2009 Toyota Innova hits Dubai roads

2009 Toyota Innova hits Dubai roads

Having spotted a fresh-looking Toyota Innova on the roads, I realised that the 2009 model has received a facelift and quietly released in Dubai. Not that anyone cares, but it remains a spacious family alternative to cramped 4WDs.

The new Indonesian-built Innova gets a new front end consisting of a reshaped bumper and a new grille, with clear headlights.

The rear gets a reshaped bumper, new tail-lights, and accessories such as parking sensors, at least in some markets.

The interior is largely the same, with minor trim changes and the addition of an in-dash CD changer. Other than that, there are no changes under the skin mechanically.

The Innova minivan never caught on in the GCC among families, who seem to prefer the cramped top-heavy Fortuner instead just for its looks. While a minor hit with UAE fleet customers, Toyota needs to make it more appealing with a full redesign rather than a facelift.

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  1. Thai-built Rwd Innova….nice

  2. Author

    I just found out it is built in Indonesia.

  3. i found that both innova and fortuner are built in indonesia years ago.

  4. n no matter wt all of u hav found, i jus found tis thing evn more downright BORINGG!! Whre r the ppl who designd the FJ??

  5. thumbs down! What should I say! any toyota except the FJ os downright boring! look at the interiors! no taste! and no emotion in ext design.

  6. Excellent car, value for every penny paid. Better than buying a white color bread box van, that tumbles down in every corner or is involved in road accident every second day.

  7. yeah almost all banks are rejecting auto loans……yesterday i gt my bank loan approved from Emirates Bank (with some downpayment )……rest of dem ADCB,ADIB and CBI rejected……cheers emirates bank….a million thanks!!

  8. But I seriously think the 15-seater commercial Hiace looks way better than this!! 😆

  9. But brother will u buy an 15 seater ace and park at home or go to office. Buy a black innova and, add stickers to doors, front and rear bull gaurd decent ones not overlly projecting ones and see how nice it looks.

  10. I’d never buy this….NERVER!!!!!

  11. Anybody can answer if this car has rear Air Conditioning? Is it standard or an option in Middle East region?

  12. super performance

  13. Hi Italo yes all inova models come equipped with rear A/C. I feel that the innova is one of those car mixtures that have seriously gone wrong. It just doesn’t look pathetic it is also. The drive is bumpy and feels like a pick up thanks to the hilux chassis.

  14. Can we get some realistic comments from those who have used Innova for some time.

  15. what’s this bullet car?

  16. a very nice car,honestly!i will buy this someday!

  17. Yes, Can we get some comments from those who have used Innova for some time?

  18. great car innova

  19. pleae give me a good reason to buy innova

  20. superb awesome speedy van

    May 23, 2010 at 1:35 pm
    pleae give me a good reason to buy innova

    Competitive price
    Ground clearance and not so high driver’s seat compared to SUVs
    Good for a family of 6 to 8 members (8 seats)
    Rear Aircondition is more than enough to cool the cabin
    Toyota brand still reliable with this model

  22. Im planning to buy one but does anyone know the difference between 2010 & 2011 aside from the SR250/- increase in the price?


    Thanks in advance

  23. Very slow very light no features this car is really very bad

  24. The Innova is the poor mans Tarago/Previa. Not as refined but the perfect car for the developing world. Well done Toyota. Its OK if you can afford the Previa or Odessey. The Mitsubishi Spacewagon is good too. The Innova lacks refinement, since its a HILUX dressed as a MPV. The Alphard is not available in the Gulf. Decent budjet car, the Innova. Its very popular in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines.

  25. toyota innova is best comparetively others

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