2009 Ford Fiesta coming to Dubai soon

2009 Ford Fiesta coming to Dubai soon

The 2009 Ford Fiesta, easily the most attractive subcompact hatchback on the market, is going to hit Dubai and other UAE showrooms as early as next month.

Launched during a press event in Fujairah, the European-built Ford Fiesta will be available for the GCC in 5-door form, though no other details have been revealed. We assume it will be available with a 1.6-litre 4-cylinder Duratec engine, pumping out 120 hp at 6000 rpm and 152 Nm of torque at 4050 rpm, but only available with a 5-speed manual. Another possible engine option is a 1.4-litre with 97 hp and 128 Nm, with a manual or automatic.

Official specs for the 1.6-litre include a 0-100 kph time of 9.9 seconds with a manual gearbox, and fuel consumption of 5.9 litres per 100 km. The 1.4-litre can do 12.2 seconds and 5.7 litres/100 km with a manual.

Features include the most futuristic cabin ever, a soft-touch dashboard, available starter button, capless fuel-filler system, CD stereo, power accessories and charging points for MP3 players.

While not as innovative or spacious as the recently-released 2009 Honda Jazz, the new Fiesta scores with massive style points.

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  1. WOWWWW!! Thats a hot hatch! Sensible pricing is all what it needs!! and Ford would be stupid if they do not give the option of an automatic transmission wid the 1.6L engine!

  2. nice looking car ford u r superb

  3. Nice looking car… i really dont think Ford would launch the 1.6 without an Autobox tho. I mean c’mon, this is dubai!!! A turbocharged version could probably give the Mini a run for its money !!!

  4. Looking nice…plus its UK built…if its anything like the Focus/Mondeo on the handling department this might be a great car….

    What’s the capless fuel filler system???

  5. check the first image. the circular fuel filler is next to the rear lamp

  6. 😐 faster than buggati

  7. looks better than most of the small hatchbacks….interior looks really beautiful….

  8. Good effort inside and out – people will be sold on it’s looks(especially women). We need to wait and see how reliable it is and how prices will compare with the competition.

  9. Dayem, that’s one funky looking ride! If only there was a model with more kick in it..

  10. Just as I said! Its a beauty!!! Better than many in its class. Just love it!

  11. Amazing looks..interior and exterior are HOT!

  12. I got the older one and it is very reliabl car.

    But the problem is the Al-Tayer/ Premier motor how they going to market it and there garage.

    I really have bad experince with them.

    Alway buy cars that other people have or you will end up going to out of the country to find for you parts which takes long time and not good experince.

  13. just hope ford doesnt get bankrupt! I really hope not.

  14. the special edition came allready along with 3 levels of it, basic, mid range and higher options
    u can contact me for any further information

    Qais [email protected]

  15. i want to know the price of ford fiesta

  16. i want to know the price of cars

  17. I am current owner of the ford fiesta…..Very Bad Fuel Economy and high consumption…. The one stated in the owne’s manual are all untrue ( Sales Booster Only ) No solution from Ford as of this moment!

  18. it will take time for the fuel consumption to reach the advertised rate. it like that for all new cars.

  19. I’ve heard that the 1.4L unit is a little strained in getting the cute thing run around…so make sure u dont floor it hard!

  20. I get good fuel economy on my the older version. Every 100km is about 10DHS

  21. Whats going on with compact cars they are starting to feel and drive like lexuses inside out.. I miss something like a peugeot 106 GTI… fast, sporty, fun, simple, cheap car. What happened to those days?

  22. I have spoken to more than 5 Fiesta owner and all complaining about high fuel consumption. You would even see a lot of fiesta in the parking lot of their service center all with the same issues! All Ford can say is were sorry to hear that!

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