Production 2009 Kia Soul set for Paris

Production 2009 Kia Soul set for Paris

South Koreans KIA showed off a funky concept earlier in the year called the Soul. The production-ready 2009 Kia Soul is now set for debut at the 2008 Paris Auto Show in October.

Boasting a long wheelbase and a tall height for its size, the Soul retains compact dimensions overall, thus providing the utility and ride height of a crossover 4WD, but without any false offroading pretenses or loss in fuel economy.

Engines will include a 124 hp 1.6-litre and a 142 hp 2.0-litre, both 4-cylinder units and available with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic, mated to a front-wheel-drive platform.

The interior is as funky as the exterior, with various colour choices available.

Expect the Soul to reach Dubai and GCC showrooms early next year. It could become minor hit in a low-budget niche market currently served by unloved Daihatsus and Suzukis.

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  1. Its expected to arrive a little after april in UAE. Its basically Kia’s response to cars like scion xB and Mini cooper, Which means it will have a really long list of options so that everyones soul can be customised from the factory and its targeted towards the buyers who are ‘young at heart’. great car. I do wish it had AWD though. But Kia’s Haldex AWD system is still in testing stage.

  2. It looks funky but i have to say it reminds me alot of that daihatsu materia or sumthing..

    the links are of e-broucher pages of soul. its the last link you’ll see its got bluetooth butsince its in korean, I’ll explain you one thing in the last link. There is a seat cover in the last link page. its not just a seat cover; its a seat with lighting embeded into it. cool thing this car.

  4. yaa,the back looks like Daewoo Materia,and the lights at front reminds me somewhat of Honda CRV face…

  5. no probs. almost no new car on the road today have original designs. CRV looks like sportage, Accord looks like BMW 5, civic looks like that Saturn car, new lexus LX looks like Mohave, and so on… Its just brand image and brand history that make us notice things more in detail for one brand vs. another. BTW, I dont see what makes it look like a Daewoo or did you mean daihatsu materia? its bigger than that. it an over sized hatchback. 🙂


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