2009 Nissan Xterra debuts in Sharjah show

2009 Nissan Xterra debuts in Sharjah show

Arabian Automobiles, the exclusive dealer for Nissan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates introduced the facelifted 2009 Nissan Xterra 4WD at the 2008 Sharjah International Auto Show. While the five-seater Nissan Xterra was designed as a tough outdoor tool, it has actually gained a few comfort features alongside new offroad gadgets.

All 2009 Xterra trims now a redesigned front end featuring two new grilles, namely sandblast aluminium finish on X, S and Off-Road models, and satin chrome finish for Xterra SE models. New features include standard front airbags, rear a/c ducts, new audio package including six-disc in-dash changer, redesigned center cluster, push-button a/c, Bluetooth handsfree phone and iPod connectivity. Side steps are standard on the S model, while leather seats and illuminated steering-wheel switches are standard on the SE model. A new Off Road model includes body side molding, unique two-tone seat fabric, rear differential lock, heavy duty Bilstein shock absorbers, and BF Goodrich 265/75R16 OWL off-road tyres on new 16 inch alloy wheels. A GPS navigation system is also available.

Exterior enhancements include a new roof rack air dam as a standard feature for the Off Road models along with new side-step and roof rail colours. New wheel designs are also featured on all models, including a new 16-inch bright machine-finished wheel for the Xterra Off-Road.

Other standard interior features include sporty reclining front bucket seats, footrest, dual front and rear cupholders, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, keyless entry and cruise control. There’s also an available built-in first-aid kit and space to securely carry jugs up to a one-gallon size.

The 261 hp 4.0-litre V6 engine and four-wheel-drive remain standard, with a choice of 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual. Driveline components include engine speed-sensitive power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering and 4-wheel vented disc brakes with ABS and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD).

Apparently, Nissan has decided to offer all versions of the American-built Xterra SUV here, as available in the U.S. market. We hear prices start at Dhs 98,000 and go up to Dhs 117,000 in the UAE.

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  1. Good they decided to change the interior, it was too basic..But when i asked them bout the side airbags, one of the sales guy said they didnt come with the xterra. So i asked why didnt nissan middle east consider putting it as standard just like the 2009 US models, he was like “based on the survey carried out this is what the public wants”. why wouldnt the public want more safety features??. He either has no clue if it had or was just BSing me..Like i said half of em have no clue except for the price..
    I still like the x though..giving it a good long hard thought..

  2. Author

    I can’t be sure of the airbags bit. The press release was all over the place with mistakes.

  3. Any idea when the 2009 murano debuts in Dubai? Seriously considering getting one

  4. Mash when you drove the X did you ever feel the need for the diff lock?? I will plan on doing some off road excursions but will the off road package really make a difference for me (im a begineer when it comes to off road) or should i make due with the standard ‘S’ trim.They told me everything in the off road is similar to the S except for the off road gear..

  5. Author

    You can manage without one, since you are a beginner and won’t know when to use it at the right times anyway. It isn’t really needed unless you get stuck in certain specific situations or are climbing rocks. That said, I am not a pro either, and my Jeep has automatic front/center/rear locking diffs, so I won’t learn much in the future either.

  6. is the Dhs 98,000 for the 6-speed manual X-terra?

  7. Im not sure they didnt say but i think even the base here in the GCC comes with a standard 5 speed auto while the 6 speed manual being optional.Not too sure..

  8. Spyke, brother, you can go ahead and buy xTerra, I like FJ also, but to be quite practical one goes to offroad once in month or two, so after initial few days of purchase you will start missing the rear doors. For.eg. You give your Pathfinder for service and the whole family needs to go for shopping, it will not be a good experience at all, otherwise FJ is one good hell of a 4wd. xTerra has this features plus 4 doors also. One thing to note here is xTerra for sure will have hard drive on road than Pathfinder, so beware before you decide to buy these types of tough duty offroaders, in the end we know we need something comfortable to commute to office and work and it should seat minimum of 5 persons without disturbance in day to day scenario… 😉 😉

  9. Thanks royer same thing i was thinking of, the practicality of the fj is not so good. And im a young bloke still so i dont mind a little harsher ride but honestly i dont think its that much harder, its still more comfier than may be a H3.
    On another note, automiddleast completely screwed up their review of the 2009 x. They claim that nissan have now shifted to a 4.0 straight 4 cylinder,lol..Dont they know that its the same v6 engine and 291 was just the gross hp and that 261 is the net?? These were probably the mistakes in the press release you were talkin about isnt it mash..

  10. Author

    The press release said it is a 261 hp straight-6 engine. The other determination, that writer made himself.

  11. Been thinking abt getting a used 2008 xterra for a while now to replace my infiniti fx35 but seeing the pictures of the new model just changed my mind. quick question re differential lock, u guys mentioned it doesnt have one as standard only on the offroad model, is it really necessary? I plan to try off roading with this new car, am a girl with no experience… or is the 4×4 option on the X good enough? the fx35 isnt a 4×4 and has gotten me stuck in sand at the kerbs by roads even hence the change! many thanks!

  12. Girls going off road, nice!!! Yup you heard right, the rear diff lock doesnt come standard and is only available on the off road model. But like mash said, unless ur plannin on rock climbing and some other situations you probably wont use it. But then again the off road does come with other off road gadgets..The 4×4 system on the x by itself is good, the off road model when used properly is even better..

  13. spyke, what do you think about the new 3.2 Grand Vitara? is it good or too small for you?

    and this is the brake-torque launch of the LC.
    can you tell me how many secontds it takes? every time i try to count, it gives me a different number, very complicated.

  14. The new vitara does look real nice,but i honestly love the VQ40DE,and just doent have the tough look the x has. Have you seen it with the dealer fitted Brush Guard??Looks like it does just under or little over 8 sec not sure..hehe ny one you know..

  15. You wrote: . Wrong ! Nissan confirmed to me that these features do not exist for vehicles in UAE…. I wonder why we can never get specs as good as in other parts of the world….

  16. I don’t know why the system did not keep the quote… 😳 I was refering to the so called curtain side-impact airbags for front and rear occupants. It does not exist as a standard in UAE…. 🙁

  17. Bruno who u refering to?? and when you said
    “Nissan confirmed to me that these features do not exist for vehicles in UAE” what models are you talkin about??

  18. what? no side curtain airbags? I hope they have the side airbags though… thats wat it said in the press release. This is the reason i have given up on the idea of a used 2008 xterra and prefer the 09 model… reason i prefer nissan over toyota is cos of their addtional safety features, as opposed to the prados 2 front airbags and thats it! what do u guys think of the nissan patrol, 3 door? am considering that too..

  19. oops, no side airbags, just curtain side airbags + 2 front ones stated in press release

  20. Author

    While details over the Xterra’s safety features are vague, the outdated Patrol has even fewer concessions for safety, so it may not be the vehicle for you.

  21. why Patrol or xterra. You can buy a pair of shoes, cool dress, trecking equipmnet, sand slide, no need of 4×4. I have told this again and again, my 9 year old pajero has none of the gadgedtry, hill asist, braking technologies, features and i don’t even know whether the air bag will ever deploy. If you know how to drive, any low range vehicle, provided its in good condition, if not you will fail in any 4×4, the same airbags can kill you, if your seat adjustment is wrong and even if you get saved by airbags, you can die of fire, there are fire extingushers in few vehicles , but i don’t think any person will be in such mindset after accident to search for it and use it, instead he will jump out of car and try to run. Ask eveybody’s opnion, see your budget, if you like xterra buy it or go for another 4×4, go to showroom and see the vehicle yourself, people will just guess and say anything.

  22. 4wd I agree in part to what you say,it depends on the drivers skill but why patrol or xterra, well bcos they’re both good off road capable vehicles couple of ppl here wanna buy. If not for those two what do you propose, for us to purchase another 9 year old pajero may be?. No offence but your 9 year pajero probably doesnt have the power in once had, the safety features the new once have (and im not only talkin about airbags but all the active as well as passive features)in addition to that a 9 year old vehicle will be considered “old” in an years time and will need to be sold or either exported to another country once the old car law comes into effect. What you have to consider is that people dont only want a good offroader but also some comfort otherwise we’d be takin the wrangler into consideration as well..
    and i dont think you can go off roading in a nice dress.

  23. Hi Spyke, you got me wrong, what i meant to say was that both xterra and petrol are good offroaders, you get what you pay for in these vehicles, if nissan releases a new petrol of same size, dimension and power with latest technology like pathfinder, then you wont get it the same prize of current petrol, so for 98k don’t expect xterra to have camary ride and six airbags, what u pay is what u get, if u ask too much for little money, the only thing u can buy is trekking gadgets. Pajero was just an example, i would rather use it and trash it with rta then selling it for few k’s getting frightened of daily changing rules, by the way car prices are going up, few banks are asking min salary of 10k for vehicle loan (e.g. :HSBC), so i wont be surprised if rta changes rules and used car sales pick up as we can now no more buy new cars easily. 😮

  24. the Fj is real good offroader but a lil bit off our budget, the driver like 4wd said also makes a huge difference. I probably would’ve got stuck long way back even if i was driving a FJ lol..

  25. Nothing special, both vehicle reaching on top of dune, one reaching few secs later. I thought the fj will go on top and xterra got stuck. This depends on dune surface and driver. Maybe u will see another video on youtube showing xterra reaching first and fj second. Nobody will post a video of xterra or fj stuck in desert. Everyone wants to prove his vehicle is best. Anyways whatever it be the sales will be like this in uae always like this, toyota,nissan and honda..even if other vehicles are good nobody will listen

  26. Spike, Silviae, I am talking about ALL X-Terras in UAE… Sorry, no side impact air-bags for us in UAE !
    I agree with the comment “what you pay is what you get” but I think Nissan should publish brochures and press releases stating the truth and not lure potential customers – like me – with wrong info… 😡

  27. Hey guys, am just a starter for off roading so will not require gadgets for off roading and yes i do want a car with some nice features as i do not intend to live in the desert with it and not drive it on paved roads as well. And I do have enough shoes, bags, clothes, etc, thanks very much.

    Yes checked with the showroom, no side curtain impact airbags on xterras here. I think a 2nd hand Xterra would be the best bet now since not much dif with the new model, only cosmetic changes. Thanks for the input all!

  28. Mash, Are you sure that the new Grand Vitara 2.4 3 doors manual takes 11.2 seconds??
    i dont know man, because our 2007 Terios took 10.8 seconds when i tested it in the summer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2P7M8juetk
    i hope that the vitara takes less than 10 seconds.
    one of my family is willing to buy it

  29. Author

    Official manufacturer figures.

  30. Nissan ME doesnt bring it here but the side impact airbags were optional else where on the 07-08 and are now standard on the 09 models. Apart from the side airbags the X is still one of the most safest SUV around receiving top notch for frontal impacts and having one of the most strongest roofs around. It also receives top notch with the side impact airbags but since they dont have it here it drops to marginal, which is about the same as a 08 jeep grand cherokee only having marginal even with the side impact airbags.

  31. This is what i said in previous comment,rules for old cars usage will keep on changing, as now it’s not possible to buy new cars easily anymore. Almost all banks have started raising the minimum salary required for purchase of new cars, plus soon we won’t be getting cars at the interest rates we got earlier. 😆

  32. hey fols, any idea when is the murano 2009 hitting dubai??

  33. Hi does anyone know if the GCC spec Xterra has the factory fitted skid plates? I keep missing this reference when searching for it and the guys at nissan told me that it doesnt have them, but everyone else says they do,and I havent had the chance to egt underneath to have a look myself. cheers.

  34. The base Xterra as well as the S and SE come with the standard skid underneath the radiator, there might be other standard stuff as well that im not aware of but the “off road” model comes with extra skids for the oil sump, fuel tank and transfer case as far as i know..

  35. I am planning on buying a 4×4 . I am absolutely awe struck by the 2oo9 Xterra( partly because I think I can just afford it). If any of you gentlemen could let me know the basic difference between all the models and anything important I would be missing out on if I go for a cheaper version , I would greatley appreciate it .I have never gone offroading but I will, once I get my hand one of these beauties.

  36. For features just read the article above it gives a pretty good idea of all the options and grade. You should be ok with the non off road model, but if it were me i’d go for the ‘S’ trim.
    According to the brochure i received,it has a 6 speaker 6 disk changer, blue tooth hands free phone kit,steering wheel controls, cruise control, side step, air damn and so on..It should be the best pic unless you also want leather which the ‘SE’ trim now has. The off road version is a very good choice for serious off roaders but since your a begineer you should be ok with the ‘S’. But just for your info, it has a rear diff lock and upgraded bilstein shock absorbers and some other underbody armor.

  37. 😐 v good actually this car is very beautiful u know that and i have 2008 model of lexus car his engine his body v v superb i cant tell u ok by by

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