000 dhs…after all this the Price of a Prado or Pathfinder will be above 180,000 dhs. Toyota gives you a Landcrusier and Nissan gives you Petrol & Armada…means more you pay …more you get…If you still want better quality ride…you can go for Lexus or Infinity range…if we normal guys can think so much about performance…guess how much effort Nissan or Toyota will be putting…I think the above mentioned vehicles are best that each company can give for the price you pay..invest wisely..and enjoy the vehicle…remember the quality of vehicles we used to drive back home…these vehicles are generations ahead… 😀

  20. Thats the same point i was trying to make.For the same amount of money (budget) i had in mind when considering to purchase my vehicle, i wanted one that will offer the best overall satisfaction to me when put up against similarly priced vehicles within the same class..

  21. Pathfinder ROCKS! :mrgreen:

  22. U said it bro..which model do you have??ive got the 08 se T3.. :mrgreen:

  23. 2008 SE Black…had a tough time while deciding…out of Prado 2.7, Pajero 3.0 and Pathfinder 4.0…had to give up for Pathy because as per budget it had maximum features and the most sporty engine of all…though my first preference is still Landcrusier…but i didn’t have money for that….perhaps some other time…Pajero 3.8 was also close..but it didn’t have rear view camera..the engine was not so responsive… where as floor the accelerater…Pathy roars..their is a huge push from engine above 3000 rpm and it leaves traffic miles behind.. i don’t know what Nissan had in mind while tunning it… once in motion… the vehicle remains at amazing 100km at 1800rpm…initially i had problem understanding the engine behaviour..but is now 9,200 kms…i try my best to remain 1500-1800 band (80/100 km)…the engine has settled down nicely now…though not very impressive mileage it manages 385km wih ac on on full tank (needs a bigger tank…even Nativa has a bigger tank)…i think i shouldn’t expect more than this with 2 tonne …4.0 ltr engine vehicle..overall satisfied…value for money… 😉

  24. U guys have those DVD screens which comes with the entertainment package???….and as U said its engine is really strong…the problem is that the suspension of it makes it much better for driving on roads instead of off roading…but of course that doesnt makes it poor in off roading…what about the quality of the materials used???and do you hear any sound from the interior???

  25. Lol, im surprised to see you have almost the same mileage that ive got. Yeh the performance of the engine is very very impressive..Ane yes ive got the entertainment package, upfront for the rear view camera, it plays the movie in front but only while parked safety feature i guess and the rear seat DVD player. Ive got the mocha brown..
    The NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) has been greatly improved from the 2005-2007 models and its is very quiet while cruising..and yes while on over drive it cruises at 100 km/h at a mere 1800 RPM. The quality of the materials are pretty good over all..although there are some hard plastics..and again imroved over the previous model years.
    Regarding the fuel consumption, im jsut wondering how much you pay when u go to fill up..This vehicle actually has 80 liter fuel tank but for some reason theres been a nissan bulletin regarding the fuel sender unit, im waiting for my 10,000km service so that i could talk to nissan about it..Cos when i fill up from below the quater mark, it only costs me round 65dhs to fill up

  26. Ive got a copy of the bulletin, the same problem had been reported with another pathy owner whre i found it on one of the forums, where the gauge actually reads less fuel than that actually in the tank..Like in mine, 65dhs super, only equates to 45-48 liters which means theres an additional 35 liters still left in the tank which the gauge isnt reading.I don know if this is a problem or not in mine but just want to bring it to his attention..We know the service advisor at aweer branch so lets see what happens..Other wise love the thing..How fast have you gotten your to? But honestl i am tempted to floor the thing every time anyone tail gates me,,hehe and i have dont it!!!..Once for a landcruiser!! He finnaly caught up to me after i’d already left my foot of the gas and proved my point..

  27. this is really impressive….you know iam shocked with those numbers…i thought that this car has a 100L tank…Do you know the altima has a 76L tank….which means this engine is really good in fuel cons(compared with the 2.5 or 3.5 engines)..and i think the 65 DHS is a right amount…because filling the tank of the altima costs around 83 DHS when its empty …and there is only 4 liters difference between their tanks…which is resonable to pay 65 when U are still below the quarter mark…i thought at the begining that the sales of this car will be affected by its shape…but nowadays i can see it alot in the streets especially with the dark colors…and it looks really nice…the other thing is that the new models are coming with almost all the packages that are offered in USA and other countries…congrats for the car and goodluck in the future 😉

  28. this is really impressive….you know iam shocked with those numbers…i thought that this car has a 100L tank…Do you know the altima has a 76L tank….which means this engine is really good in fuel cons(compared with the 2.5 or 3.5 engines)..and i think the 65 DHS is a right amount…

  29. this is really impressive….you know iam shocked with those numbers…
    i thought that this car has a 100L tank…Do you know the altima has a 76L tank….
    which means this engine is really good in fuel cons(compared with the 2.5 or 3.5 engines)..
    and i think the 65 DHS is a right amount…

  30. test 😡

  31. OMG..i cant post what am writing 😡 😡 😡

  32. i will try later 😥

  33. I am a bit conservative so try to remain in 80-100 range only..but while coming from office people ..when people try to show stunts..i give them chance to overtake me…then i tailgate them with hi beam and foglights and make them shit..when they give side then i floor the accelerator..the Pathfinder leaves them miles behind..i have touched 180 during this road rage incidents..i don’t want to do it..but this people ..they provoke you..though everytime i promise myself..i will try to control anger..but it happens..i have lcd, rear view camera, bose system with subwoofer..but not the dvd i said earlier..i was short of budget…i pay 66dhs for tank…i fill it just before the needle reaches empty mark…assuming that the vehicle should do around 50kms in reserve..i don’t want to take risk with fuel refueling..especially with 4wd ..

    (Thats it)..the suspension is firm not as xterra..there is Pathfinder SE Offroad version with special shock absorbers and beefy tires..i don’t think families will go for normal pathfinders..just check the sales of new pathfinder..its all because of new upscale interior..i won’t comment about noise factor..because this is my 1st 4wd..its quiet..above would love to hear sports car noise..(pathys engine is long bored retuned nissan 350z’s engine) shows it original characterstics..i won’t compare it to range rover interior…this is the best engine /interior / gadgets u can get at 1,21,000 – 1,40,000 range.

    Mash says Prados ride is super smooth..i have never test drived prado…a Prado owner can tell..

  34. Author

    thatsit, I believe you pissed off the spam filter. I have unspammed them.

  35. i dont know if the off road version is offered here though..Yeh road rage does get the better of me as well..
    Yeh but regarding the fuel consumption i thought i’d cost me much more during refuelling!!like mohamad said it costs 83 to fill the altima with 76 liter tank which means it should technically cost us a bit more..
    I have driven a prado but for some reason i feel the ride has a very high centre of gravity which makes it roll alot..thats just my opinion though..Lol, we have stolen this blog and made it about the pathfiner!! 😀

  36. thanks alot dude…really i was thinking maybe the comment was too long…thats why.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  37. Yesterday evening i say a Volkswagen GTI under the rear of Hummer..Nad Al Hammar road..maybe another tailgating issue..little boy trying to scare Hummer….may be Hummer Guy must have put brakes to shoeee him away…little boy got stuck in rear of monster…after all who loses in road would be so better if we remain cool and dont try to show off our machines or provoke other… 😐

  38. Hi Spyke…gave the pathy for 10,000 km service…consulted the service advisor..they said pathy has rectangular petrol tank as opposed to more squarish ones in other 4wd…that’s where fuel gauge gets tricked when the fuel level reaches inches above empty stage…according to the Nissan Deira Service…they did a fuel tank test.. draining it liter by liter…after the 65-66 dirhams fuel level we were talking about…they found out that tank has still got good 20 litres in it…so no need to worry buddy…that adds to almost another 120km range even if you drive in total around 450kms in daily driving conditions with full tank…let me know what aweer guys say when you give for service…
    grr…can’t they put a proper fuel meter in it..this is a very primitive requirement…

  39. Hey pathy owner,sorry had jsut seen this comment..When i gave it in for the 10k service,they told me everything was working fine although they didnt give me a reason as to why we were only filling up 65 bucks everytime we refuelled..Now im quite happy actually..Did a trip to oman some time back, and covered 420km, when it came for the refill, it only cost 65 bucks again lol.. 😆
    Again thanks for the info buddy, will be more condifent when it comes to the E mark next time..But yeh they shoulds rectified this!!

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