So we got a Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG

So we got a Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG

We got handed this car two months after every frigging magazine in the country has already published their review on it. So there isn’t any real urgency on my part to review this rocketship quickly, and it goes to the back of the line among my pending reviews.

I figured we could do our very first video review using this car. The setup was great, as I even own an old 1990 AMG-touched Mercedes-Benz, and could’ve used that for an interesting story.

Nothing worked out however. The morning heat was horrible, and we were fasting. There was only so many shot adjustments we could do before we started sweating like dogs, thereby taking me out of the picture. I wasn’t doing too well having a conversation with a camera anyway, and realised I should’ve written down what to say.

On top of that, I used my brother as the camera man, and he was horrible at framing shots, being his first time handling video.

I skip to the action shots, and do even worse trying to drift this monster, giving up after a few tries because I didn’t want to waste the tyres on the first day itself. It takes a lot of practice to drift a grippy car on dry tarmac, and half-an-hour is not enough time to familiarise myself with the car. I can’t drift in the first place anyway, but I was somewhat managing fine the last time I tried it, with the more-responsive BMW 335i.

We quit the day, as all this heat and no water was a killer. We got home and see that the video quality wasn’t that great either. I guess blowing Dhs 2200 on a crappy Sony Handycam and Dhs 1000 on accessories was a waste of money. We need better equipment and a real camera man. It is also too much being a script-writer, host, director and stunt driver in the summer. I didn’t even get to the editing and sound-mixing part.

I’ll see later what footage I can salvage from this. Maybe I’ll try adding a voiceover and do a mini-review. Any more real attempts will have to wait until winter. The C 63 AMG is an amazing car in many respects, and the written review will reveal all, including the good and the bad.

What do you think?



  1. why don’t you guys try renting professional video equipments for this very first try…???

  2. nice car beautiful superb.

  3. car looks great…did u get it frm EMC?

  4. i was waiting to see one of these on our roads!! Nice try tho Mash with the video review..I think may be small review touching the main points would be more appropriate since you dont have the man power..May be a 3 or 4 minute one like the ones they do on Edmunds ‘inside line’ or sumthing..Thats just my thought tho..

  5. Author

    Don, we wouldn’t have been familiar with rented equipment anyway, and investing that much energy picking up and dropping off big cameras would be time-consuming, especially since we aren’t doing a full-blown TV show. You’ll notice how site updates reduce when I am out with a car. Anyway, big cameras would’ve attracted the wrong kind of attention, especially since we don’t have permits for anything. It was just a quick experiment that we’ll try again later.

    maani, no one really notices this car until I forcefully blow past them.

    Zao, the car came through Mercedes-Benz ME headquarters, probably borrowed from the dealer.

  6. Mash. I made a choice to buy an automatic Mitsubishi lancer Evolution, but the dealer in USA offers it cheaper by AED 40k and of course with more powerful engine. Now im confused what is better to by???
    And what is the simplest way to bring a it from the USA???

    waiting from you,,,

  7. hey Mashfique…….is it really safe to try out crazy stuffs like drifting at the GV Area??

  8. The old Merc..still retains it personality and glory, even though better models have come, i suppose it belongs to “built like tank category” 😉

  9. Author

    assassin: You dream too much. In case you’re not dreaming, I don;t really know import procedures. The Awir used car people probably know.
    Don: Safe enough, if you stay careful and have decent car control. It is not a danger to anyone else. Not that I am admitting any of it is real. If anyone asks, it is all computer-generated images. None of it ever happened.
    v6turbo: Yes, it is a seriously strong car. Almost all the electrics still work too, like cruise control and ABS – in a 1990 car! Even 5-year-old Mercs can’t boast that.

  10. well, i dream about affordable cars. Not like those people who dream to get the GT-R. :mrgreen:

  11. Mashfique….. i got the reason why u changed it to “GV Area”…..hehe

  12. Author

    Yep. Need my space. 🙂

  13. hey mash, good attempt though, for the first time as the summer is still at its peak. hope for better next time, good luck man.
    this c63 amg should be quite comfortable and perform well, no doubt in that. 😎

  14. wats the price of the car?

  15. very good and sexy car :mrgreen: but it could be affordable??? 😥 whats the price 🙁

  16. Author

    Last I checked, about Dhs 325,000.

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