Scuderia 250: Middle East supercar club

Scuderia 250: Middle East supercar club

An outfit called Scuderia 250, touted to be the Middle East’s first exclusive supercar club, will be launched in December this year, with operations beginning early next year. It is not a club in the traditional sense, but more like you pay a huge membership fee, and then gain access to a fleet of exotic cars for brief periods of time, for personal use.

The super-exclusive club offers its members access to a range of the latest luxury vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley and Aston Martin to Rolls Royce, Porsche, Maserati, Mercedes Mclaren and more.

Scuderia 250 directors Adrian Pieraccini and Iain Watson explained that Scuderia 250 offers hassle-free supercar accessibility coupled with a wide range of choice from a stable of luxury vehicles.

Scuderia 250 in Dubai offers its members “the ultimate way to drive an unrivaled collection of the world’s best supercars without the drawbacks and costs of ownership. The club oversees the endless details and headaches that most successful business people don’t have time for, such as insurance and storage, maintenance and depreciation, leaving members free to concentrate on sheer driving pleasure. Quite simply it’s a really cost effective way to drive a selection of supercars.”

Members can enjoy the benefit of a variety of the world’s ultimate supercars at their disposal in addition to delivery, collection, an advanced driver safety programme and premier access to luxury events.

Scuderia 250 Dubai will officially launch at a media event in Dubai in December 2008, with an operating start early 2009, soon to be followed by Scuderia 250 Abu Dhabi. As with exclusivity, there are a limited number of memberships available. Membership options comprise of two types – Individual and Corporate – each offering two Club or Premier tiers. More details will be revealed later.

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  1. Can I see a Ferrari California in the top corner or not?

  2. If you get invited to there launch…please let me come with you….would love to photograph those cars…. :mrgreen:

  3. got to be the best way to drive a supercar. count me in 😎

  4. any good tiger,do you have the latest scampi supercharger in house prefered colour……golden!!! 😆

  5. 🙁 its my dream car, i dont know when ill drive may be in my 60’s lol

  6. i luv supercars

  7. Can I see a Ferrari California in the top corner or not?

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