Mexican-built VW Jetta GLI hits GCC

Mexican-built VW Jetta GLI hits GCC

Volkswagen Middle East has recently introduced their Jetta GLI in this region, years after it originally debuted in America. The Jetta GLI is essentially a sedan version of the Golf GTI, except that it looks awful and is built in Mexico.

The VW Jetta GLI is powered by 200 hp turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, with maximum torque of 280 Nm available from just 1800 rpm all the way through to 5000 rpm. The only transmission available for the GCC is the 6-speed DSG gearbox, which is a manual gearbox without the clutch pedal. The 1497 kg Jetta GLI leaps can reportedly do the 0-100 kph sprint in 6.9 seconds.

Distinguishing exterior styling cues on the Jetta GLI are subtle and include a honeycomb grille with a red pinstripe centered just below the auto-leveling HID headlights. Lower side-body trim is blacked out and red brake calipers are exposed through the 17-inch alloy wheels.

At the front are eight-way adjustable sport seats, while a thickly-padded, F1-style flat-bottom steering wheel is exclusive to the GLI.

The Jetta GLI is equipped with dual front airbags, front-side airbags, and side curtain airbags. As an option, a rear-passenger side-airbags can be provided. ESP, tyre-pressure monitor and traction control are also standard.

The Jetta GLI is being touted as an economical sports sedan, but with a front-wheel-drive platform and an engine known to be fuel-hungry, don’t expect miracles. Don’t expect us to drive it either, for different reasons.

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  1. any news about its price range?

  2. Author

    Last I heard, the Gayolf GTI cost about 105k. This should be similar.

  3. well… the interior looks quiet cheap for a VW. they should stick to SUVs, hatchbacks, convertibles and beetles. their sedans and vans dont impress me one bit.

  4. interior look good but car is slow and boring..

  5. is sirocco coming soon

  6. Author

    Yes, the Scirocco is coming. All the ass-kissing magazines have already reviewed it, thanks to free 5-star trips to Europe, paid for by VW.

  7. I guess good reviews follow an all expense paid trip to Germany?

  8. Hey does VW seriously think ppl would dig into their pockets (not too deep though) to buy a crap like the Jetta? I mean last heard its already in the market, but i havent actually seen one on the roads…

  9. does VW offer auto parking on tiguan for UAE?

  10. well, at least people under 60 might get excited too of driving this getta 😆

  11. Author

    Fouad, you’ll notice that local writers never mention in their foreign-land reviews who paid for the trip.

    Boris, no auto parking.

    assassin, the GLI version actually is fun to drive. It’s just that the fun disappears when the car breaks down in the first year.

  12. yeah VW cars have lots of reliability issues…especially electrical problems….by the way Mash why dont u try with VW abu dhabi agent Ali & Sons for test drive….

  13. Author

    Actually, it is not dealers that give press cars. It is the VW/Audi ME HQ in Dubai. If they don’t like you, even the Abu Dhabi dealers back out, as it happened 2 years ago when we tried to ask for an Audi from Ali & Sons. They originally offered us a test car, then backed out. After so many rejections, I don’t think I’ll touch a VW even if they did offer us one (when they hear how many readers we have nowadays).

  14. And is it the same story with mazada and hyundai-kia too? I’ve seen just one Kia review on this site.

  15. Author

    Mazda is just cheap. Hyundai-Kia ignore us and we ignore them. Not as big an issue as with VW/Audi.

  16. i know about vw problems. My brother used to have a new vw beetle for less than 2 years and got 8 big problems. so he sold it with large money wasting and then bought a new magna that stayed perfect for 5 years.
    Man, only japanise brands can servive in this country.

  17. Korean can too [2007+ models]. So can some european cars. VW is just bad quality.

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