2009 Honda Jazz GCC version in Dubai

2009 Honda Jazz GCC version in Dubai

The all-new GCC-spec 2009 Honda Jazz was unveiled in the UAE, during a press conference in Dubai. The redesigned 5-door subcompact hatchback was originally revealed more than a year ago in Japan.

The “New Jazz” is powered by an upgraded 1.5-litre 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine that delivers 118 hp at 6600 rpm, and 146 Nm of torque at 4800 rpm. In a move to deter true enthusiasts, only a 5-speed automatic transmission is available for the GCC market. The 2009 Jazz is supposed to be the first car in its class to be equipped with a 5-speed auto gearbox, and that too with optional paddle shifters.

The speedometer features a large LED display providing of a broad range of information, including current fuel economy and range indications. This would be a first for Honda cars, as even the expensive Accord does not have a trip computer yet.

An integrated single-CD stereo is fitted on all models, with MP3/WMA capability and speed-dependent volume adjustment. Features include four speakers, two tweeters and a USB adaptor in the centre console storage box. The new Jazz is also equipped with the latest version of Honda’s “Magic Seats” in the back that can fold up or fold down in one motion. All models get power-folding mirrors, air-cooled double glovebox, keyless entry, alarm, 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps, and front power windows. The EX adds rear power windows, paddle shifters, faux-leather steering wheel with audio controls, 16-inch alloy wheels and cruise control. A panoramic sunroof is standard on the top EXL version. The Jazz also comes in 11 different colours, and a body-kit option.

All Jazz models are equipped with ABS and Electronic Brake force Distribution as standard. Dual front airbags are standard, while only the EXL gets side airbags.

The Jazz remains a spacious underpowered alternative to the traditional 4WD. We assume it continues to offer great fuel economy, superb handling and poor acceleration. Prices are expected to start at around Dhs 50,000.

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  1. the centre con. looks rubbish! Infact the steering wheels is the only think that looks good. exterior… OK but rear end not very apealing.

  2. i like sterring only…
    but car looks bad very bad.

  3. It looks bad compared to what? I think it looks better than the previous model and the toyota yaris. May be only the peugeot 207 has e better design in this class.

  4. IMHO, the tiida also looks better, ford fiesta, aveo5 as well

  5. I’m not sure that the tida is in the same class,by the way it is one of the ugliest cars on the market. However, the fiesta and aveo can not be compared to the jazz in quality.

  6. This one looks much better than its predecessor, but apart from that the options list is quite impressive for such a compact..But its quite expensive isnt it. Paddle shifters for this?? Whats honda upto?? Civic and now the jazz..

  7. better not to judge only by looks. since i have driven yaris hatch, i would think jazz is better,spacious and equiped with all the goodies. better comaparison would be with tiida hatch.

  8. Looks better than the previous model…exterior is okay while the interior is interesting…already seen it on the road…

  9. the old Jazz I’ve driven was a really good, spacious car with superb fuel economy! However, the comfort of the seats and the looks, are what I did not like about it. Anyway, I think paddle shifters for a Jazz, is a bit too much! And I agree with Bader; the Aveos and the old Fiestas fall behind the Jazz in terms of quality. However, I guess the new Fiesta looks much more upscale and futuristic with excellent quality and fit & finish!

  10. This Jazz seems like a good improvement – modern look outside,a little futuristic inside although it seems a bit much. Also,would anyone actually use the paddle shifters?! Price,as usual,is on the higher side!

  11. Paddle shifters on the Jazz but not on the ‘sporty’ V6 Accord Coupe??? I really dont know what honda’s thinking… a why a 5spd. Autobox… they keep dumping the same transmission in all their cars (Civic,Accord, CRV, Pilot).

    Maybe the rest of the lineup will get paddle shifts for 2010.

  12. This car is better than all competitors in its category,,,, in terms of design, quality, options…. Its a Honda after all….

    Keep it up Honda…

  13. With every new model, it becomes a minivan.. 🙄

  14. 0-100 is 8.5sec WoWWWW!!!!Am onna get dis baby!!!!

  15. Based on this review, I bought the car !

    Delivered yesterday and very nice to drive 🙂

    I believe the best value for money. Thanks drivearabia.

  16. BTW, mu model is the top end with the paddle shifter, it is very nice feature to simulate the manual drive and this top model costs ~70k DHS

  17. 50,000 Dhs is really expensive for this type of car.

    I though car are going to be cheaper at the end of this year due to the economic crisis but guess not.

  18. comment : Yes they are cheaper but in other parts of the world since people are still buying cars here there is no need of reducing prices (this is called marketing).

  19. There is a mistake this car is accelerating from 0-100 in 11.5s .It needs at least 150-160 hp engine 😀 to make such an acceleration.

  20. Honda Jazz PROS & CONS


    I have just bought Honda Jazz (Nom. 1 for 70000 AED)three days ago and what attracted me really is the space you can get with this small car compared to other brands!

    I got the one with the Panoramic sun roof which is really nice since more than half the roof is glass, it gives more light and a feeling of freedom.

    The fully controled buttons of the CD player, cruise control and the gear tiptronic shifts at the tip of your fingers would satisfy a freak control like me.

    I fill it to the brim with only 50 AED (8 Gallons) and it drives me about 431 km which is very good.

    The steering is very smooth. The engine is quiet.


    I had some pain in my shoulders from driving it which i think because the steering is relativly small.

    The body of the car is soft i think its made of Alminum which is easy to have bends. Example, After 3 hours of buying my car i stopped at the mall and when i came back i found a bend at the door because someone opened his/her door and hit my car which caused a bend at the door!


  21. Author

    Well Slim, aluminium is expensive, so the Jazz simply has thin sheets of steel really. Also, I had arm-aches from the Honda City due to its misplaced armrests, and the Jazz possibly has the same issue.

  22. Since i drove the car and tried all its equippement, i found Honda Jazz the best car in its categories.Honestly i m gonna buyu this car soon.

  23. yup, it is the best of all the “economy” brands’ B-seg cars.

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