Letters: We get international attention

Letters: We get international attention

Anyone who follows this website knows that I am usually the first in the region at breaking news about cars. Most people can also see past the lack of flash on this website and realise the decent content underneath the humble skin. So much so, that DriveArabia.com has been quoted in various big-time American publications as a source, including Edmunds.com for our Renault Safrane coverage, the Chicago Tribune for our early Chery coverage, and Autospies.com for breaking news about the CSV CR8. Pretty damn awesome, I’d say. On to the letters.

Adrian Kessler says: Just to say that your analyses are excellent and most helpful (detailed and coherent). Bravo! Keep it up! Thanks.

Thanks, man! – MHC

Abbas Ali Zaidi says: Drivearabia.com is the first website I have seen which carried so much information and very systematically. I am glued to your site as I have so much to read. Thanks to your team.

Info mostly by me, man! – MHC

Arif Jamshaid says: I would like your advice regarding the Hyundai brand. I am interested in buying a new 4×4 vehicle and their models are Tucson and Santa Fe. What would be the depreciation on these models if I go for a Tucson (around Dh66,000) or a Santa Fe (around Dh80,000). How much can I expect after one year and would I be able to sell it easily. Also, as a car expert, please let me know about the resale value of these two cars. I see a lot of Tucsons on the roads but not the Santa Fe. My friends say it would be financial suicide to buy a new Hyundai. Can you suggest an alternative in this price range? Also please tell me about buying a used 2007 model vehicle, such as Toyota Fortuner or RAV4. Which one is better? I would appreciate it if you send a reply to my email address as I would like to buy a car at the earliest. Thanks.

Hyundais do depreciate fast, although Tucsons seem to hold their value a bit better. A Toyota will have higher resale values, and a RAV-4 is better than a Fortuner, unless you plan to off-road. Then a Fortuner is better than a RAV-4, man! – MHC

Hussein says: Hello, nice job on the site! Very informative reviews. Do you have any reviews coming up for the 2008 Pajero? Thanks.

The new Pajero is somewhat similar to the old one, so you can get an idea from older reviews. Thanks for the compliments, man! – MHC

Mohamed Ismail says: Well I don’t have that much experience in cars, but I want to buy a mid-range 4WD car.I like Chevrolet Captiva the most,it’s mentioned that it’s a ALL WHEEL drive, what i understand that this means it’s always 4WD, right? But in the site in the BAD list it’s mentioned that it’s bad front wheal drive, so am confused? Is it 4WD or no?is it good as a mid-range? And the fuel usage is it ok? Please advise.

Actually, as you will see in the specs, the base model can be had as either front-wheel-drive or optional 4WD, while the V6 comes standard with 4WD. Fuel economy is fine for a vehicle that size, man! – MHC

There were many more emails, but it seems my Gmail account to which I forward server emails ate up half my stuff. Who knows, it all might show up later. Keep sending me emails through the contact form.

What do you think?



  1. Hey Mash,,i just got ur reply!! 😀
    Yeh but regarding the santa fe, ur right u do see alot more tucsons but i honestly see much more santa fes when compared to say a Rav 4..
    People these days buy vehicles may be expecting to make money off of em after using them,,they are not property people!! I say if you’ve used a vehicle for a period of 3-4 years and you’ve got good service and done ur fair share of mileage then,then wut eva extra you get after sellin em should be adequate.But then again this is just my thinking

  2. Hi Mash, its not just automobile sites..if you type middle east auto reviews or car reviews…then also your website name appears..in msn and google search engines…keep up the good work…good days,adds 😉 are coming soon…take my word..

  3. i dont see the point of saying : ( I’m famous..loosers ) 👿 .

  4. Author

    I wish I was famous. This website is Dubai’s best kept secret.

  5. heyy mashh..wotz wid that “man!” at the end of every message man???..hehe 😆

    and mash..in the buyer guide, u hav mentioned the top speed for the 2009 mazda 6 2.5 as 215-220..but thn, there is no way i can get this thing past 205 kph!!!..any idea?? probably an electronic limitation??

  6. Author

    Maybe it will reach after an hour. Could be the heat. Plus you probably kept the a/c on. All cars are exactly similar either, so that could account for some difference. Anyway, keep going for too long at top speed and you’ll blow your engine.

  7. I just realised..I completely forgot about my 96 eclipse..which is sitting in sharjan muroor…hey mash, dyu think it could be a benchmark sports car ? or anyone here wants to revive it and sell it in africa or summin ?

  8. Author

    Be the first and start a business to sell cars in Africa.

  9. well..with the a/c switched on or off, the speedo does not go above 205 😥 …anyway, the accord / altima duo is faster i think..itz sorta bad tat itz got the greatest of sports sedan designs, but cannot reach the levels of a duller accord which runs on a 2.4L engine!..apart frm top speed and some crap dunlop tyres, the car is nice tho!

  10. if your car is new…then it will take some time to be trained to reach its top speed..in the altima some people reached 240 in SA with a 4 cylinder car…i know this might not be true…but all of this depends on the condition of the road and the car…BTW…sometimes the engine oil used by the dealers here is very thick in summer 20-50…not the 10-30…so it will protect the engine parts and the gaskits from worning out but that will affect the performance of the engine a bit..once i reached in our nissan sunny 190…and after a couple of days the car wasnot able to exceed 170…it all depends on the condition of the road and the car…in our altima 2.5 i reached once a speed of 230 but then i was scared from the tires to explode…it was proven that the tires of the altima cant handle that speed. and all of the top speeds for the cars in the buyer guide are from the carmakers themselves…but the true is that those numbers are not true…except for BMW and mercedes because they are all electronically limited to speed of 250KM/H…as i said before…its written that the 2.5 top speed is 205 and i reached 230…the 3.5 can nail its gauge to speed of 250-260….and that apply for toyota of honda or even mazda.

  11. vivek if you love driving too fast then why did you buy a 4-cylnder car?

  12. yup, the car is too new..only done 3000kms and jus abt 3 weeks old..and abt wot u said; i hav noticed the same thing with my mondeo several times..there were times when it touched 205 with ease, but it does not cross 185 kph at some other times..and i thot it was something to do with the fords..nywayz, thnx thatsit 🙂

    was just trying to work out the magic of economy-performance mantra, assassin! kidding 😛 ..i don’t normally drive at speeds above 140 kph; this was just for testing purposes 🙂 ..only to see what the car can do.. 🙂

  13. Dude..I wouldnt test a 3 week old car for top speeds. And yea…you’re right about the design …Its definately a much better looker thn Altima and Accord..but its a shame it doesnt come in a V6 3.0, I guess Galadari still havent woken up to the new dubai. In their heads, they’re still printing Khaleej Times in the 1970’s.

  14. i only took the odo reading into consideration 😛 ..but yea, definitely not gon’ make it a habit 🙂 …as mentioned by Mash in one of the articles, the US getz a much bigger 6 than we do, over here; and that too, optionally with a bigger engine that powers the CX-9…according to edmund’s the 3.7 v6 version powers frm 0-100 in jus 6.5 seconds!!…true, Galadari is still living in their 1970’s printing press!!

  15. I recently bought a Nissan Qashqai after I saw the tuscan, vitara, CRV and likes and found that Qashqai is comparatively more compact and very stylish. The interiors are specially good quality and attractive. I want to have your views..

  16. Author

    Enjoy your car!

  17. yes,Qashqai matches with your name, both Iranian as i think!!

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