2009 Mazda 6 Ultra V6 debuting in UAE

Few of our readers hinted that a V6-powered Mazda 6 was coming to Dubai. Then reader Ajmal tells me the UAE dealer for Mazda, Galadari Automobiles, will be launching the new car on December 15th of this year. In an interesting move, this V6 model will be the larger American-built version of the Mazda 6.

Indeed, the 2009 Mazda 6 Ultra, as is will supposedly be dubbed, is built in Michigan, USA. It is larger than the Japanese-built 4-cylinder models by 18.5 cm, and only comes in sedan form with unique front and rear styling. For the GCC, it will only by available with a competitive 272 hp 3.7-litre V6, offering 364 Nm of torque through the front wheels. The standard gearbox is a 6-speed automatic with tiptronic functionality.

Features seem to include everything that the competition has, including power accessories, starter button, stability control, multiple airbags, leather and CD/MP3 player, but I doubt the navigation system will make it here. Space is said to be finally as good as that in today’s oversized Japanese midsizers. Theoretically, this American-built Mazda6 should be cheaper than the competition, as the UAE dirham has a dollar peg, unless the dealer gets greedy.

It looks like Mazda is finally ready to compete with the big boys at the upper end of the midsize market unless they botch the marketing campaign yet again. I have already seen ads for this car on the MBC channels in Arabic but was originally confused as to why they were showing the US-spec car. It’d help to have some English ads on channels showing English shows.

Update: Our buddy Ajmal says there are two trim levels, and prices range from Dhs 102,000 to Dhs 108,000. Also, prices in Saudi Arabia are apparently cheaper by Dhs 12,000. No navigation is included. The top model has a starter button, 6-CD Bose stereo with 10 speakers, leather seats with memory, Xenon headlights, fog lamps, rear a/c vents which the current Mazda 6 does not have, and specifically for the GCC version, there are special chrome side mirrors with indicator lights as well as chrome on the front bonnet and a gold-plated ULTRA badge at the rear.

For the latest local prices, specs and fuel economy data, visit the Mazda 6 Ultra buyer guide.

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  1. O thanks Goodness Galadari reallized the need for this!

  2. Why no Nav? oh well… still, its about time Galadari realized that the dubai market has evolved and that most brands have had their local offerings grow lately.

    Just look at Ford or Toyota, even Honda has more models on sale!

  3. If they are brining U.S. versions of mazda, they should bring the maxspeed3 too.

  4. I can hear Vivek crying(sorry dude) 😐

  5. Nice!!!! This is good news…lets hope the Mazda 3 gets the same treatment…

  6. There some new cars launched in year 2009, however, Accord and Altima would be the same. So what would be your pic of available sports sedan among Accord, Altima and Mazda ?

  7. Author

    None of them are sports sedans so I wouldn’t buy any of them. However, among V6 sedans, the Accord has the best ride/handling, Altima has the best cabin features, Aurion has the best engine and Mazda looks the best (but I haven’t seen its cabin features).

  8. this model was introduced in saudi market about 3 weeks back as ultra and that must be the reason arab channels were showing the ads…regardin Mashfiques comment about sport sedan among the 4…yeah its true taht we havent driven the this ultra version yet but most of the american test drive reports and comparison test say that mazda 6 is almost a sport sedan…it fills the gap between a family car and a sport sedan….previous generation mazda 6 was a much better handling car than accord…

  9. and galant got the best value!!

  10. No Nav because Mazda does not have the DVD with GCC maps and it is not worth buying it for the small amount of V6 they will sell

  11. design looks good & it might sell a few but in this segment the accord 3.5/altima 3.5/aurion & also lumina are the best among the lot.

  12. now now if a g35 is 135000dhs its just seem more practical to get it than to pay for the above mentioned, since u get a luxury sport sedan that does 0-100 in 6.0secs.

  13. UAE will soon get the refreshed Mazda6 2.5L also with american design looks. Let’s wait and see its options and price once its launched early 2009. It will be lower than the current selling price.

  14. yes RayD…i’m crying 😥 😥 😥 ….and now AJK dissappoints me even more by saying that the 2.5L will also be the bigger american spec in near future…my impatience is the culprit 😥 😥 😥

  15. Very interesting news, although not really a surprise – I saw the V6 6 undercover in the workshop last year when I was testdriving the MX-5 (which I eventually bought :).

    Normally I’d say it would be an uphill battle for low-rated Mazda to sell any V6 cars but then, who expected them to sell the CX-9 in such numbers? Clearly, customers are voting with their wallets.

    PS: I wouldn’t count out on the Speed 3 not making it to the market – eagled eyed readers will certainly have spotted the CX-7 parked in the service centre – the two share an engine so there’s no reason why it won’t come to market.

    There’s also a softtop (and no doubt cheaper) mx-5 in the way – grr…

  16. Mazda6 2.0L will remain the same japanese design, only Mazda6 2.5L will be american design, so mazda fans will have choice of designs and engines options

  17. according to edmunds this mazda is the best ….

  18. I believe they would come here with the worst options for a v6 Mazada6 and at a price of 120,000 without the GPS and other option that is in the UAE for much cheaper.

    That is what is happened to the Accord and Altima.

  19. spec would be the same as in the saudi. the question will any body pay 100+ for a mazda that 2 from galadari bad reputation. these days second hand dealers are only taking in toyotas

  20. If people here use their heads,they will see that it’s worth buying a Mazda6 rather than an over-priced Toyota/Honda any day as it offers more for less money – Galadari’s service has also improved considerably(Vivek will vouch for that).
    I saw the CX-7 in the workshop a few weeks ago;I’m guessing it’s a test mule. I’ve also seen the ‘new look’ MX-5 😉 As for the new showroom(old news),it’s located just after the 2nd interchange on SZR. By the way,they are not terminating old staff 😐

  21. i agree this probably the best among the bunch.. it looks better than the accord, it handles better (according to edmunds), is faster 0-100 in 6.5 sec, gives better economy, more toys, fit and finish looks tight.. it is a no brainer…

    anyway i planning to buy one in jan 09, i will give is a go.. let see how it stacks against the aurion

  22. Galadari’s after sales service is great. no probs with that.

  23. Does somebody know the quality of after sale service at Al Khoory Automobiles.

  24. I hear the Subaru dealer is pathetic and that’s why you don’t see many on the road – no marketing,no after sales service etc. It’s unfortunate as Subaru is an amazing brand. Ask any Omani,he/she will tell you;these cars run there quite a bit…

  25. Subaru is marketed a lot in the Friday Magazine in Gulf news….

    I remember seeing tons of them in Oman. The police uses a Legacy in Salalah!!!

  26. Limiting one’s ad to just one in the Friday magazine will not boost sales over night…

  27. Author

    I think dealers have the retarded idea that people actually read the happy reviews in Friday ragazine.

  28. I think since Subaru is in the Toyota group from this year ,the Toyota dealer should start offering subaru’s.

  29. Friday reviews are nice…especially when you’re in the mood of reading a fairy tale story where everyone lived happily ever after… 😉

  30. agree on that. 🙂

  31. nice looking car atlast.good work mazda :mrgreen:

  32. Their cars always look good 😎

  33. however in dubai it can never compete accord camry and altima because of no trade in facilty, but its a nice car

  34. i wud never buy mazda, my friend bought it and he sold just after 10 days, its a nice car but it cant run as long as other cars do, specially toyota and honda.

  35. I had a maz6 [’04] for over 4 years now, nevr had major probs with it although now after 4 yrs the hydraulic struts lifting the trunk lid are rather useless.

  36. A Mazda will ‘run as long’ as a Toyota/Honda/Nissan. You just need to know how to drive it 😛

  37. The Mazda 6 is a very good vehicle. Very comfortable to drive, excellent fuel economy in mixed driving conditions (about 480-500 kms for 75-78 dhs of petrol), near excellent performance and cool looks. I don’t know about the reliability, but as far as I know, the Mazdas do run for a long time without giving the owner much headaches. And the dealer service isn’t pathetic at all, as RayD said. Probably they were late, but they sure have improved a lot. In fact, they are the only service ppl whom I know of, who tries their best to help out every customer in every possible way, while the futtaim guyz just shoe you away if they don’t have a slot for your car!

    But I really dont see a point in Mazda trying to bring the american version of the 2.5L 6 into this market. The current 6 is too good; it has good power and excellent fuel economy. The american 6 is much bigger while havin the same 4 pot under the hood; so, wont the size kill the fuel economy and make it lag behind it’s competitors in terms of power?? for instance, the current 6 can hit 100 kph in 8.7 seconds (tatz my best); with the same engine, wont the american 6 take a couple of seconds more to hit the same spot in the speedo? Having a different looking and way more powerful V6 makes sense; but the bread ‘n’ butter variant of the 6 will always be the 2.5L one!

  38. I think the american version doesnt look as good as the international model.

  39. I want to correct Vivek the American V6 is a 3700cc not a 2.5l (the 2.5 is a i4 engine). Since Mazda hasn’t got a car in the upper segment sedan like it used to be with the Mazda 9 series in the past , what is bad in offering a longer and more powerful American version to compete with the Honda Accord,Nissan Altima ,Toyota Aurion 3.5s.

  40. Author

    Vivek may be referring to Ajmal’s (AJK) post. Ajmal provide me with the info for this article. He says once the current stock of Japanese 2.5s run out, it will be replaced by American 2.5 models. It is obvious why. The U.S. car market is dead, and Mazda is dumping their stock here.

  41. Well ref to MHC and Vivek comments, even I agree with u guys as the current mazda6 is pretty good enough..but there were feedbacks like size is smaller when compared to Accord or Camry also if you go to dealer)you could really find the difference who owns the current Mazda6 japanese make. The american specs does not have paddle shift in the full options that what i know so far. Also you guys can even see the comparsion between malibu,accord,camry and altima of US make including V6. I am too eager to know the details for Mazda 2.5L Ultra which will be arriving soon after the launch of V6 ultra. I will raise Vivek queries to japanese guys at the launch time on December 15th at the launch party.
    So far i know….
    Camry from Autralia import,
    Altima from USA import
    Accord TBC ( not sure from USA)
    I think in future none of the cars will be from Japan imported.

  42. Mazda 6 Ultra update.. This car is officially unveiled at oman motor show on 3rd december. UAE will be the third country so far..

  43. mash, what is going to be fster in drag racing lets say from 0 to 200km/h between the aurion and the v6 altima sedan?
    those youtube videos are killing me. i can’t figure anything from those videos.

  44. Author

    Theoretically the Altima should win due to quicker shifting and the CVT always keeping the engine at optimum rpm.

  45. assassin…am with mash also…imagine i was shocked when i and my cousin raced yesterday(in murano 2008) a 4 cylinder 2008 altima and we took the lead for a couple of meters and then the altima destroyed us in the line…even some people are saying its the strongest 4 cylinder car in its type…it can go with the hyundai 6 cylinder till a speed of imagine what the 6 cylinder can do…BTW: i raced the new LC with our old altima 2005 and i killed him and my sisters were with me…but really the new LC is really a good car compared with the old one in terms of acc.

  46. ok, that could be, but i think the different will be not too much.
    thatsit(mohamad), that LC was v6 if you passed him in acc. Because v8 will beat you from 0 to 120 kph and then you will kill him. I’m sure about that, i raced with 2007 accord and that what happend and as you know the old accord is a bit faster than the the old altima.

  47. am sure its a V8 assassin>>>it was VXR…and as i know, from what you told me the VXR comes only with a V8 engine…and the old altima is more powerful than the old accord as will…the new accord even cant be compared with the altima even the 6 cylinder…try to race a 4 cylinder car altima the old model and dont bring a car that is weak or driven by a girl…there are some cars that are trained well and even if you race them with the same car you will notice the difference.

  48. many people change V6 GXR stickers to V8 VXR.
    Just give me time and place in sharjah to do some races with you.
    Waiting from you.

  49. man…am not from those people who manage races in the streets…am sorry 😉 ..and its not that i dont want to…maybe that will let me know you better…but i make races with people i see in streets and just at the same time…but to manage a time and go to sharjah to make a race, looooool. but i promise i will try my best to find a V8 LC (my friends in the uni) and i will make sure that he is a good driver and will race him and make a good video for it…yalla eid mubarak. thanks for the invitation…but if there is no food, then no need to come 😆 😆 😆

  50. think again i will invite you for the best 1 AED (krak) tea.

  51. looooooooool 😆 😆 😆
    that will make me change my mind…this krak tea is the best man. especially after a very busy day. i will see what will happen later…after the eid break i have only two weeks in uni and then my 1 month break will start…i’ll try to come in this break.

  52. ^^^^
    my friend check the language

  53. please dont tell me its the same video….

    please man you have a brain so you should know how to think…the accord acc from 0-60 in 7.5 sec. looooooooool comon…and the altima in 7 sec…man in our 4 cylinders car i can acc in 7.8 sec…just look at the comments….this video is so funny…i even wont consider it as a reference.
    thanks for the effort man. 😉

  54. Hello Mash, Ajmal(AJK), and all my friends. Just a small information about the Mazda 6 Ultra which I got from a mechanic in Galadari’s service center. I happened to see a brand new Mazda 6 Ultra in the service center when I had gone thre to take my car after it’s service. A gentleman showed us the car and allowed us (me and my friend) to sit in it. According to him, the Mazda 6 Ultra will currently debut with a 3.7L V6 engine and later on, the 2.5L will foray into the Uae market under the same “Ultra” badge. That is exactly what our friend Ajmal informed us. However, according to him, the on-going japanese Mazda 6 will not be discontinued. He says that both the current Mazda 6 2.5 and the Mazda 6 Ultra 2.5 will be sold side by side. My guess is that, they’ll definitely differ in the trims and options if not for the engine. Only Ajmal(AJK) can confirm this update.

  55. The acceleration depends on the type of gearbox I don’t believe that a 4i altima is able to make 0-60miles/100kilometers in 7.8 with a auto gearbox .Moreover, in the specifications in this web side is mentioned that the altima 2.5 accelerates 0-100 8s with a manual and 9.5s with a CVT. 😉

  56. What anxious me is that they claim that the mazda 3,7 has a better fuel economy than the accord 3,5. How is this possible since only the accord has the variable cylinder technology?

  57. Author

    Thanks for pointing out the Altima 2.4 CVT numbers. I just looked up some American tests, it is pretty quick. Some magazines got 0-60 mph in 7.3 seconds. I’ll revise the figures. As for Mazda 6, it is RATED worse in fuel economy than the Accord by the American EPA.

  58. hi bader: just a question: did you try to drive a car with a CVT ???”its not not not the same as the normal Auto transmission”…for your info…this CVT theoretically is even better than the manual trans…but its not faster than it…and am serious that i got around 7.8 sec for our altima 2.5 2008 model…this car after a speed of around 40, it starts to fly. And if i want to comment more on the video 😕 … if you noticed they even are showing the lowest trim for altima (and the problem its a 6 cylinder) with a full options accord and a Mazda…look at those stupid AC controls in the altima while they are showing the accord with the navy system… am sure this comparison is not fair for the accord and the altima.

    BTW: now even the 4 cylinder altima comes with leather seats and electric seats and turning signals on the mirrors as the 6 cyl. and they added a new exterior color to the collection. (this color looks really nice).

    look at this link…and i also checked in deira branch

  59. Ok what about this video
    Which car do you think is better they claim it is the accord?

  60. i swear even before opening the video i knew its gona be the one about the coupes….am with them that the accord looks much better from outside(the coupe only)…and i like the accord coupe…but regarding the performance…am against them totally…and if you read the full article…they said that there is something wrong with the altima….

    “Perhaps we got a broken, tired or used-up Altima. Perhaps the contest should’ve been conducted with automatic transmissions.”
    “Senior Road Test Editor Josh Jacquot says:
    I’m a big fan of Nissan’s latest-generation Altima. We’ve had the four-door version in our long-term fleet for eight months now and I’m not the only editor who’s come to appreciate its righteous combination of practicality and sportiness. A huge leap beyond the previous-generation car, Nissan remembered with this Altima that there’s more to the midsize segment than simply having a powerful V6. Our sedan is fast, rides well and has good steering feedback and great interfaces for its audio, climate and navigation controls.
    Which is why I was so awesomely confused by this Altima coupe’s utter lack of cohesiveness. I had high expectations and this car simply let me down. Not only was it falling apart (we had two distinct quality control issues), but it had the undeniable feel of a “Friday” car. Its ride/handling compromise lacked the calculated control of our sedan, and its controls never offered the same tactile feedback.”

    and am sure that the new altima is faster than the accord…this VQ engine will not let you down. am sure the accord is really good…but please…in case of performance…leave that for those who built the GTR

  61. i still prefer to get the aurion than any altima.
    and i’m sure it can kill altima in acc. altima takes 7 second while aurion takes 7 seconds with the traction control which can not be turned off. but what i found the base AED 101k doesnt have traction control. so that base model should do it in 6.# seconds.
    aurion is more comfortable than altima which is the most important thing for me at least, drinks petrol less, top speed is higher, heavier which is good for high speed driving, and more,
    but no way, i wont take anyone of them,
    If you have already a V8 machine ,no V6 can satisfy you 😎

  62. BTW: assassin….if you want to know the real performance for a car…then just give it for saudi people…they can make the performance of a 1.6 liters engine like an 8 cylinders engine….so i even dont trust most of those fake numbers(especially most of those car testing are with new cars)…you know that the aurion and the altima can break the 6 sec time 😯 😯 …and for your info…many people are beating the G35 with a manual altima 6 cylinder 2008 (and its stoke 100%)..i dont want to start showing videos because you will start giving excuses. and am telling you there is no chance for the aurion to beat the altima unless the altima was driven by a stupid driver or not trained well..assassin you like the aurion because you dont care about power…all what matters is resale value and comfort…am a guy who likes power and more specs for cheaper price…i would buy a mazda over the aurion…because it still have this sporty feeling…and as you can see…the aurion didnt succeed it doing what its made for…i can rarly see it in the roads…and the traction thing i dont care about it…because i dont want you to keep saying “i have a full options aurion that i can’t turn off its traction control system and ‘if’ i have the one that costs 110K i will beat you”…its not my problem…
    regarding the top speed problem: if you look at what mash posted is from the dealer or the company…but as what i said …the real numbers can be seen with experiments. you know the 4 cyl right now can reach a speed of 240…and the 6 can reach the 255 and stock…i, by myself reached the 230 mark and i stoped because i was really scared, because i knew the only problem will be the tires…what about the aurion??? you tell me(i know that its elec locked)…but since you are sure its top is more!!! then what is the top for aurion???

    and the only thing i like about the LC engine is its sound (the old and the new model)..but the performance is still away from the cars above..

  63. man, if you looked at mash road test of these 2 you will see that he gives the engine of aurion better things than altima’s one.
    OK, let mash tell us about the time that altima takes whithout turning off the TCS.
    I dont know the real top speed of aurion i just looked at numbers that mash posted.
    I know its too rare to see aurion here but its more than the new v6 altima in the streets.
    V8 engine got great sound as you said, thats why i love it. And for sure your armada got better sound than v8 LC.

  64. I am all for Mazda.. I got a chance to see the ‘Ultra’ when the car was here at the Galadari garage for local test runs.. and I loved it!! Its definitely going to be up there among my choices when I think of a new car. I currently own a 2.3 full options M6 and i get 580 kms to a full tank which costs around AED 80 with acceleration way better than the altima & accord and awesome handling.. and have had no issues with the car thus far.. My only concern always will be Galadari.. with their new show room on Shk Zayed Rd i hope they plan to pull up their socks soon.. Their after sales sucks BIG time.. i do not look forward to taking the car for service.. dont trust them with the car.. especially after i bought it from them 🙂

  65. what r u talking about? Mazda aftersales is awesome. I have maz6

  66. Hey Guys I am planning for a new car even i saw this Mazda6 Ultra V6 and am impressed but detailed wise i am confused to go for which one among Honda Accord,Mazda6 Ultra,Mazda6 2.5,Nissan Ultima,Camary,Aurion or wait for M6 2.5 Ultra,
    mates give me your frank Valuable suggestions.will be highly appreciated, Thanks.

  67. Saw the Ultra a few months ago when it was being transported back to Dubai from Al Ain. The looks are superb and the 3.7 ought to deliver on performance if the current M6s are anything to go by. A 2.5 Ultra will be just the ticket for value-conscious drivers. My current M6 Sport Touring gives me approx 600 km on a full tank (80 AED) and if I limit it to below 120 (wise under current speedcam regime) I get 600 km for just Dh 66 (mostly highway). (It’s a 2.0).

    Re: Galadari service, the guys are nice but I come back feeling sick every time I give it in. There’ll be at least 10 things wrong with it that weren’t there when I gave it to them, which leaves me wondering what exactly they do there with it. That, after charging you over AED 700 for D Type service, nothing really good seems to have taken place…on the contrary, whatever was perfectly fine seems to have gone awry. Inspires no confidence whatsoever! (Now I only take it to Adnoc for oil/filter changes–seems much safer that way–and very warily hand it over to Galadari every 20,000 km or so, still not sure I’m doing the right thing.)

  68. P.S. I am referring to both Dubai and Al Ain service centres…I’ve tried both.

  69. hey tenali…be careful of the oil viscosity that you use at Adnoc & at Galadari..galadari uses veedol but Adnoc uses their own lubricants which may have a different chemical is advisable not to mix n match oils as it can have effects on long term use especially if your driving is primarily high speed..i own a 2.0L 2006MY M6 n clocked over 140,000kms with regular service at Galadari n i shud say this car is awesome.Since I do daily commuting between Ajman to Jebel Ali (which is highway driving primarily) i get 620-630kms on a full tank (80AED) n yeah i did manage 702kms in dec (No air was cold outside..!!)..I think i’d recommend M6 to any one who’d be interested in it..its a very well built n good quality car n also exceptional handling (Accord would come close,thx to its VDC setting).

  70. Hello

    I am sending to Galadari Sharjah – every 10000 KM , and so far done 76000 KM , no problems at all with service in Sharjah , except they are always fully booked on Saturdays.
    I had to book 2 weeks in advance!

  71. i bought a one , its 0-120 is unmatched by any of brands like altima,accord,aurion,avalon

    the top speed is 210 that i got so far , regarding the service of galadari , i bought in package of drive and pay nothing with free 40K km service , so when ever i feel the car needs some polishing i go directly to thier service center without booking , they never say no 🙂 , they just wash and polish it and give it back to me , but surely they take around 1-2 hours for this , even i hitted pavement in parking and my bumper got out , they fixed it without any charge.

  72. I bought the Mazda 6 Ultra last week, got it in Black Cherry colour

    the car is amazing,,,my god,,,u feel so attractive in the road and handling the car is great

    the Lexus IS 300 couldn’t take me …. 🙂

    I loved it so much and Galadary is amazing,,,got an excellent service

  73. Good , otherwise i thought i am the only one in UAE with this car , what Galadari said they sold only 2 pieces , one in AL-AIN and one abu dhabi…
    but i am not bothered about sales number , it make me feel unique on the road…

  74. The Mazda Ultra 3.7 price now ranges between AED 93/- BASIC and AED 99/- For Fully loaded. Also Mazda Ultra 2.5L is available AED (82K TO 93K)at galadari warehouse not planned to launch in short.still under wraps.. LET WAIT AND SEE….

  75. Author

    thanks for the update

  76. Dear Muhammed and Saeed,
    Could you guys write some more interesting facts for Ultra which is not still known for others fans. I appreciate if you share your experience.. Cheers!!!


  77. By the way the price of all cars including mazda have been liquidated.. as earlier they were over priced as other dealers do.. now its seem reasonble to buy an V6 under 100,000/-. Which i dont think others brands are under this hood. I personally feel this is the best options for this class segment…

  78. i am yet to see the mazda 6 ultra on dubai roads

  79. AJK, here are some of the amazing features which let u feel loyal to the ultra 3.7 and never stop driving it:
    I loved the Audio Pilot (Bose System) and the silence of the cabine….my god you feel like u r in the house turning on ur own home theatre system….
    I loved the car when it moves,, specailly when u r standing at the traffic light and there is a lexus IS300 or Mustang or Golf GTI and they can’t take the ultra as the ultra 3.7 is faster specailly with DSC system which make you feel safe at the same time

    I loved the A/C, it can go to 16 C and it works verrrryyy well,,,yesterday I was driving it while the climate outside was 41 c and when u r inside the ultra u just feel like u r in the house relaxing
    also, the sound of the engin, the shift of the tiptronic gear which has a 6 speeds…I loooove it
    the smart key is great as well…the car locks automatically when u r leaving it,,,it is toooo specious and the seats are verrry comfortable ….sound system, where u can play MPS WMA Audio…etc

    I liked one more thing,,,if we were in Dubai and u saved 6 FM Radio channels and u went to Abu Dhabi ..u have an option to let the sound system change the frequency of the radio automatically depends on the city u r in…this option called Auto-M

    also the cruise control got a memory to save a certain speed…and there are looots more options…ask guys and I will let u know

    just go and but the car,,,it is a great value

  80. Dear Saeed, Many thanks for sharing ur experience as well which i do not know.. only who drives it will give positive feedbacks. i really appreciate it. If any let me know.. later.. even i planned to go for one and by the way even 2.5L is also available in galadari but the rear looks is not as 3.7L.. which has got lexus exhaust outlook.. i think you knew it.. and people around me say 2.5L is small for this big machine…the best is 3.7L… i need to test drive again to gain confidence more…

  81. I have gone thru consumers review all the consumers say awesome especially 2.5L as more americans buy due to fuel price and out of 100 reviews only one has negative defects.. also this car has got all five star ratings in
    in short i learnt from reveiws
    3.7L – Powerful performance
    2.5L – Excellent mileage

  82. AJK,, did u do the test drive for the ultra 3.7?

  83. Dear Saeed,i did the test drive couple of days back and did not speed up due to surprise mobile radars in airport road… i limited only upto 80km/h… plan to take again with anothers clear roads… i short i enjoyed but didn’t spend more time with features in it..

  84. Nice to hear very positive comments about the Mazda 6 Ultra v6..

    i own the 2.5L japanese 6 (full options)..the car has been with me for almost 8 months now and I’ve clocked 23,600 kms…so far, the car has been very excellent mileage..power is, sort of a question mark…the spec sheet says 170 hp and 226nm of torque..however, the car needs to be revved very high to achieve those numbers..low end torque is not impressive…and a Camry that is only rated at 158 hp and yet being bigger, can go head to head with my car. However, there are some minor things which have to be considered. The 18″ alloys which my car runs on is a heavy-weight metal block!!!! There was a very noticeable difference in the 0-100 timings of my car, and my friend’s 6, which is also a 2.5, but base model running on 17″ steel wheels..while my friend’s car hit 100 in 7.9 seconds, the best i got was 8.5 seconds! so my guess is that the Camry cannot even dream of keeping up with the base 6..and yea, the Camry which i tried with was a base model itself, running on 16″ steel wheels..Maximum speed I’ve touched in this car is 225 electronic limiter or nythin..transmission is good, though sometimes it seems to be hunting for the right gear while picking up from slower speeds; on the other hand, tiptronic function is excellent..there is almost no delay in upshifts or downshifts..and the manual shifting is also aided by redundant paddle shifters (only in the japanese models i guess)..comfort is superb with the engine noise kept to a very minimum..even at speeds of 140, the engine noise is nil!! The engine drones under hard throttle though..wind noise is there after 120 kph..Auto A/C is one of the best I’ve seen..and the Bose unit is quite impressive too..comfort in the base 6 was pretty good with the car soaking bumps (and some potholes in sharjah roads) pretty well. it was neither as floaty as a Camry nor as firm as the Altima; however, my car comes with a sports suspension which is obv hard, hence compromising some of the ride smoothness…apparently and sadly enuf, the dealer does not know the fact that the full options 2.5L m6 comes with hard suspensions (and many other things such as the curtain airbags etc)…or atleast, the salesman in sharjah whom i dealth with, dint knw this!..hoewver, hard suspensions coupled with those 18″ rims wrapped by ultra low profile dunlop sp2050 sport tyres, improve the cars handling over the base 6 considerably..cornering limits of the car is much higher than Camry and Altima; Accord maybe closer inspite of being a huge car..And finally the looks; guess I dont have to say much since most would agree that the Mazda 6 is the hands down winner!! superb styling!!

    Overall, the car is very good…it would have been excellent and I would have given it a 10/10, had mazda cared about tweaking the 2.5L unit only to a slight extent..

    And some day, i really hope to drive the mazda 6 ultra v6 3.7..would really love to see what the V6 m6 can do 🙂

  85. hi vivek, thanks for ur experience shared with us.. well i own MAZDA6 2.0 basic version which i lacks a lot of features interior as well safety concerns.. i have not decided yet to opt for Ultra 3.7 or 2.5…
    soon i would decide.. do you have any suggestions…

  86. the mazda 6 2.5 is a nice car overall..compared to accord, camry and altima, the new mazda 6 2.5 is an excellent all-rounder..however, choosing between the 2.5 and 3.7 v6 Ultra is simple and purely based on mainly two things;

    1. Speed & Power
    2. Space

    if you are a speed freak, wants to ‘zoom-zoom’ a lot through the busy streets and burn the highways down, there is nothing that beats the 3.7 v6 Ultra..secondly, if you are a tall person and the rest of the members of your family are fairly tall, then again, you dont have to think much; the ideal choice is 3.7 v6..

    the 2.5L is more than adequate for everyday commuting and even for some weekend fun…but dont expect the car to burn the roads…many people these days tend to forget the very purpose of a mid-size sedan and expect it to perform like a sports coupe…the car is indeed fairly fast for a 2.5L mid-sizer; however, not just enough for any adrenaline rush!!…but that is the same case with any of the other cars in the league; except maybe for the Altima, which has its own set of cons that kill the adrenaline rush anyway, such as steering & pedal feel, soft handling etc..I’ve done 0-100 in 8.5 seconds; but that is just the testing part..the car feels a little lazy in casual city driving; but it is not dissappointing at the same is indeed fun to drive with excellent handling, good steering feel, excellent cornering limits and fair engine performance…Morever, if mileage is among your concerns, then the 2.5 will certainly not dissappoint you…as i said earlier, it is an excellent all-rounder…

    Space is a concern..i’m a 6-footer; but then, I’m the only one who use the trips are rare; however, for my l’il bro, who is as tall as me, and my parents who are not so tall, the car is adequate and very comfortable..problem creeps in if your family has more than 4 members or/and if everyone are fairly very tall…

    As i said earlier, the 2.5L and 3.7 v6 ultra are only two aspects away from each other; speed & power, and space..your choice from these two factors should be the right choice 🙂

  87. many thanks to vivek, iam comparing between two ultras the one 2.5L ultra is available to buy for us (certain customers like ex mazda owners or special
    guest like police or any govt. officials). Price should fall between AED 82K – AED 93K without deals(prices are not offical yet and may differ) spaces are the same in both the segments. the only hightlighs i like in ultra is the rear A/C vents and roomy so that no comprimise with rivals camry/accord or altima… if ultra was not brought to GCC then i would opt for japanese version that u bought…. iam mostly a fast driver where i need speed and sacrifice mileage.. if iam on budget then 2.5L WINS….when i used my current mazda i used to do daily travelling to DXB-AUH.. but now iam residing just 2.5 kms away from my office and goes to visit my parents in a month twice or thrice a month to AUH. So i think 3.7 WINS and the difference i pay more will be around extra AED 4000-5000 FOR AN V6 ULTRA…

  88. if the comparison is between 2.5L and 3.7L v6 Ultra, and if the difference is only about 4k – 5k, then that difference is worth every penny..also since you live near to your office, then need for mileage doesnt really Ultra v6 is the ideal choice

  89. Yeah vivek… thats what my feel too…now i also need to test drive 2.5L ultra if i get a chance… i have also planned to take even 3.7L too to see the the comparo between these too. just FYI and i got a quote from al futtaim corolla 1.8 full options AED 83,000/- IS THIS WORTH FOR THIS HEFTY PRICE… i strongly against for a car at this price….. its too much.. if you could provide ur email i would forward what the quotes they sent to me… its ridiculous!!!

    Take care Vivek..

  90. hey pls publish the prices here, everyone can make a note of it!

  91. I have drove around 11K KM so far, and i loved every centimeter for it
    1.its 0-100 is unmatched for its any rival altima,accord,
    I have measured it in many condition.
    with Super Fuel and Correct Tire Pressue at 33 PSI the baby can rock at 6 sec without DSC and with DSC around 7 with full throttle.
    2. The Another feature that i live is resumable cruise with out need Press accelarator.
    3. one thing its that speed is electronically locked at 210 KM and Galadari will not remove it without lossing your warranty.
    I had very lengthy fight with their product manager at dubai office to remove it , but he keeps on insisting i will void your warranty. He said their is no technical reasons for locking it their local test run achieved 255-257 KM but he gave me lame answer that regulation does not allow him to unlock the car.
    4. The car is unshakable at highway with rock solid footing.
    5. The Average city fuel consumption is 11 LRT /100 KM.
    6. The Average Highway crusing at 120-140 the consumption is 6-7 ltr /100 KM.
    7.The good thing is that it its V6 can accept E-plus. Though i notice slightly that engine sound is bit change when you have e-plus. Otherwise special and super its less noiser.
    9. You will get rocking 7 secs with special also on 0-100 sprint.
    10. Cornering handling is superb similar to old 6.
    11. Poor Part no indash navigation system avaiable for GCC.I wrote strong letter to mazda they replied back their are working on to get the maps and other stuff.
    12. And The best feature i like about it that i am the only one in Abu Dhabi to have it :)..
    The car make its presense feel on road , it can drove immediate attention of other drivers and bystander on the roads.Had their been beuty contest the car can defeinetly win. Its a beauty with power.

    Trust me on traffic signal you can smoke any car that you like Accord/Altima/Aurion/Avalon/Lancer and other usual stuff cant even come closer. Due to top speed you will be ulitemately defeated by far more expensive luxury model like BMW/Mercede/infiniti in straight line but you i bet you can give them hard time in corners.

    Without Bluffing i am telling yout that truth i was only defeated by Infinti G37 on Abu Dhabi – Al Alin Road.That too because of my Top Speed….I will write formal review , if drivearabia has some set of procedure or cretira let me know i will follow that

  92. oh yeah saeed..The AC can go till 15 not 16:)

  93. muhammad,what is ur color of your car? ….be happy that top speed limiter is locked at 210kms/h whereas in CX9 SUV Its locked at 160kms/h… as galadari said be unlocked the warranty is gone but serious can be done outside but please consider your safety too. You have gone thru inch by inch… I think MCH should consider all your pts when full review is done..
    Dubai galadari says around 10-15 cars has been sold so far…
    My priority will be for M6 Ultra for my next purchase within 2 months inshallah…

  94. am sorry muhammad talked about the V6 altima..and i cant say “yes or No” because ive never been in one of those mazda’s
    but when you talk about the infiniti…my friend…please, you should be realistic..or the infiniti driver is a retarded guy…this car breaks the 5.5 sec to 100…and BTW: if you are talking about the G …try to race the sedan one…because i assure you that its faster than the coupe ….and if you please, can you make a video for the run of your car to a speed of 200km/h…the altima V6 can break the 21 seconds to 200…around (20.5sec) “of course if trained well and driven by a good driver”…and one of my friends in dubai did a video for it and his car is 100% stock..

  95. @ AJK , its Ebony black , in Abu Dhabi they sold only 2 pieces go for it you wont regret, i am not a racing freak…for all my speed needs i goto to autodrome once a month and gets my act done… 🙂

    i will record one for you but so far i guess its around 21-22 not sure , regarding altima as i said the Mazda 6 would be surely defeated in straight line (Drag Race) because of limiter , but on street race and corners it can give tough time because you have to brake and accelrate , this is where alitma v6 has disadvantage in all important 0-100 sprint…
    i hope you got my point…

  96. Mohammed, hope if we can meet one day…

    I am planning to built a Mazda Team in UAE…what do u think?

    Guys,,, Ultra 3.7 is the one,,,it is amaaaazing car…nothing more to say

    BTW, i love the Ultra smart key system

  97. Saeed, i will soon join you too….planned to get one soon maybe in a month or two…

  98. I am in buddy !!! where do you live ?
    what is ur car color ?


  100. yes my ultra colour is Black Cherry

    I stay in dubai at Discovery Gardens

    when will u be free muhammed to meet up? let me know when? we need to built a Mazda Team here and we can do it as I have some ideas and we can share our ideas as well

  101. Saeed/Muhammad,don’t leave me alone….. iam too mazda owner M6’07….

  102. AJK, for sure man u r one of the team…where do u stay as well? what about u Muhammed, where do u stay?

  103. ^^^will the mazda 6 2.5L owner considered?? 🙄

    and CX-9 is locked at 160 kph?? what crap??? 😕 even 180 is considerable…And itz bad that Galadari wont do the speed unlocking…Arabian Automobiles (Nissan & Infiniti) does it without any warranty voiding n stuff..

    And Muhammad, are you sure the v6 Ultra supports e-plus fuel??? coz in my car, the minimum recommended is 95 oct fuel (special grade)….or is the difference due to Ultra being built in US and my 2.5L m6 built in japan??..

  104. and AJK…83k for a corolla?????? so wht does the camry start at?? pm me the quotes in myride community!..user is vivz990

  105. Saeed, I stay in Rashidiya, Dubai Opp to my office Royal Air Wing…

    Muhammad, Wake up were are you….?

    Vivek, the horrible thing is that Camry starts at AED 82k till AED 98K….

  106. Author

    I think it will be easier if one of you started a post in MyRide about any club you want to create, as it is getting confusing here. I will post a link to that thread in the article above.

    As for Toyota, they might be following Honda’s strategy, jacking up the prices and then offering fake “recession” discounts when you go to the showroom.

  107. >>> MHC,Do you remember that i was saying earlier in Dec’08 in Saudi the prices for Ultras were between AED 96K-98K. As current the galadari has also slashed their profits and now you can get the V6 from AED 90K-99K as earlier it was around AED 112,500/-.Now other dealers like are shooting the prices for what…? to show that they are in demand or fool customers by saying yen stories….
    take care AJK

  108. cool AJK,,, I must meet you soon,,,we may meet on Thursday night around 10 p.m. with you and Muhammed,,maybe somewhere in Sheikh Zayed road and have a dinner…

    what do u think Muhammed and AJK??

  109. Dear Saeed/Muhammad, Sure i will as on that day i will be on call night duty but no probs.. let me tell u guys i think we must stop communicate further thru this comments page as editor MCH advised earlier to start a seperate forum in my ride community…with suitable title.. anyway saeed u may further contact me thru my email [email protected] or [email protected]… i will further establish my other details from there….
    Take care…

  110. @Vivek…

    Yes . the utlra accepts E-Plus without any problem but it detoriat initial sprint performance by almost 1.5-2.5 secs,
    The utlra recommened is Special (Oct 95)…
    but it can accepts any Unleaded fuel from Oct 91-97.

    The recommened special for normal day driving , its not mandatory..
    E-Plus is not that bad for day 2 day city driving..

  111. @AJK

    Dropped your my contacts at ur gmail..

  112. @ AJK

    i just went to showroom last friday , they said its still 112,500 AED and no plans to drop prices in near future , but my friend @ galadari told me Utlra 2.5 is defiently comings its on jebel ali port ,

    Can you confirm the source of your pricing???


  114. AJK, I have sent u the e-mail

    Muhammed, see you sooooon

  115. This is an awesome car….
    One of the best cars made till date by Mazda….

  116. Guys can you tell me how much a normal servicing of Mazda6 cost?

  117. Hi guys,
    I am from Budget Bahrain, and you know mazda6 ultra is really selling, its a hit and designed perfectly.
    it really sells.

    anyone in bahrain looking to lease one do contact me and i shall help you out with a test drive.

  118. Hi,guys I might join your mazda club just email me about any events in dubai [email protected]

  119. Very nice car I like it

  120. I spent almost three months looking for an ideal car, and after all I found the Mazda6 Ultra V6 wass the best and so I got it.

    I never regretted any if my decisions, this is one of the top ones. 😉

    I feel the Accords, Altimas and Aurions are disappointed, they dream of passing me.

    I call my car THE DOG !!!

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