Sharjah driving licence ban for low-paid workers

Sharjah driving licence ban for low-paid workers

In what amounts to a restriction of personal freedom for people of limited income, UAE’s Sharjah traffic agencies have enacted a ban on issuing driving licences for people in jobs that fall in 100 categories. According to Gulf News, the ban will affect nurses, cooks, carpenters, housemaids, watchmen, tailors, cafeteria waiters, unskilled labourers, gardeners and bakers, among others. The paper confirmed that only Sharjah is implementing the rule.

The newspaper article says applications to open a driving licence file are already being rejected for those unfortunate enough to be in these low-paid professions. Apparently, this law is part of a grand scheme to reduce traffic, along with the ban on older cars. In our opinion, a natural extension of this law would be to ban college students from driving too, but that’d just anger parents of those rich kids who go to class in brand new luxury cars. It is easier to make those poorer workers bend over.

What do you think?



  1. i can think of so many things to say right now ! one word sums it all up

    @$%^ !


  2. this is outrageous!

  3. this is gonna reduse a lotta traffic? but how many of these ppl doing these jobs will have cars anyway? very few. Most probably have the company providing transport and now even those few who had cars will have to use company transport increasing traffic! Lets see how this turns out. its a thumbs down from me considering what their aim is…
    BTW, Mash, is that pic you posted of Dubai roads? really rare to see only a few white cars LOL :mrgreen:

  4. Author

    That photo would be of Moscow. They don’t have signals even on multi-lane highways.

  5. In one word : Fascism

  6. mash, you sold your mercedes too early.
    this morning shaikh khalifa ordered to delay banning old cars.

  7. This sucks!!!!

    One of the most ridiculous rules ever…. 🙄

  8. gud news for those who r havin older cars

    Vehicles more than 20 years old will still be allowed on the UAE’s roads following instruction from President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

    The decision, issued on Sunday, postpones implementation of ministerial decision No. 535, 2008, which bans vehicles older than 20 years old on the country’s roads. The decision was directed to take effect from Monday, December 1.

  9. And I definitely agree with Mash’s opinion of extending to college students too. Most of the rash drivers include college kids who think it is “COOL” to do on-road stunts either in 150K+ Infinitis, BMWs, Range Rovers etc or in modified Accords, Camrys and Altimas!

  10. Author

    Hehe, I wasn’t really implying that college kids should be banned from driving. Just that no one should be banned overall. Most of those doing stunts never really went to college.

  11. Well they should try to improve the transport system before implemding this. and reduce the rents near the cities.

    As for the college student. It rarely in my college someone do stunts in the car. I think most of them are mature in that stage but there are some from other young men who drive hazardly.

    But you forgot about people will 4×4 and some with old benz tailgating and they have there family in there car. Dont put it only on college student.

  12. thats suck…
    low paid workers need cars more than rich pplz.

  13. Old Benz…hehe 😆 …but yes, I agree with does happen..people in 4×4’s, old mercs & bmws, and then in the accords/altimas/camrys try to mess up with others most of the time!

  14. :mrgreen: lol on sharjah goverment
    by taking dession ban poor people to takine driving licences if they wana improve trafic then why not they restrict the age limit 25 or 30 is this best

  15. dear reader
    is this write dession wich sharjah goverment take they try to reduce traffic fllow how they stop in sharjah all people are not having sharjah driving licences the cars come from all over the uae how can they stop taht cars i cant under stand why they ban on poor people to take driving licences this make lol :mrgreen: 😀 😆 😳 on sharjah please think again try some thing different only drivers not need driving licences the salesman also need driving licences in uae u cant travel taxi becuz now it is too much expensive and buses u now very well how they struggle long wait on buses stands so please change your dession and age limet is better option

  16. who is happy on this dession 🙄 only 😈

  17. This new rule is against human rights , one thing is to ban old cars a completely different thing is telling who can drive a car and who can not , In the same way I suggest that driving licenses have to impound from the rich citizens who are often involved in accidents. 👿

  18. here most people dont really take good care for there car.

    And if a person is poor he is losing more money on his car than saving.

    A car is a privalge but I think the goverment is trying to improve the public tranporation

  19. this is not only bad opinion but the wrost opinion

  20. you either complain about parking space or complain about car been removed.

    you cant have both due to the rapid population.

    or make similar thing to Japan a proof that you have a place to park before buying a car.

  21. please change this dession becouz there is no logic how they stop trafic flow by stoping licences ther is many people come in country for better job here is first requirement is driving licences and how a salesman sales his things in bus or ain taxi this is worst dession take by sharjah gorvement i request to traffic department please change this dession for u and the people who come here for a good job

  22. please show which are the 100 categories

  23. today go to submit my paper for m/c i have clerck visa but they refuse i ask them i am applying for mptor cycle not for a car but they said same same why thy not speak in english i ask them please can u give me 100 ban list he screem on me is any body know about ban list

  24. so according to them motorcycles also cause traffic..nice.. 🙄

  25. lol why they ban on motorcycle licences is the m/c also cause trafic

  26. is any body know about 85 ban catagorey list becuz in vist to maroor office they not give me the list

  27. In short, we are eating the bad fruit from bad street planning.
    A good underground tunnel system in both dubai and sharjah and the construction of bridges is the only answer to reduce congestion. That is my opinion. 🙂

  28. and btw i am a university student, I agree that a low skilled worker requires the license more than me, but still due to the poor public transport and the high cost of living i think that all of us require a car license in different proportions. 🙂

  29. last thursday i visit sharjah maroor office nasriya there is only one man for submit his file why they ban these catagorey

  30. dears
    it is surprise to read that gov of sharjah ban 85 cata of driving liccences i read complet lisit i am surprised to see that there sale, accounatnt, clerck, why they ban on sales how a sale sman sales thier goods sales mean ther different kind of sales vansale man counter saleman who is ban they not clear clerck,clerck/genreal clerck who is ban is their any relief in them please clear all things and give in news paper plsssssssssssss…?

  31. i dont know why you people are so angry about that rule.
    You can always get it in ajman police if sharjah police refused you.

  32. the problem is if your visa is from sharjah you cannot get it from Ajman!! That rule is still not implemented along with the rule to renew ones license from any emirate,as far as i know, so people with sharjah visas have to get them done from sharjah..

  33. in that 100 categories they ban for issuing driving licenses why they not include the local people in u.a.e that no have work or student in this ban. and this is not the solution to reduce the traffic and also accident. if you can see guys how many car they have in one local family here i think each member they have and some of this people are student and no have work they just drive to road just for fun or looking for girls (bitch!) only mostly in the evening. why they blame to the poor people work here the traffic that want to get driving licences and want get extra income only .last year they increase the salary of local people working in army and other goverment employee and i see most of them they buy new car. what you think this not the reason why the traffic and numbers of cars are increase. why they not implement rules limitating the no. of cars in one family or in a company to solve this traffic.about in accident why they not make a survey which people have more accident happens in the road the local people or other nationality bec. they have good,& expensive sports cars and when they drive or park you think they own the road. “this people they make law but mostly they are the law breakers”.

  34. dear readers
    it is surprise to see there no protest in news papers nothing a single words 😯 😯 when they write 😥

  35. More rich kids in luxury cars on the roads!

  36. i request to goverment of sharjah please take back your dession its almost three month

  37. this new rule realy piss me off, i need a lisence to do my job coz im maintaning 3 factories, now i have to go by taxi everyday 7 fares a day…..this realy sucks 😈

  38. dear readers,
    slam to all.can anybody explain why do the government of uae change laws every day?????????

  39. salaam my visa is right sales salary is also more we want to apply for driving license.i can or not

  40. Dear sir
    My visa in sharjah my profession ind electrician now Iam working RAK shall Iget driving licence from Ras Al Khaima o my profession is allowed in sharjah.
    yours faithfully

  41. dy3alk why don’t you apply to become the president?
    Locals in the UAE didnt reach 800 thousands yet while the rest 4.2m are foreigners, most of these people who are in the category dont need driving license.
    The problem is most of them didnt dream of driving one in his home country and he comes here after while he owns a car. imagine yourself going to a country where most of them drive a plane which u have never dreamed to do, in a while u get the license and u are driving one. wow that’s really shows what will happen.
    i think u have become ill with disease called “LOCALS” but never mind i hope u will be kicked out from this country and u will be ok
    because some locals are in these jobs.
    you people will never say thank you u will always need someone to put his feet in your head so you dont talk too much.
    lool and someone saying this against human rights, most of you people didnt have any right to live as human in your home country and here they are saying banning license is against human rights lol.
    if you dont like the government law then just leave

  42. On picture is Moscow,Russia)))

  43. Dear Sir,
    Im a sales man of Building Material so I,ve to get the Driving Licence as u u know jot is not possible without driving licence so pls tell me what should i do ?
    Best Regards



  46. babar check answer no 45

  47. For gulfnews:
    Dear gulf news kindly can you mention in one of your small colum that this is not a fair idea atleast they should not ban those peoples who are working in offices its like everyone know there is not transport for boys they only prefer girls kindly change ur catogries as soon as possible coz the is not effecting the traffic flow but surely it is affecting the job seekers in uae the check the tourists flow in sharjah peoples are running from sharjah many of them are resigning for the liscense the is the need of a middle class people to do saving who even brought this idea in sharjah should answer to all of the peoples who really needs a liscense with sharjah visa.Thanks Hope my comment will be reviewed any someone will throughly workout and will give a positive feedback

  48. plz change this role we r waiting for a long time do some thing for us we also change our life

  49. plz change this role we r waiting for a long time do some thing for us we also change our life. 🙁

  50. thanks to ALLAHA finlay i got my m/bike licences easy why to get licences change your visa catagrey it will cost 500 AED then you can open your file after 2.5 month you will get your licences i get thhis in my 2nd try happy now :mrgreen: and pray for you this is best option wich i write and now i am going to open my car file
    now in marror too much rush so i dont think so they open these catagrey wich they BAn


  52. Can you please guide me with the procedure to be followed for the driving licence?

  53. respectfully sir,i am resitant of abudhabi visa person working as a security guard with new psbd license. my educational status B.SC;graduate i want get a driving i allowed to obtain a driving licence in abudhabi emirate? please guide me i am looking forward to get reply soon .

  54. Respected sir,i am B.SC;gradurate do i have chance to avoid ban for changing the job to other presently working with abudhabi visa. please guide me.loooking forward a reply as fast as you can please.

  55. i am doing my work as a follow up clerk can i possible to earn my driving licence answer me any body

  56. As long a they give them a decent alternative like imporving their public transportation for a start..
    Cuz honestly, no body has confidence or faith that SHJ will ever come up with something that will give brilliant results..

  57. Thanx ……. i’ve passed my signal test in first test now i’m praying to get the classes soon and i’ve request to sharjah driving institute to let me know when my classes will come

  58. Ganapathy kanagaraj
    you need NOC letter from your company after that you can open file in abu dhabi

  59. hi every one who want to open file

  60. If a have car and did not have License to Drive it then what will he do?
    He will apply for license?
    But admission for driving license in Sharjah are band so What Will I Do?????

  61. gettin license of motor bikes is very very very easy like a food. Which is on ur finger tips to eat…. Car license is diff. For that u hv to go nasriya road shj, near fire house. I m in my final try and will get inshAllah .. Already buyed car 350z 🙂

  62. Assalamu alikum.Am Abdul Rahman.I have already 5 time road test finishd in Dubai.My visa now changed to Sharjah.Also i stayed 10 months in India.Thatsway my Driving files cancelled in Dubai.I want to continou the same file in sharjah.Pls give me a solution as soon as possible.

    Thanks and regards
    Abdul Rahman.055 8527915
    [email protected]

  63. Assalamu alikum.Am Abdul Rahman.I have already 5 time road test finishd in Dubai.My visa now changed to Sharjah.Also i stayed 10 months in India.Thatsway my Driving files cancelled in Dubai.I want to continou the same file in sharjah.Pls give me a solution as soon as possible.

    Thanks and regards
    Abdul Rahman.055 8527915
    [email protected]

  64. Hi, i would like to know that if i open my file in sharjah and later want to transfer file some where else, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc and my visa status will remain same- Sharjah. Is it possible?

    Please confirm your understanding.

  65. Can any body Help me.

    I am plaaning to change my Driving file from Sharjah to Dubai .Is it Possible?.If possible What is the Procedure For that.



  66. Author

    Law is you learn where your visa is.


  68. hi, i m going to seek some usefull information to process a file for driving license. im confused whether i can do it or not. what is best idea to you?
    plz tell me

  69. Hello i am kasier i took driving licences from sharjah i just want to know i left dubai but my licences is still valid till 2015 if it is expire can i extend this,as iam still trying to come to dubai n get a job is taxi driving.Plz dolet me know how can i get a good job in the line of driving.

    Appricate to you if you help me out of this.

    Kasier Butt

  70. Hello iam ansari iam sharjah hamriya free zone visa my visa proffinal is painter.currently iam working in abu dhabi.i can open file in abu dhabi.

  71. i work last 8 years in Kuwait i have Kuwait driving iam working sharjah. i am doing my work as a follow up clerk can i possible to earn my driving licence answer me any body

  72. Steevan, just an idea, if your Kuwait license is still valid it might be possible (MIGHT) to make an international license and drive around.

  73. Author

    International licence only allows driving of rental cars here.

  74. iam working as archive clerk in sharja i have any chance to open file atleast bike lisence

  75. guid me to open file

  76. i want to change manual to automatic..plz guide me

  77. hello i am sharjah school messenger vissa ican oppen file in sharjah

  78. can i open my driving licence file are open my visa is stor keepar

  79. my visa stataues is moulding maker, i am graduate. can i open file in sharjah

  80. with the kind of english… people have stated their querries regarding driving license and visa status u should be even banned from getting anywhere close to the licensing authorities!!!

  81. ^ Irfan, your an A$$HOLE .. hope thats good enough English for you.

  82. i’ve passed my written test in the month of December 2009. But not yet called for the classes. Kindly let me know when i will be getting classes ?

  83. ^ Smitha .. You should contact your driving school for your classes and chase them up for a schedule there. Asking a question here isnt going to help! Good Luck.

  84. Irfan you cracked me up there dude !! Funny as hell hahahaha

  85. Dear sir,
    I have tried to open driving licence in sharjah Nasiria, my visa is sharjah airport free zone visa, they told me to get designation approval from morur, where they told me that designation(marketing Assistant, presently is banned from obtaining the licence

    Kindly advice me on this matter to my e-mail id [email protected]

    thanks & regards,

    S.Gopathy Yadav

  86. Dear Sir,

    I am working as junior manager in foodstuff co. but my visa is of insurance clerk & of sharjah unfortunately. is it possible to open bike or motor car file.

    Kindly advice me on this matter to my e-mail id

  87. dear sir;
    my name is ashif i m working in sharjah rotana hotel i want join driving this possible or no
    if i got licence get good company all ready give to no objection letter
    [email protected]

  88. i am asst. Accountant in profossion is sale.i like to open license.what i do before

  89. i don’t know which way i got driveing licence.pls healp me.

  90. Dear sir,

    I have tried to open driving licence in sharjah Nasiria, my visa is Achieve Clerk, they told me my profession is presently banned from obtaining the licence

    Kindly advice me on this matter to my e-mail id [email protected]

    thanks & regards,


  91. Dear sir,
    first of all i thanks to sharjah gov that giving us any where name is babar ali i am working in construction compny as a timekeeper & store keeper my job with out licence is incomplete there fore i requested to sharjah gov that please help me that i get driving licence for my career.

    Thanks to all sharjah Governament:mob 0555693188
    email id [email protected]

  92. visa is messanger and iwant to now wen i can open file for driving license please inform me wen sharjah governament finish this ban

  93. ^ go ask at any driving school… or call anyone of them…
    to put a comment online and wait someone to reply is just foolish.. because some people might not have the exact correct answer….

  94. dear sir
    plz explain me what the procedure of opning the acount.
    iam ready to resister
    i open gov or privete plz tell me
    & what expending the money for laicence.

    thanks & regaurds

  95. I am working a trading company in Saif Zone as a Office Clerck i want know can i open the file of driving license in sharjah.pls reply in my email id thanks,Mohammad Mumtaz Alam.

  96. I am working a univesity in sharjah as a Office attandent i want know can i open the file of driving license in sharjah.pls reply in my email thanks,Mohammad Niyaz.

  97. i would like to know which catogoreis issuing license in Sharjah.

  98. i am a Sharjah visa holder, i am working as a technical clerk in my company, in visa my profession is meta structures maker.
    how can i apply for driving license.

  99. hello assalamualikum i am fys, sharjah university office attendent vissa how can oppen file in sharjah .
    pls help me

  100. My visa status is plumber fitter general i am working in hamriya freezone Sharjah as a Purchse Asst So please some bdy answer me how can i apply for Driving Licence. Please

  101. which proffessions are recently opened to earn driving licence? can tou just mention here? for follw-up clerk can make license

  102. ASlam-o-alaikum,

    My visa status is PUBLIC RELATION CLERK just i want to know can I apply for driving Licence, if no then inform me any relaxation regarding this matter or any option to apply for licence.
    I am waiting your reply

  103. i have a residence visa from sharjah airport just i want to know can I apply for driving Licence, guide me if i m apply from ajman i do this.
    I am waiting your reply

  104. i am working as chef de partie with a five star brand hotel is rak. i am an indian. My resident visa says, profession is cook and i earn basic as 3675pm in AED. can i apply for driving license in uae (RAK)
    pls advice

  105. I am working in sharjah airport freezone visa sataus office assistence. so, how i can get sharjah or uae driving liecence;ple tell to me. i waitting for your replay

  106. I m working in sharjah rolla. my prfessional visa status is SALES.i have 5 year exprience in pakistan and licence holder . how i can apply 4 licence. i want to get licence quickly bcoz i m losing time in buses and taxi.i have NOC from arbab plz reply me anybody bro ….

  107. Asif,

    Then start apply for driving classes then and u have been driving for 5 years so i dont think you have to take more then 20 classes,

    I have my license after 3 times Road test, first and second i wasn’t a wake and third one finally i got it.

    Go on try on !! WISH YOU A LOTS OF LUCK

    and i recommended: emirates driving Institute they are really great, Teacher are the best !

  108. HI Iam a poor guy working in sharjah in a garment co and i need the driving licence in fujairah i want to open file in fujairah bcs currently my income is very low and after getting licence it will helpful to get good salary whcich helps my family can any one advice how i can open my file in fujairah please my email address is [email protected].

  109. a o a
    with recpect i want to say something
    now nearly i finish my 6year in u a e. b4 i was working in a shop . there is my sponser was nt give me noc latter for drivin lcence
    then i change my vise
    now i am working in siwa electricity now i also face prob .sharjah govt now ban lisence .my salary is 3000dhs i can aford car also i need it nw two year i am going and coming in taxi this is a big loss 4 me
    the people i know who take 1000 ,1500 salary bt they r having lisece now only advanteg by his designation
    i am working in sewa govt department bt i have nt rites y whenever i can aford it
    plz give me some salotion i am vry worried abowt it

  110. hello assalamualikum i am biju sharjah vissa profession walder how can oppen in sharjah

  111. I have sharjah airport residence visa “Admistrative Assistant” i want to open file automatic car license.. will it possible for me to get the same please advice me anyone….
    Thanks & Regards,

  112. My visa is household electrition in a LLC Company, can I apply for licence in sharjah ?.

  113. I am working in a LLC Company as an Assistnt Accountant In Sharjah, I want to apply for licence but owner is not giving NOC , Is there is any options for applying licence without NOC ?.

  114. i have a office Assitant Visa who can i apply for Driving Licence

  115. i think this act good for stop hardworking.our islam not gave this this rule of life that keep diffrance poor & rich like this facility only for landlord not for normal. i think this is injustuse for poors

  116. my visa of car washer of sharjah,our cmpni have 1 branch in rak,im working here in rak,can i open file in rak

  117. its just law ,but if same poor’s go to open file with reference of some strong party(Local) all laws and traffic plans will go to hell and file opens easily by paying their demanded money.I hate U.A.E Laws sometime.

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