Rolls Royce becomes Pininfarina Hyperion

Rolls Royce becomes Pininfarina Hyperion

Italian design house Pininfarina has taken a Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe and fully reskinned it create the one-off Pininfarina Hyperion. This coach-built convertible was unveiled at the Pebble Beach auto show in the United States this month.

We assume the interior is largely the same as the original car, but the windshield has been moved back by 400 mm to give the illusion of a longer bonnet.

A gun rack has been fitted in front of the cabin, probably for those who shoot wild birds and animal activists, while “famed” watchmaker Girard Perregaux has crafted a special timepiece for the Hyperion that can be removed from its wrist-strap and mounted in the dashboard.

This custom car will most likely be available on special order soon, if you pay Pininfarina enough. One or two million dollars should do it.

What do you think?



  1. rolls ugly and expencive car..

  2. not at all classy as the real drophead

  3. i think only kings and sheiks can buy this car.its ugly too.i will get CL65 AMG with spare money to help 1000 african from hunger and illiteracy.c’mon ,be kind and generous ,kings and sheiks,give out instead buying a car 4 $1,ooo,

  4. I’m not going to pay with a ford model T for this ugly crap.

  5. Y’all don’t recognise class when you see it! Classless tarts! Work of magic…

  6. I love what they did with the grill & headlights compared to the original drophead.

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